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Cloudworkers Review – Could You Earn Money through This Website?

Would you be tempted by a job where you don’t have to commute? You could work from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world as an online chat moderator, and your job would be to chat with customers online about general topics, solve their problems, etc. And they would pay you for such work. Sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? This is exactly the kind of opportunity offered by They are looking for chat moderators from all over the world.


In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the CloudWorkers portal. We will find out which area of online chat this chat agency focuses on and whether the benefits it offers are really as attractive as they seem.

You can also read about my experience with this company, how much I managed to earn and whether the company actually paid me for the work performed.


What Is CloudWorkers and Who Is Behind This Project?

CloudWorkers is a project of a British company called Cloudworkers Ltd. They are one of the largest well-known company that provides online/text chat facilities worldwide and they are London-based.

Cloudworkers is looking for chatroom moderators from all over the world (applicants from over 70 countries worldwide are invited to participate on their global project). Their website is translated into more than 20 languages.


Company’s homepage.


There is quite a lot of information available to identify the company, and it is reassuring to find that the company is not an unknown entity hiding in a tax haven, which is often the case with companies operating in a similar manner.

In addition, there are many reviews about on the internet. They are mostly positive, but there are some negative/critical reviews, too.


Who Can Participate?

Cloudworkers Ltd. website states that anyone can become part of their moderating team, regardless of gender, education, age or social status.

According to their website, to become a moderator with Cloudworkers, all that is required is a computer, stable internet connection, competent language skills, you need to be at least 18 years old, be open to adult dialogues, be able to work minimum 12 hours per week, and perhaps the most important requirement – you must be self-employed.

In return the company offers training, the flexibility to choose your own working hours and a legitimate income – you will earn based on how many messages you write. 


Since I meet 90% of their requirements (except for the openness to adult dialogues, flirting etc.) nothing prevents me from completing the Contact us form and giving it a try.


Completing the ‘Contact us’ Form – Job Application

Completing the ‘Contact us’ form did not take long (literally just a few minutes), I was contacted by a pleasant lady, who gave me some pointers on what is expected of me as a moderator. For example, my role as a chat moderator is to participate in adult types of dialogues with customers on various chat platforms / flirting and dating sites with the aim of keeping the customers online for as long as possible.

The work would take place predominantly on online/live chat, and a webcam is not required, thus ensuring that the moderator remains anonymous.


What opportunities does Cloudworkers Ltd. offer?


Before starting work as a chat moderator, I had to complete a training session via Skype which lasted approximately one hour.

During the training, I was shown in detail how their system works, what is expected of me and how much money, I can expect to earn.


Advice: Prior to starting your work, the company will want to ensure that you are 18 years old. Therefore, you will be required to provide a photographic ID, or a passport scanned. I would recommend using a graphics editor so that you can remove any sensitive data. However, your name, picture, and date of birth must be clearly visible.


What Happened to Me – My Experience

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to quickly work out that in order to earn money on this platform, you will have to lie and cheat a little, but mainly you will have to pretend that you are genuinely interested in dating the potential client of the online dating service.

Your role is not so much to chat with other people about various adult and flirtatious content. It is more of a role-play, creating kinky scenarios and try to keep the customer engaged so that they spend as much money as possible. To put it into perspective, the online platform where you as a moderator will be working charges their customers for each message, and you – the moderator will earn a tiny commission (peanuts) based on the number of messages exchanged.

Truthfully, I have only managed to do this job for just under one week (several hours per day) and during this time I have come across a variety of scenarios from the customers. From wedding proposals, through mutual gratification proposals, swearing, threats… I would say, one must have a pretty good stomach to do this type of work.


A Good Business for the Company, Hard Work for the Moderators

Financially, it’s nothing to write home about. It certainly doesn’t exceed your expectations. Cloudworkers Ltd. compensates their chat moderators based on their performance /number of messages exchanged between them and clients.

As I have mentioned above, you will be working on various dating and flirting platforms (adult dating sites etc.), where customers spend their money chatting. Each message sent by the customer earns 1 EUR, your commission is roughly 10 cents. So in order to really earn money, you would need to dedicate several hours to this activity and send hundreds of messages. Naturally, under certain circumstances this may not be a problem. However, before you can reply to the customer, you will have to read the previous conversation thread and do a little research so that you are aware of the context of existing conversation (that particular customer may have been chatting with another moderator and they should not find out that the pretty girl in the picture is actually a scam and that they are communicating with a different person each time). This kind of research can take a bit of time.

The next thing to consider is the fact that you must be self-employed, meaning you will have to pay your own taxes, (healthcare, and social insurance), income tax and also VAT as you are receiving money from a foreign entity (depending on what country you live in). All in all, whether or not this type of work is actually worth it would be debatable (perhaps if you are really in need of earning money, I guess it would be worth it).


A huge advantage is being a fast typist and having a great imagination. If you possess these, you could earn a lot more money than I did.


My few days with this company earned me several tens of Euros. I had no problems receiving my commission from the company, it was sent to my Paypal account. This would be the one positive aspect of this entire project along with some, let’s say ‘interesting’ experiences while chatting to customers.

But in all honesty, I cannot see myself doing this type of work 8 – 10 hours per day. I mean, of course, you could only choose to work two hours per day, but would that be enough money to earn?



It really depends on the individual and their approach to life, whether they choose to do this type of work. Undoubtedly, there are many people who do not mind adult conversations and role-playing, but personally, I found it quite difficult. Firstly, because I am not a fast typist and secondly, I found it rather challenging to create kinky role-play scenarios and keep the customers engaged.

Would I recommend this work? Based on my personal experience and views, perhaps not. It wasn’t as enjoyable work as I originally thought it would be. However, as stated above, if you do enjoy this type of activity and/or you need to earn money urgently and you are willing to do pretty much anything, why not give it a try? Perhaps you are better than me and you could make a lot more money on this platform.


However, I would advise caution! Although, I have received my payout, that does not automatically mean that you, too will get paid. During my research, I have come across many negative reviews of These were mainly from users (not based in the UK), who complained about not getting paid their full earnings, or in some cases, not getting paid at all.


If this review did not answer what you were looking for, I recommend reading a discussion board where you may find more information regarding this subject.

Do you have any experience working with the portal? If so, what is your view on this type of online money-making? I would like you to join the discussion board and let me know your views. I welcome all types of views as these can be an inspiration or motivation for other readers.


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