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Social Media Agent with Fluent English Language Needed!

Job opportunities from home. LiveWorld is seeking a Social Media Agent whose main job would be to review social media posts, reply to customer's questions and remarks and research trends and topics that are emerging in the social media world. Some of the requirements for this position are strong computer skills, experience in customer service field, excellent communication skills or English fluency. This position is part-time and you can work from home with flexible working hours. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact the company and send them your curriculum vitae! Read more >>

Trending News Editor Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Social sweethearts, a creative and multinational team, is looking for someone who would join them as a Trending News Editor. The main responsibilities will be writing and editing articles in English and use social media for research and analysis. They want someone who has experience in Journalism, who is great at writing and editing online content as well as experienced with online media tools. They offer multiple benefits in a friendly atmosphere. The position is remote, you can work from any state or country. If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply! Read Read more >>

Freelance Online Writer with Perfect Writing Skills! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. WalletHub is looking for a Freelance Online Writer who would be able to work 50+ hours per week. The only thing you need is to be great at writing and English grammar and to have some experience in journalism or communication field. The best option would be to have a Bachelor’s degree in these fields. If you think writing is your passion and you would like to work from home and with flexible working hours, you might find this job suitable for you. In case you are interested, do not hesitate to apply for the job by sending a copy of your resume. It is a 100% remote job! Read Read more >>

IGTV ads – Instagram Launches a New Service for Influencers

Instagram TV Logo It is fairly clear that a clever and creative person can make a decent sum of money on the Internet. Pretty much all of us are aware of social networks like Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, a platform which is literally saturated with millions of videos of all kinds - from hockey to fashion, from behind the scenes of celebrity life, to historical documentaries. But now there is competition for YouTube, in the form of the latest video platform called IGTV (Instagram TV) advertising. This is a hot new product that was launched this year. What does it actually look like, and what does it offer? Read more >>

Creative Freelance Video Editor Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Filmless is looking for a creative person who would join their team as a Freelance video editor. They need someone who is full of energy, ambitious, meets deadlines, determined and knows his abilities. One request that you have to meet is working with green screen backgrounds. If you have experience with editing videos and you are able to create pro After Effects graphics, this job might be something for you. The position is freelance and remote, you can work from any state or country and from your comfortable home as well.  Do not hesitate to send your CV. Read more >>

Conferencing and Business Transcriber Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Net Transcripts is looking for a Conferencing and Business transcriber who doesn’t ignore deadlines, has some experience with transcribing texts and is also able to transcribe audio content in different areas (finance, medicine, etc.). The main condition is to be an American citizen located in the United States with high-speed Internet. The position is fully remote so you can work from the comfort of home or wherever you want (within the United States) and work as many hours as you want. If you are interested, do not hesitate to send the company your CV! Read more >> Review – Several Reasons Why It Is a Scam

A picture depicting GramFree review. This picture is for illustration purposes only. Dream job? I have come across an advertisement on Facebook where a person advertised a job which offered rather lucrative earnings. It sounded like a straightforward and simple task – earning up to 1 000 $ just by watching some videos. Every advert that publishes seems to start with similar wording “earn up to 1 000 $ per month just for watching videos “. It may sound far-fetched, but nonetheless, I have decided to register with GramFree and find out whether it is a legitimate project or just another scam. Would you like to know the outcome? Read Read more >>

Surveyo24 Review – How Much Can You Earn in One Month?

Earn with a survey agency Surveyo24. Earning a little extra money from the comfort of your home is certainly in demand today, and we are not just talking about the classic contract work or being a self-employed person. The Internet offers many earning projects, from which almost everyone can choose. Naturally, there are always hidden risks, meaning, you may find a part-time job or other means to earn some money, but you don’t get paid. However, what I am about to introduce you to today is not the case. In today's review, I would like to talk about one of the better platforms, which actually fulfils their obligations. Read more >>

What Is Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and How Does It Work?

MLM marketing - advantages and disadvantages of this kind of online business. The multi-level marketing business model has been around for over eighty years, and it is a very well known concept worldwide. The possibilities it offers are constantly getting wider, but it is already clear that it has a future ahead. It is known under different names, the most widely used is MLM, but it is also called network marketing. This article talks about this type of business in greater detail. We will talk abouth the origins of MLM, the basic mechanics of this online business and the advantages and disadvantages of multi-level marketing. Read more Read more >>

Video Editor Passionate about Video Production Needed!

Job opportunities from home. Uscreen is looking for a Video Editor who is able to edit and create videos for them. They are seeking a reliable, creative and talented person who pays attention to the details. As a Video Editor, you will have to understand the business strategies, you will create content, edit videos for their youtube channel or create customer stories. The main requirement is a good internet connection and an obligatory overlap with Eastern Time business hours. The position is long-term and remote with many benefits. Do not hesitate to apply, if you are interested! Read more >>

Work for Amazon Remotely – Where to Find These Types of Jobs?

A woman at home, working for Amazon remotely. Amazon is easily recognisable as one of the true giants in the commercial world today. A company that employs thousands of employees across the USA and internationally. The Amazon brand is easily recognisable to anyone who had previously purchased items over the Internet. This company offers its employees a range of interesting benefits one of which is the option to work remotely – also known as working from home. Amazon employs a lot of remote workforce from all over the world. Would you like to join them? If so, continue reading. Read more >>

PPC Marketing Specialist with A/B Testing Experience – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Kinsta is on the lookout for a PPC Marketing Specialist who would develop a strategy to get revenue growth in the company. Some of your main responsibilities will be to launch campaigns with various teams, coordinate the Design Team or research platform effectiveness. You need to show them proven experience as a PPC Specialist, you should be good at data analysis and familiar with various platforms. The job is fully remote, it gives you a big amount of flexibility and opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally. Do not hesitate to send your CV. Read more >>