Marketagent is a company that performs more than 800 online paid surveys per year.

Marketagent Review – a Few Tips on How to Earn Extra Income

Several companies deal with market research, one of them is Marketagent. In addition to performing market research on the Internet, it also provides the opportunity to make money. As with other research companies, I have a good experience with Marketagent. In this review, we look at the company in more detail, let’s talk about the terms of registration, who can participate in filling in online questionnaires and what are the rewards. Finally, I will share my experience and add a few tips on how to get more invitations and therefore earn more cash.


Brief Description

Marketagent is a company that performs more than 800 studies over the year, and approximately 400 new members are added to its database each day. In order for these surveys to be carried out, the company needs respondents – that is, people who will answer the questions. And that’s the way you can make some money. Do you ask what you need to do? Simply register at

After signing up, the company will contact you by e-mail, just like every time they need your services. However, I must point out that this is an irregular contact because the questionnaire sample always changes, depending on what kind of poll it is.

You will surely be interested in how much time it takes to fill in the questionnaire. However, telling the precise timing is quite demanding, because each internet questionnaire has a different length. Some are longer, others shorter. 


Registration and Pay-out

You will surely be pleased that Marketagent will not bind you with any entry fees. Registration is free of charge. The payout system is also sophisticated. For filling or participating in an online survey, you will be credited with bonus points to your account. These points, of course, have a financial value – 110 points represent 1 dollar.

In the beginning, you will even receive 150 bonus points for registration only. The number of points for one completed online questionnaire is determined by how time-consuming it was. So, speaking aboveboard, the more questions the survey contains the more time you spend with it and of course you get more points.


Once you’ve registered, remember to fill in your profile and profile questionnaires (in the “Typification” section, you should gradually get mini questionnaires. You will not get paid for them, only in exceptional cases). Based on these, you will be invited to paid surveys. If you do not fill them, you may be not invited to any survey.


If you have enough points on your account, you can exchange them at the stock-market for the money that will be credited to your account,  eventually to your digital wallet PayPal and Skrill. Or you can simply use them to purchase products and services from the Marketagent partners offer. Points can be exchanged at any time. However, if it is less than $ 15 and you ask for reward to be sent to your bank account, you will be charged $ 1. All the ways you can use your earned money are properly listed on the stock-exchange.


Your Personal Data Is Protected

The fact that this is a fair company that deals with respondents transparently can be seen also by the matter that you are informed about your reward in advance already in the e-mail when getting offer to fill in the questionnaire. Then it is only your consideration whether or not you want to complete the questionnaire. At the same time, all your personal data is subject to protection and is not given to any third party.

If you want to sign out of the system, or you want to end your activity, you can do it on the main page.

Finally, I add that your data needs to be renewed if there is any change. For example, after marriage, you should update the “status” field in your profile, because after this change you can fit in other target groups.


Tips How to Get More Questionnaires and Maximize Your Earnings in This Way

  • Fill in your registration data honestly – you are not earning money for this, but on the basis of this information the system will set if you are suitable candidate for participation in paid survey.
  • Fill in profile and additional questionnaires – in category “Typification” you have option to broaden your profile of additional questionnaires, so you gain a bigger chance that invitation for preparing survey will be sent right to you. Some of these questionnaires are not paid and serve just for broadening of profile, some of them are paid.
  • Survey Carousel – if you are not satisfied with quantity of online questionnaires, which are coming to your e-mail, I recommend following section “Survey Carousel”. There you will find more surveys. They are changing relatively fast, so you should visit this category regularly, every day is optimal.
  • Application from Marketagent – with this application the company will invite you besides common surveys, also for small micro-tasks.  You can perform them, of course, comfortably from your Smartphone.
  • Activate messages in browser – in category “Browser notifications” you can activate an option, which can make come new invitations for participate in survey in form of push messages. These messages will be displayed by your browser. You do not have to have website still online, it is enough, if your browser will be opened and application will notify you of new survey. It is great tool.
  • Data updating – with every change, even the smallest change in your life, I recommend updating your profile. It can be new opportunity how to get more invitations.


My Experience

My experience with this company is more than positive, I’ve been working with them for over a year, and they always and reliably pay my honestly earned money.


The minimum payout amount is $ 2. This means you have to successfully complete 1-2 online paid questionnaires, and then you can request a pay-out. You will receive it to your PayPal account within 1-2 business days. If you send your earned cash to your bank account, it will take a little longer. Usually it’s 3-5 business days.


So far, I have not had any issue with Marketagent, unlike with other companies that are also engaged in market research by filling surveys and questionnaires online. It has never happened that they have not credited a reward for a completed survey or even not paid me. Everything is as it should be.


As I mentioned above, after registration, do not forget to fill your profile in and also profile questionnaires (in section “Typification” you should gain gradually more and more mini-surveys. You do not get paid for it, maybe in exceptional cases). There are 3 questionnaires in my profile at the moment (I did not even know about them) and 2 of them are paid. On the basis of filling them they will invite you to surveys. 

I also recommend activating browser notifications. This tool will notify you of new survey. You do not need to check your email address too often. It is enough that you have opened browser and you will get notifications of new opportunities.

You will not fail the profit with activation of application from Marketagent in your Smartphone.


With using of these 3 “improvements” above, my number of invitation increased of 100%.



Certainly, it is no scam. You do not have to worry that somebody sends you some unwanted products or some vendors would call you. During the time I am registered with Marketagent, I have not experienced stuff like that.


What else to say? I consider Marketagent one of the most serious companies in terms of online earnings. They pay over 2 million dollars each year to registered respondents. Why not to cut some piece of “pie” for yourself?


Register button.


There are more similar companies as, in the article the list of online market research companies you can find few others.  Registration to multiple companies = More questionnaires for filling = Higher Earnings.


I also recommend reading a discussion forum you may find additional interesting information on the topic.

If you already have some experience with Marketagent, share it and write to the discussion. Any opinion I appreciate, it can be inspiration or motivation for other readers.


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