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Work Anytime and from Anywhere as Freelance Linguist

Job opportunities from home. Multilingual Connections company is looking for a Freelance Linguist who is passionate about languages. If you would like to work as a Translator, Transcriptionist, Subtitler or Voice-over provider, keep reading! If you are an organized, detail-oriented person who is interested in languages and likes to learn about new things, this might be the job for you. Your tasks will be based on your specification – either translate or transcribe texts. The work is for freelancers only and the good thing is that it is carried out remotely from the comfort of your home.  Read more >>

Remote HR Assistant for Amazon Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Work for Amazon as an HR Assistant! If you are from the UK, you have some experience with Human Resources and you are customer-oriented, this might be the right opportunity for you to grow. The main job tasks will be to deal with daily queries, manage attendance system and payrolls, doing some basic administrative tasks and support management. As a person, you should have some experience with HR, be able to work independently and precisely and your time management should be at a high level. If you think, this describes you, feel free to send your CV.  Read more >>

Technical Writer Is Needed, 100% Remote – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Xapo is seeking someone who would join their team as a Technical Writer. Are you a person who is active, likes to solve problems and is a team player? This job position is fully remote so you can work from the comfort of your home / your own office. Your main job responsibilities will be producing documentation of very good quality and when doing so you will use UML methodology. You will also detect areas of improvement and propose new methodologies. If you are interested, feel free to send your CV. The company offers a motivational salary. Read Read more >>

Ponzi Scheme in Practice, 10 Signs that You Have Invested in Fraud

What is a Ponzi scheme? Have you invested your money in an online business that looked good at first, but you now doubt whether you have done the right thing? Or are you planning to invest in some online project, but may be worried about being scammed? Then you're at the right place. I would like to share my personal experience with you; it relates to one of the most frequently used forms of online fraud - the Ponzi scheme. This article details how this scheme works in practice from beginning to the end; how to detect it; and when it is best to withdraw money and walk away. Read more >>

PT/FT Web Designers for Webstars Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Are you interested in creating websites and would you like to find a job from the comfort of your home? WebStarts has an open position for Web Designers. Webstarts has all you need to create any websites. If you decide to apply for this position, your main task will be to create websites that are functional, modern and well-designed. Do not hesitate to apply for this job if you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and you have experience with Graphic Design. You can work as a freelance Web Designer from anywhere in the world, do what you love and earn money! Read more >>

Freelance Writers for HubPages Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Are you looking for an easy job from the comfort of your home / own office? Do you want to do something you love and make money online? Enjoy HubPages team as a Freelance Writer. HubPages is a network, launched in 2006, where you can write about anything that interests you and anything you are passionate about. Your main responsibility will be to write various articles, texts of high quality in English. No special education needed! If you are interested in writing and you would like to earn money this way, feel free to send your CV to the company! Read more >>

Appen Independent Agents – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Work as an Independent Agent for Appen. Are you looking for a job where you can be flexible with working hours and you can schedule them to fit your lifestyle? If you want this freedom to be your own time manager when it comes to work – this job is a suitable one for you! The only things you need is to have your own computer and good Internet access. Other requirements for this position are very good communication skills and excellent analytical skills. Your main task will be to contract with Appen to provide search engine evaluation for Appen clients.  Read more >>

What Is a HYIP? My Experience with This Kind of Online Business

How does the Hyip Investment Program work? Recently, I have received e-mail from my readers asking for the authentication of various companies that offer easy and effortless earnings through an investment capital appreciation system. The majority of inquiries from my readers are regarding the so-called HYIP programs. These typically require a financial investment for a period of time, after which you simply “reap your rewards.” I have outlined my experience with this type of business in this article. I also offer advice on what to be aware of, if you decide to invest in an HYIPs as well as several HYIP monitors. Read more >>

Recruiter for Modern Agency TSG, 100% Remote – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Modern Recruiting Agency Talent Solutions Groups is hiring people! Join their team as a Recruiter. Work for a company where you can work from the comfort of your home as the job is fully remote. Your main task will be to screen and interview chosen candidates to Client Directors and Account managers. Do you have experience with Linkedin? You are familiar with Human resources and you are experienced with it? If you are a motivated person with strong organizational skills, and you want to be a part of a creative and growing team, do not hesitate to send your CV. Read more >>

Work from Anywhere as a Junior Copywriter – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. 2U is looking for a Junior Copywriter to join their growing creative team. If you are interested in this position, you need at least 1 year of experience in writing marketing copy - webpages, email campaigns or advertising. The main task will be to create messaging for diverse audiences and manage several project deadlines. You will work directly with marketing stakeholders, creative team designers and multimedia specialists. If you want to apply for this job position, you are required to have a creative mind, knowledge of AP and strong proofreading skills. Read more >>

Remote Position for Content Editor – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. The company Zapier is seeking a Managing Editor to supervise the blog on productivity at work and the App Directory’s editorial content. The main responsibility will be to manage a team, be responsible for execution of the editorial strategy and to supervise daily operations of the content production. If you are passionate about growing a publication that helps people to be more productive at work, this job is made for you. If you are experienced with editing or publishing, you are a team player and familiar with SEO practices, do not hesitate to send your CV. Read more >>

How to Recognize a Credible Investment Company from a Ponzi Scheme

A few tips on investing the right way and not falling for a scam. The Internet is making our life faster. These days, thanks to the Internet we are able to purchase goods from the other side of the world in a matter of minutes. We can also finalize a deal with a simple click or get to know someone, we would probably never have met otherwise. Also expanding are the opportunities and offers of making investments. These could potentially lead to a decent passive income. However, not every company is credible and as the number of offers rises, so does the risk of a scam. Of course, it’s useless to be afraid of something in advance. Read more >>