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IGTV ads – Instagram Launches a New Service for Influencers

It is fairly clear that a clever and creative person can make a decent sum of money on the Internet. Pretty much all of us are aware of social networks like Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, a platform which is literally saturated with millions of videos of all kinds – from hockey to fashion, from behind the scenes of celebrity life, to historical documentaries. But now there is competition for YouTube, in the form of the latest video platform called IGTV (Instagram TV) advertising. This is a hot new product that was launched this year. What does it actually look like, and what does it offer?


Over 50 % of Profit Is Supposed To Go to the Influencers

The IGTV platform itself is not a new thing. It has been going for several months now. However, up to now, the content creators had no way of turning their work into cash. This should be changing because currently, Instagram is trying to insert short adverts into their videos.


Monetizing videos through IGTV ads.

According to some official sources, up to 55% of the profit should go to the content creators. This should be automatic as YouTube is already offering similar profit margins, not to mention the option of sponsorship from fans who can make purchases and in return receive a “Support Small Business“ sticker.

There are other forms of fans support, for example, purchasing gift vouchers, or ordering dinner-for-two service. It is also possible to purchase goods that are advertised.

Put simply, if you are a fan, and the person you follow or admire is on Instagram, you can purchase a likes/hearts at the cost of 1 USD, (2 hearts for 2 USD, or 3 hearts for 5 USD). You can then award your hearts/likes to whomever you choose. This is a very similar system to the likes of Facebook’s’ Stars streamer payment system for gamers who share their experiences, or to the Super Chat option that we know from YouTube.


So, Instagram should also offer relatively fast earnings to their successful influencers. After all, the video ads will be fifteen seconds long and will start playing automatically when viewers open the videos on IGTV. To participate in this program, you will need to have a verified account and meet the basic conditions. Afterwards, you can start to monetize your ideas and post your videos within a few days.


As with the YouTube or Facebook platforms, the service will be mainly for Instagram partners, e.g. for those who meet the rules and conditions for monetization and partnership with Instagram (for example, those would have at least 10,000 followers on their profile, etc.).


Naturally, the fans have the opportunity to tag the video by clicking on the “Like” button. They can also comment on everything down to the last detail or even share the videos on their own profile (and thus support their favorite Instagram account holder even more).


How to upload your videos on Instagram TV? A brief guide for influencers.


You can download Instagram IGTV from Google Play and also from the AppStore (it is approximately 134 MB, so it is not a large file, per se, but the software requirement on iOS is version 11.0 or higher. There is also age rating: 12+).

As one might expect, there are several language mutations available. So, in addition to English, there is also German, Russian or Spanish version available.


The Mobile Application Is Ready

Videos will play in full screen in portrait orientation (so-called vertical layout). This means you don’t have to adjust your phone position when shooting your video or click multiple buttons to get to the correct setup.

The first tests with more than 200 US Instagram account holders proved to be quite successful in recent weeks, meaning that this popular social network can boldly enter another interesting era.


So, how should the videos look?

  • The minimum video duration will be 2 minutes. You will not be able to submit shorter videos onto the platform. Advertisements will be 15 seconds long.
  • Your video should be suitable for adverts (e.g. Advertiser-friendly), we believe the admin might be able to judge that.
  • Your videos should be in English – if they are not, you would be required to add subtitles or descriptions in English.
  • As expected, you will not be permitted to promote any kind of violence or videos that are in any way disturbing or offensive. You will not be permitted to add music to videos without the author’s permission or music to which you hold no rights to.


Unlike Twitch or YouTube, Instagram has never paid out its content contributors, but this will soon change. Authors should receive their payout every month, with the first payouts being as early as July.



Instagram confirmed that they saw a 70% increase in live streaming between February and March this year, which was undoubtedly caused by the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. From all indications, the future looks bright for IGTV (e.g. Instagram TV).


If you are interested in other options offered by this social network, then I recommend reading the article How to make money on Instagram? 6 interesting tips.


Join our discussion, and share your experience with Instagram TV. I appreciate all feedback as it can serve as an inspiration or motivation to other readers.


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