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Social Media Marketer for Remote Position Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunity from home. Do you prefer to work from quiet place of your home instead of coming to an office? And do you like browsing social media, interesting websites, online magazines and advertisements? If you want to be paid for checking, copying and pasting interesting ads, you are the right person for a company called Dream Team Advertising. The company cooperates with social giants like Facebook and Google. By now they are looking for somebody to complete their team for Full-Time job. Do not hesitate to send the company your contact! Read more >>

Remote Position for Marketing Manager – Job Offer

Job opportunity from home. Do you like fun? Are you also a specialist in marketing? If you meet both conditions, you are the best candidate for corporate event and team building company TeamBonding. The company has over twenty years experiences and belongs among the fastest growing companies in North America. Now they are looking for flexible and hard-working expert in Marketing with sense for fun. If you are also good at leading people from distance and like to work from your quiet place at home, you are the right person. This remote position is waiting for you! Read more >>

Making Money with Facebook – How to Start?

In which ways you can earn on Facebook? If you followed instructions from previous article and created group with interesting name and content, which has at least 50 thousand fans, there is waiting one last, but for sure the most kind task, and it is to earn money in some way. Now all depends on your business abilities. There are various ways, how to make money with your Facebook group. In this article I am going to show you 3 most preferred ways. It is – sale of group to some company, sale of advertising space to some company and sale of Read more >>

Free Position for Remote Executive Recruiter – Job Offer

Job opportunity from home. Are you high-qualified specialist in recruiting? Do you know how to find the best employees and how to choose the best candidate from all? Do you like to work from your home or other quiet place you prefer? Professional recruiter for remote full-time job who likes helping others to build business with best fitting employees is needed! The largest virtual Recruitment and professional search firm in the US with long tradition and many experiences is looking for professional recruiter who is able to recognize other professionals. Read more >>

Demand for Skilled and Creative Content Writer! – Job Offer

Job opportunity from home. Are you a great and well-rounded content writer? Do you know how to create high quality text which will attracat great deal of people? Are you skilled in area of copywriting and SEO? If you like to work comfortly from your home or remote full-time, do not hesitate to apply. Company Vista Science Instit is looking for somebody like you. Access to internet and solid grip on grammar and style is needed. Besides that you will need knowledge in MS Office, expecially MS Excel and excellent verbal and written skills including accuracy. Read more >>

14 Most Popular Websites for Micro Workers – My Reviews

Work in comfort of your home through portals with microwork and microtasks. The favorite element of today is so-called micro-jobs (microtasks), which can be used to earn good money. Do not be confused, micro work does not mean micro earnings. On the contrary, if you are creative and skilfull, microworking as online earning method can replace your regular job. In this article, I will introduce step by step the 14 best-known and most-used websites that micro-workers will find extremely useful and helpful. I also write some subjective opinions, as well as pros and cons to some of these online portals. Read Read more >>

Reliable Policy Title Typist Needed – Job Offer

Job opportunity from home. Are you an excellent Policy Typist? Are you highly competent and skilled with specific knowledge in your working field? Do you like to work from home? Expanding Mommy Jobs Online is looking for somebody like you to join their team. This national company is providing qualified and trained employees to niche industries. Can you be the one and join them? If you want to work comfortly from your home or anywhere as part-time, do not hesitate! The company offers 16 dollars per hour and other interesting benefits. Read more >>

How to Earn Money on Social Networks?

Icons of social networks – Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter and more. Nowadays, many people spend their time on a computer, where many of us try to make some money at the same time. New opportunities to earn something extra come with every new service. Recently, social networks have become a significant phenomenon, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Huge international social media, which some people consider only as wasting of free time, to others serve as an opportunity to make some extra money. Facebook is a second largest website. An excellent market, what do you think? Read more >>

Choosing an Ideal Affiliate Program – Tips and Advice

Choosing an ideal commission system sounds like a rocket science. Which factors should be considered when choosing? Currently, you can find many different partner programs on the Internet. The choice is really different, whether it is affiliate programs for betting, loans, stock exchange, roulette, various info-products, or you can choose to promote the product or service of an e-shop, travel agency and so on. The selection is very various and the choice of the right and appropriate program is sometimes like a rocket science. This article will gradually introduce you to several factors that you should consider when choosing an ideal affiliate system. Read more >>