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IGTV ads – Instagram Launches a New Service for Influencers

Instagram TV Logo It is fairly clear that a clever and creative person can make a decent sum of money on the Internet. Pretty much all of us are aware of social networks like Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, a platform which is literally saturated with millions of videos of all kinds - from hockey to fashion, from behind the scenes of celebrity life, to historical documentaries. But now there is competition for YouTube, in the form of the latest video platform called IGTV (Instagram TV) advertising. This is a hot new product that was launched this year. What does it actually look like, and what does it offer? Read more >>

Several Ways to Really Earn Money on YouTube

3 best ways to earn money on YouTube. There are different ways of earning money on YouTube. In some cases, you could earn more, whereas in other instances you could earn significantly less. One important thing has to be said at the beginning. If you are looking for quick money or ways of getting rich quickly, you should stop reading now. This article is definitely not for you, because making money on YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. The process of building your YouTube Channel that can gradually and effectively start earning you an income is a gradual and strategic one. Read more >>

How to Earn Money on Instagram? There Are Many Options

How to earn on Instagram - a few of the possible ways. Social networks nowadays are the motion power of the world. No wonder, some of them come with an astronomical number of registrations. On some servers, celebrities earn hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars for a single photo. However, it is true that such income is not only for the chosen ones but with a little bit of skill it can be ensured by and for everyone. Making money on Instagram is mainly about photos, but of course not only about them.. So how exactly does Instagram work and how you can earn something extra of it?  Read more >>

6 Steps to Become Youtube Partner and Make Money

Make money with Youtube partnership. Even if it does not seem to be true, classic home videos are not dead yet. The TV has stopped creating programs with our video creations because people have understood that they do not need TV to show their videos. We all love the funny “moments“ of our pets, children or older generation. But from the moment when the funny private video becomes a wide shared phenomenon, it's no longer just fun and friendly sharing among friends. Your video of kids or pets can quickly become an online blockbuster that will help you to get several thousand dollars. Read more >>

Innocentstore Looks for Great Influencers to Cooperate with

Collaboration offer for instagrammers, youtubers, bloggers and other influencers. Do you own a website, online magazine, interesting blog or Instagram profile that your fans like to return to? Are you adding to your channel youtube vlogs that people love and have fun with? Or you just inspire people, and you already have your fan base on social networks? If you can answer these questions by Yes and you are still tempted to make some money, this offer might interest you. At Innocentstore, they are now open to engagement with popular bloggers, Instagrammers, well-known Youtubers or other powerful influencers. Read more >>

Making Money with Facebook – How to Start?

In which ways you can earn on Facebook? If you followed instructions from previous article and created group with interesting name and content, which has at least 50 thousand fans, there is waiting one last, but for sure the most kind task, and it is to earn money in some way. Now all depends on your business abilities. There are various ways, how to make money with your Facebook group. In this article I am going to show you 3 most preferred ways. It is – sale of group to some company, sale of advertising space to some company and sale of Read more >>

How to Earn Money on Social Networks?

Icons of social networks – Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter and more. Nowadays, many people spend their time on a computer, where many of us try to make some money at the same time. New opportunities to earn something extra come with every new service. Recently, social networks have become a significant phenomenon, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Huge international social media, which some people consider only as wasting of free time, to others serve as an opportunity to make some extra money. Facebook is a second largest website. An excellent market, what do you think? Read more >>