Make money with Youtube partnership.

6 Steps to Become Youtube Partner and Make Money

Even if it does not seem to be true, classic home videos are not dead yet. The TV has stopped creating programs with our video creations because people have understood that they do not need TV to show their videos. We all love the funny “moments“ of our pets, children or older generation. But from the moment when the funny private video becomes a wide shared phenomenon, it’s no longer just fun and friendly sharing among friends. Your video of kids or pets can quickly become an online blockbuster that will help you to get several thousand dollars.


There are two options how to earn something extra within Google ads:

  • Place their ad on your website, read more about this option in the ad system of Google Adsense/Adwords.
  • Place their ad into your Youtube videos. I describe this option further in this article.


Google owns YouTube for quite a time already. Therefore the rewards for the ad share is based on the same principle as if you put their ad to your website.

Earnings estimates for Youtube differ, but they remain at intervals of about 1 000 to 10 000 dollars per 1 million views. But it’s not as simple as it seems at first sight, but be aware of the fact that not everyone can become a YouTube partner. You have to meet their requirements to become this partner. Without this, your earnings will be zero.


Shoot your own videos on Youtube and earn cash.


In the article A Few Ways to Make Money on YouTube, you get more information about the top three well known and most preferred ways that are used by YouTubers.


1. Set Up Your Own Google Account

You need to create an email address from Google to sign up for Youtube and create your own channel to publish your videos. It’s simple and takes you only a few minutes.

Further, you should create a Google AdSense account. Even though the actual ad displaying process in your videos is not linked to an AdSense account, statistics and earnings are counted in this service. That’s why you need an account to be able to pay out your rewards for the displayed ads.


Of course, you can set up your account only after YouTube recognizes you as a partner, but accounts are subject to the approval process, so the first option, AdSense compared to YouTube partnership, is preferred due to time aspect.


2. Build Your „Regular“ Audience  

One of the most important criteria when comparing YouTube’s affiliate program is the size of your fan base.“ The more fans focus on your channel, the better for you.

No one knows the approximate values and numbers to be accepted and registered, but it is said that you must have at least 1,000 subscribers, at least 1,000 views per video and altogether 100,000 views across your entire YouTube channel. These numbers are, of course, the minimum. To be 100% sure, the numbers must be several times higher.


3. Shoot Your Videos Regularly

It is also one of the essential steps that many of us often underestimate. Do not think that when you create one, two excellent videos that will have good traffic, you have won. That’s a beginner’s mistake. Youtube looks for partners for long-term collaboration, meaning you should regularly fill out your Youtube channel content. Otherwise, you will not be considered a good partner for mutual cooperation. 


Tip: If you add videos to your channel at least once a week, it is logical that your chance for cooperation will increase. Before requesting a partnership, make sure you have at least 50 videos uploaded. 


4. Create a Brand Out of Your Channel  

This step is not a condition for getting a partnership, but it can make it much easier for you to achieve your goal. The more professional you will look, the better. You can definitely create a web app to add links to your videos. Also, let your audience interact with social networks and other means. Create an easy-to-remember logo, custom style and use it anywhere. The watermark on your videos will protect them for re-uploading.


Tip: Graphic design for your Youtube channel is also an excellent step. Let in in the hands of professionals. If you believe in the potential of your account, some starting investment will certainly not be bad for it. Its return on investment will be within a few months, depending on your skills.


Tip 2: An introduction to each video also contributes to better identity creation.


5. Be Sure That Your Content Is Not Copied from Anywhere Else

It is not that simple that you just copy a successful video and put it on your YouTube channel, this is a big mistake to think. This could be a copyright infringement, which is the most common reason for deleting a video from the server, and it may also be one of the most common reasons why Youtube will not agree on / end your cooperation with you. So, to avoid this problem 100%, you should upload videos to your channel only with your own production.


6. Try to Become YouTube Partner

If you’ve met all of the previous conditions, you become really a potential prospect for the partnership. Mostly, Youtube selects partners by itself, but if you think you are ready for it, and mostly, you meet their requirements, you do not have to wait for their offer. You can also sign up for the program by yourself.


How to become a Youtube partner.



You might say that I’m sure I will never succeed, but maybe it’s worth to give a try, don’t you think? Just read the story of parents from Great Britain who uploaded a video that lasted only 57 seconds on Youtube and earned $ 150,000. The children in the video were their children. These parents did not even know that they could make some money. They just simply wanted to share the video only with their friends. Thanks to the TV media that broadcasted the footage on TV, it became a phenomenon. For example, mobile ringtones were sold with the message “Au, Charlie, auu.“ Also, the t-shirts with the design of “Charlie bit me” were also sold. Thanks to the follow-up process and many other videos, the family managed to earn quite decent money without much effort. You can watch the video at the end of the article. So even if you capture some funny scene or make some short film, etc., do not be afraid to share it with others. Maybe it will become a big hit, and you will earn a lot of money.



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If you have any questions or want to share your experiences and knowledge, do not hesitate and contribute to the discussion.


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