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What is Mystery Shopping and How Much Can You Earn from It?

How to become a Mystery shopper? A mysterious term, but not a difficult explanation. Simply put, mystery shopping is a way of earning extra money for the people, who are not afraid of going into a shop or a restaurant and review it for other customers to help. You will behave naturally, not reveal anything about yourself and your anonymity is a given. You do not have to always go into the field. Sometimes you can just write an email message or call. In any case, it is an adventure, which can earn you some decent money and you will definitely not get bored with it. Read more >>

Member of Customer Champion Team Is Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Do you like to help people with their tricky technical problems? The Zapier Company is looking for somebody who has passion for helping people and has ability to work also on Weekends. The Company is helping people to find  the web applications that they need. You do not need to live in the USA. You can work from UK, Thailand or other work friendly place. Position is 100% remote and there are many considerable benefits. If you are looking for job at least for 2 next years, do not hesitate to send your contact. You will be added to team in hiring timezone. Read more >>

English Native Speaker for Position Online Tutor – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Do you have Bachelor´s Degree in any field or current enrollment in a four - year college program in any English-speaking country? If you are native speaker and like to teach other people overseas, you are the best for this position. Alo7 is online company providing tutoring of English language to whole wide world. They are looking for passionate, skilled and punctual people with sense of humor to join their team. You can work like Independent Contractor and gain considerable income. This is fully remote position! Do not hesitate to send you contact details. Read more >>

Paid to Click / Read Sites – Why Are These Jobs Waste of Time?

Is it possible to earn money by watching and clicking on ads? In the following review (based on my experience) I would like to focus on a topic that is a favorite one for many of us but also controversial – PTC (paid to click) websites and various PTR (paid to read) email systems. Something on this topic I already shared in the article ad systems of Adfox, Adsense and others. Before I start, I will kindly ask all of you who support statements as: "It is for free, so why not try it?" or "I am already getting the emails I read for free, so why not to be paid for reading other emails? ", do not read any further. Read more >>

Free 100% Remote Position for Freelance Resume Writer – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. If you are great writer and also want to help other people to gain what they want, you are the best for this position. The Company Talent Inc is helping talented people to show the best from them to whole wide world. They started in 2004 and have helped over 300 000 people since then. This position is fully remote and you can use it as full-time. All you need are great writing and communication skills and passion for helping other people to reach their goals. The company offers interesting salary. You can earn up to $3500 per month. Read more >>

Graphic Designer with Knowledge of PowerPoint – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Do you have trained eye for modern design? If you know how to work in PowerPoint and like to invest in your knowledge, this position is the best for you. The Company Konsus, Inc is looking for designers and PowerPoint experts with ability to work on projects across all Graphic Design Services and PowerPoint Services. You do not need to make any administrative around projects, the Company Konsus provides constant flow of projects while people in charge take care of the administrative work. This position is 100% remote, but full time. Read more >>

Transcription of Audio and Video Files – Earnings for Transcribers

A person, who transcribes any audio or video recordings on the computer. Simple registration and several possibilities for earnings. This is exactly the portal that offers work or the possibility to earn money by transcribing of various video and audio files. It is intended mainly for freelance transcribers. This kind of work from home has no minimum or maximum limit; it is not part-time with a mandatory portion of work. You register according to how your job or taking care of family allows you. And that's the magic of Scribie. And how much can you earn? This information I will give you in this review. Read more >>

Online translator / freelancer is needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Are you fluent in speaking and writing in more than one language? And are you a freelancer? If so, this position is the right for you.  The Company with platform is looking for translators for cooperation. The Company is active in more than 90 countries all over the world.  All the new members need to know at least 2 languages (English and native language) and have passion for translating. The translator can meet here other language experts. It does not matter where you are, you can send your contact and start to work. Read more >>

Experienced and creative recruiter in Europe – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Do you have experiences as recruiter in technical field? And do you know how to stay a step ahead to continue optimizing recruiting process and driving results? If so, the Company CircleCI is looking for someone to join their team. The position is 100% remote and demands great written, verbal and listening skills. The Company´s goal is to support everybody and also help managers build their perfect team. The last and the biggest demands are to have positive attitude and passion for self-development. Do not hesitate to send your contact information. Read more >>

How to Earn Money on Instagram? There Are Many Options

How to earn on Instagram - a few of the possible ways. Social networks nowadays are the motion power of the world. No wonder, some of them come with an astronomical number of registrations. On some servers, celebrities earn hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars for a single photo. However, it is true that such income is not only for the chosen ones but with a little bit of skill it can be ensured by and for everyone. Making money on Instagram is mainly about photos, but of course not only about them.. So how exactly does Instagram work and how you can earn something extra of it Read more >>

Technical Writer for Successful International Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Do you have extensive experiences in creating various forms of user assistance content for technical audiences? The world-famous ReCharge Company is looking for somebody to join their remote team. This position is free for every self-motivated and communicative Technical writer with ability to create relevant API documentation. The Company is at the forefront of recurring billing software with nearly 100 remote-first employees around the globe. If you want to be their employee for full-time job, do not hesitate to send your contact information. Read more >>