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Work Anytime and from Anywhere as Freelance Linguist

Job opportunities from home. Multilingual Connections company is looking for a Freelance Linguist who is passionate about languages. If you would like to work as a Translator, Transcriptionist, Subtitler or Voice-over provider, keep reading! If you are an organized, detail-oriented person who is interested in languages and likes to learn about new things, this might be the job for you. Your tasks will be based on your specification – either translate or transcribe texts. The work is for freelancers only and the good thing is that it is carried out remotely from the comfort of your home.  Read more >>

PT/FT Web Designers for Webstars Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Are you interested in creating websites and would you like to find a job from the comfort of your home? WebStarts has an open position for Web Designers. Webstarts has all you need to create any websites. If you decide to apply for this position, your main task will be to create websites that are functional, modern and well-designed. Do not hesitate to apply for this job if you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and you have experience with Graphic Design. You can work as a freelance Web Designer from anywhere in the world, do what you love and earn money! Read more >>

Freelance Writers for HubPages Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Are you looking for an easy job from the comfort of your home / own office? Do you want to do something you love and make money online? Enjoy HubPages team as a Freelance Writer. HubPages is a network, launched in 2006, where you can write about anything that interests you and anything you are passionate about. Your main responsibility will be to write various articles, texts of high quality in English. No special education needed! If you are interested in writing and you would like to earn money this way, feel free to send your CV to the company! Read more >>

Freelance Transcribers for Verbit Company – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Are you looking for an easy job from the comfort of your home where you do not need much equipment? Verbit is looking for freelance Transcribers all around the world. No special education needed! You only need a PC, internet connection and good spoken/written English. Your job will be to edit a text that is already transcribed with the program of the company. It will make the job for you even better. It doesn’t matter how much you work or when you work. Get paid twice a month and earn money from anywhere you are! Read more >>

Freelance Senior Graphic Designer with Sense for Detail – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Growing Technology Company named SketchDesk is looking for a talented person for Senior Graphic Designer position. The position is 100% remote and is intended for creative and self-reliant person in design field. If you have proven experiences in graphic design and know how to deal with leading of team, you are the best candidate for this freelance part-time job. Experiences in field of technology are big plus, but graphic design experiences are needed. And if you like new opportunities and want to show your creative mind, feel free to send your contact information. Read more >>

100 % Remote Position for Copy Editor – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Web FX offers 100% remote position for Copy Editor. Your responsibility will be to write and edit the content of different type – blogs, general, specific in many industries worldwide. This position is connected with the location of your choice. FX will provide you with the detailed training, access to many online courses as per your wish and subscription to most popular media sources on the market to become the professional in what you do. Are you also flexible and motivated? Then this position can mean the opportunity of your job life. Read more >>

Free 100% Remote Position for Freelance Resume Writer – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. If you are great writer and also want to help other people to gain what they want, you are the best for this position. The Company Talent Inc is helping talented people to show the best from them to whole wide world. They started in 2004 and have helped over 300 000 people since then. This position is fully remote and you can use it as full-time. All you need are great writing and communication skills and passion for helping other people to reach their goals. The company offers interesting salary. You can earn up to $3500 per month. Read more >>

Transcription of Audio and Video Files – Earnings for Transcribers

A person, who transcribes any audio or video recordings on the computer. Simple registration and several possibilities for earnings. This is exactly the portal that offers work or the possibility to earn money by transcribing of various video and audio files. It is intended mainly for freelance transcribers. This kind of work from home has no minimum or maximum limit; it is not part-time with a mandatory portion of work. You register according to how your job or taking care of family allows you. And that's the magic of Scribie. And how much can you earn? This information I will give you in this review. Read more >>