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Office Assistant at Coalition Technologies

Job opportunities from home. Coalition Technologies is currently looking for an Office Assistant. No education or experience required for candidates who excel in the skills tests. Your main responsibilities will be to assist CFO and other departments with bookkeeping and with one-off tasks, for example: assurance testing, writing blog posts or organizing files. If you are proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel and your verbal and writing skills are at an excellent level, feel free to apply for this position and become a member of the company! Remote work is optional! Read more >>

Several Ways to Really Earn Money on YouTube

3 best ways to earn money on YouTube. There are different ways of earning money on YouTube. In some cases, you could earn more, whereas in other instances you could earn significantly less. One important thing has to be said at the beginning. If you are looking for quick money or ways of getting rich quickly, you should stop reading now. This article is definitely not for you, because making money on YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. The process of building your YouTube Channel that can gradually and effectively start earning you an income is a gradual and strategic one. Read more >>

Song Lyrics Transcriber at RWS Moravia

Job opportunities from home. RWS Moravia is currently looking for people who are specialized in linguistics, philology or other similar fields to transcribe song lyrics. The position is 100% remote and is only for freelancers.  If you have a music background, very good language skills, and a good ear, join a team devoted to ensuring excellent quality. All the projects are high profile and require attention to detail. Experience with transcription is a plus. If you are interested in this opportunity and you fulfill the basic requirements, please submit your Read more >>

Virtual Assistant at BELAY – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. BELAY has an open position of a Virtual Assistant! If you would like to be flexible and work from home, this might be the right job for you. BELAY is a company that is ranked as the top one when it comes to virtual solutions and they are looking for someone who is very motivated and who has a passion to serve other people. If you are a self-motivated, friendly and proactive person, who has some experience working in an administrative support role, do not hesitate to send them your CV and experience the freedom of working from the comfort of your home! Read more >>

How to Become a Successful and Well-earning Mystery Shopper?

Who is the mystery shopper and what does the job entail? Mystery Shopper is a term that we encounter very often these days; it refers to a service that may offer significant earnings, as well as unusual experiences in cafes or shops. By giving feedback on the quality of service received, or on the quality of the food and beverages served, could make a mystery shopper an agent in its truest sense of the word, while potentially helping to influence thousands of customers. This article describes a few of my tips and suggestions on what a person needs to become a successful secret shopper and how to achieve this goal. Read more >>

Transcriptionist for the Best Transcription Company!

Job opportunities from home. TranscribeMe is offering the opportunity to be a part of their unique community at one of the best transcription companies and create lasting connections with professionals all over the world. All you need is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and the ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the languages that they support. They are highly acclaimed by leading ‘work from home’ authorities for their intuitive platform, regular payouts, and steady work stream. The job is 100% remote and you can work from home and make your own schedule.  Read more >>

Creative Copywriter Is Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Become a part of the team at Thistle and work for them as a Copywriter. Thistle is a stage food-tech startup that helps customers to become and stay healthy. The company is looking for someone who will be responsible for advertising, marketing and product communication. You will have to make sure that the content you will be creating will be informative and entertaining for the audience. Every day, you will collaborate with their SVP of Growth. You are welcomed there if you are a creative person with a sense of humor. If you are interested, feel free to send your CV. Read more >>

Freelance Online Writer with Advanced Writing Skills

Job opportunities from home. Wallet Hub is looking for a talented freelance online writer who would join their team. Wallet Hub is a website that produces content concerning various financial topics. If you like to learn new things and if you are interested in financial topics (ranging from credits cards to personal loans), this might be a suitable position for you. You are required to have a degree in Journalism, great writing and research skills and ability to meet deadlines. The job is 100% remote and you can work from home and make your own schedule. Pay Rate: $40,000 – $60,000/year. Read more >>

Penny Online Auctions – Is It Gambling? What Are the Experts Saying?

Picture of a gavel used at an auction and money. Most of us are familiar with online auctions. Some of us have a personal experience while others have heard of them, or viewed an auction on television. Auctions have become a popular way to sell products on the Internet; one can make a reasonable amount of money by selling products through an auction. This article, discusses specifically, the so-called penny auctions. I think it is necessary to point out certain facts about penny auctions that most people may not have heard of. In the latter part of this article, I write from personal experience with the portal Read more >>

Visual Designer at Modus Create – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Modus Create is looking for a Visual Designer! Modus Create offers a collaborative and effective working environment. You will work with designers to understand the needs of users to achieve business and user goals. Your main responsibilities will be to work with stakeholders and communicate to present your designs. You should have some experience with designing for web or mobile. If you would like to be a part of the community of designers who share and exchange ideas and thoughts and you want to work remotely from home, feel free to apply for this position! Read more >>

Freelance Academic Editor at Scribbr

Job opportunities from home. Scribbr is looking for an Academic Editor who can help students graduate! Scribbr helps students all around the world to make their theses perfect and graduate. Your main tasks will be coaching students and enhancing the language of their essays and theses. Are you passionate about English language, creative and reliable and meeting deadlines is an easy task for you? In that case, this job might be the right one for you.  If you would like to be a part of the community of editors who share and exchange ideas and you want to work from home, feel free to apply. Read more >>

Technical Copy Editor at Vitamin T

Job opportunities from home. Vitamin T has an open freelance job position and is looking for a Technical Copy Editor. They need someone for their managed service engagements with a global tech giant. Your main task will be to review developer content around several enterprise software products. If you have strong editing and customer-oriented skills and you are proficient using Microsoft Office software, you can be a suitable candidate for this position. The job is completely remote and it is a part-time role. If you are interested in this job, do not hesitate to apply and send your CV! Read more >>