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Surveyo24 Review – How Much Can You Earn in One Month?

Earn with a survey agency Surveyo24. Earning a little extra money from the comfort of your home is certainly in demand today, and we are not just talking about the classic contract work or being a self-employed person. The Internet offers many earning projects, from which almost everyone can choose. Naturally, there are always hidden risks, meaning, you may find a part-time job or other means to earn some money, but you don’t get paid. However, what I am about to introduce you to today is not the case. In today's review, I would like to talk about one of the better platforms, which actually fulfils their obligations. Read more >>

What Is Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and How Does It Work?

MLM marketing - advantages and disadvantages of this kind of online business. The multi-level marketing business model has been around for over eighty years, and it is a very well known concept worldwide. The possibilities it offers are constantly getting wider, but it is already clear that it has a future ahead. It is known under different names, the most widely used is MLM, but it is also called network marketing. This article talks about this type of business in greater detail. We will talk abouth the origins of MLM, the basic mechanics of this online business and the advantages and disadvantages of multi-level marketing. Read more Read more >>

Video Editor Passionate about Video Production Needed!

Job opportunities from home. Uscreen is looking for a Video Editor who is able to edit and create videos for them. They are seeking a reliable, creative and talented person who pays attention to the details. As a Video Editor, you will have to understand the business strategies, you will create content, edit videos for their youtube channel or create customer stories. The main requirement is a good internet connection and an obligatory overlap with Eastern Time business hours. The position is long-term and remote with many benefits. Do not hesitate to apply, if you are interested! Read more >>

Work for Amazon Remotely – Where to Find These Types of Jobs?

A woman at home, working for Amazon remotely. Amazon is easily recognisable as one of the true giants in the commercial world today. A company that employs thousands of employees across the USA and internationally. The Amazon brand is easily recognisable to anyone who had previously purchased items over the Internet. This company offers its employees a range of interesting benefits one of which is the option to work remotely – also known as working from home. Amazon employs a lot of remote workforce from all over the world. Would you like to join them? If so, continue reading. Read more >>

PPC Marketing Specialist with A/B Testing Experience – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Kinsta is on the lookout for a PPC Marketing Specialist who would develop a strategy to get revenue growth in the company. Some of your main responsibilities will be to launch campaigns with various teams, coordinate the Design Team or research platform effectiveness. You need to show them proven experience as a PPC Specialist, you should be good at data analysis and familiar with various platforms. The job is fully remote, it gives you a big amount of flexibility and opportunity to grow professionally as well as personally. Do not hesitate to send your CV. Read more >>

Social Media Coordinator Is Needed – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Brainjolt, a fully remote company running one of the top websites in the United States, is seeking a Social Media Coordinator. Your responsibility will be to support their analytics team, report Instagram and Facebook page situation and any duties related to social media. They are looking for someone who has some previous experience with social media, great knowledge of Facebook and Instagram and degree in Marketing. It is a remote role and also part-time. You can work from anywhere you want. If you are interested, send the company your application! Read more >>

Become a Remote Files Analyst and Transcriptionist!

Job opportunities from home. Quicktate and iDictate are looking for someone who would work for them remotely as a Files Analyst. Quicktate is a platform that helps to transcribe voice messages, letters, medical or legal files, recordings, calls and many other audio files. iDictate doesn’t transcribe voicemail messages. The main task of yours will be to transcribe those files and analyze them. In order to do that, they need someone with great punctuation, spelling and grammar who can work whenever he can. If this offer seems interesting to you, do not hesitate to apply now! Read more Read more >> Review – Can You Really Earn £300 per Month?

Completing the questionnaires with Surveycompare net. In today‘s review, I would like to describe my experience with the website This website offers a chance to earn money, and by that, I mean a real, jaw-dropping sum of £300! Survey Compare states that you could earn this amount just by completing online surveys from the comfort of your home. I actually earn money by completing online questionnaires for approximately 30 different survey companies. On average, I earn a small amount of money; the amount varies depending on how many questionnaires I complete in any given month. Read more Read more >>

Customer Success Guru – Work Remotely from Europe!

Job opportunities from home. Resource Guru is looking for a Customer Success Guru who can work from their home. Your main job will be to help to manage customer service for the company and reply to tickets in time, test new features or develop their Help Center documentation. They are seeking someone who likes working with people, who is empathetic, passionate about technology, rational and with an attention to the detail. The offered salary for this position is £22-25k and you will have flexible working hours. If you are interested, feel free to send your CV to the company! Read more Read more >>

Freelance Editors with Expertise in Academic Fields Needed!

Job opportunities from home. Cactus Communications is looking for Freelance Editors who are also specialists in various fields. The academic fields you should be specialized in can be: medicine, physical science, healthcare or life science. Your main tasks will be editing of specialized texts, formatting of manuscripts and other various tasks. The right candidate should have a degree in one or more of the chosen specialized fields, he should be passionate about them and have great English skills. If you think you are suitable for this position, do not hesitate to send them your CV! Read more Read more >>

Technical Writer from Europe Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Frontastic is seeking a part-time Technical Writer with previous job experience who lives in Europe. The company is operating fully remotely. As a Technical Writer you will write documentation (tutorials, references, etc.) for technical people. You are the right candidate for this position, if you have some background in web application development in JavaScript, you are proficient in English and you are passionate about writing technical articles. If this is interesting for you, feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to the company today! Read more Read more >>

Instagram Content Creator with Graphic Design Background

Job opportunities from home. Spiraledge, the parent company of, is looking for a freelance Instagram Content Creator from Campbell in California or anywhere in the US who can work remotely for them. The job is a part-time contract with at least 20 worked hours per month. The main responsibilities will be to create interesting content for their Instagram followers that will catch their eye. You will report to VP, PR and Creative Director of the company. If you are comfortable on camera and you have experience with graphic design, do not hesitate to send them your CV! Read more >>