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Become a Remote Files Analyst and Transcriptionist!

Quicktate and iDictate are looking for someone who would work for them remotely as a Files Analyst. Quicktate is a platform that helps to transcribe voice messages, letters, medical or legal files, recordings, calls and many other audio files. iDictate doesn’t transcribe voicemail messages. The main task of yours will be to transcribe those files and […]

Freelance Editors with Expertise in Academic Fields Needed!

Cactus Communications is looking for Freelance Editors who are also specialists in various fields. The academic fields you should be specialized in can be: medicine, physical science, healthcare or life science. Your main tasks will be editing of specialized texts, formatting of manuscripts and other various tasks. The right candidate should have a degree in one or more […]

Technical Writer from Europe Needed! – Job Offer

Frontastic is seeking a part-time Technical Writer with previous job experience who lives in Europe. The company is operating fully remotely. As a Technical Writer you will write documentation (tutorials, references, etc.) for technical people. You are the right candidate for this position, if you have some background in web application development in JavaScript, you are proficient in […]

Insurance Transcriber with Stellar Grammar Skills! – Job Offer

Net Transcripts is looking for an Insurance Transcriber who would join their company. You are suitable for this position if you have prior experience with interview transcriptions and transcribing for insurance companies or courts. There are some other prerequisites for this position, such as being a citizen of the USA and English being your mother […]

Transcriptionists with Great Grammar Needed!

Transcriptionist for Everyone is currently looking for Transcriptionists. If you would like to practice transcription at home, this is the opportunity exactly for you! The company is looking for someone who has great grammar and research skills as well as good technical skills. They need a person with enthusiasm who is also experienced and able […]