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Creative Freelance Video Editor Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Filmless is looking for a creative person who would join their team as a Freelance video editor. They need someone who is full of energy, ambitious, meets deadlines, determined and knows his abilities. One request that you have to meet is working with green screen backgrounds. If you have experience with editing videos and you are able to create pro After Effects graphics, this job might be something for you. The position is freelance and remote, you can work from any state or country and from your comfortable home as well.  Do not hesitate to send your CV. Read more >>

Conferencing and Business Transcriber Needed! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Net Transcripts is looking for a Conferencing and Business transcriber who doesn’t ignore deadlines, has some experience with transcribing texts and is also able to transcribe audio content in different areas (finance, medicine, etc.). The main condition is to be an American citizen located in the United States with high-speed Internet. The position is fully remote so you can work from the comfort of home or wherever you want (within the United States) and work as many hours as you want. If you are interested, do not hesitate to send the company your CV! Read more >>

What Is Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and How Does It Work?

MLM marketing - advantages and disadvantages of this kind of online business. The multi-level marketing business model has been around for over eighty years, and it is a very well known concept worldwide. The possibilities it offers are constantly getting wider, but it is already clear that it has a future ahead. It is known under different names, the most widely used is MLM, but it is also called network marketing. This article talks about this type of business in greater detail. We will talk abouth the origins of MLM, the basic mechanics of this online business and the advantages and disadvantages of multi-level marketing. Read more Read more >>

Video Editor Passionate about Video Production Needed!

Job opportunities from home. Uscreen is looking for a Video Editor who is able to edit and create videos for them. They are seeking a reliable, creative and talented person who pays attention to the details. As a Video Editor, you will have to understand the business strategies, you will create content, edit videos for their youtube channel or create customer stories. The main requirement is a good internet connection and an obligatory overlap with Eastern Time business hours. The position is long-term and remote with many benefits. Do not hesitate to apply, if you are interested! Read more >>

Become a Remote Files Analyst and Transcriptionist!

Job opportunities from home. Quicktate and iDictate are looking for someone who would work for them remotely as a Files Analyst. Quicktate is a platform that helps to transcribe voice messages, letters, medical or legal files, recordings, calls and many other audio files. iDictate doesn’t transcribe voicemail messages. The main task of yours will be to transcribe those files and analyze them. In order to do that, they need someone with great punctuation, spelling and grammar who can work whenever he can. If this offer seems interesting to you, do not hesitate to apply now! Read more Read more >>

Freelance Editors with Expertise in Academic Fields Needed!

Job opportunities from home. Cactus Communications is looking for Freelance Editors who are also specialists in various fields. The academic fields you should be specialized in can be: medicine, physical science, healthcare or life science. Your main tasks will be editing of specialized texts, formatting of manuscripts and other various tasks. The right candidate should have a degree in one or more of the chosen specialized fields, he should be passionate about them and have great English skills. If you think you are suitable for this position, do not hesitate to send them your CV! Read more Read more >>

Insurance Transcriber with Stellar Grammar Skills! – Job Offer

Job opportunities from home. Net Transcripts is looking for an Insurance Transcriber who would join their company. You are suitable for this position if you have prior experience with interview transcriptions and transcribing for insurance companies or courts. There are some other prerequisites for this position, such as being a citizen of the USA and English being your mother tongue. If you have excellent grammar skills, you love transcribing texts and you think this is the right job for you, do not hesitate to send them your resume and you can work as many hours as you want! Read Read more >>

Freelance Writers with Excellent Writing Skills

Job opportunities from home. HubPages is seeking Freelance writers who will work remotely and can write great quality articles in English. HubPages is a trusted platform that launched in 2006 helping writers to make money while they are doing what they are passionate about. Your main task will be to write objective and informative articles that are helpful for the readers. The people reading your articles will click on the ads from which you will earn the revenue. If you think this is the right job for you, do not hesitate to send the company your resume! Read more >>

Transcriptionists with Great Grammar Needed!

Job opportunities from home. Transcriptionist for Everyone is currently looking for Transcriptionists. If you would like to practice transcription at home, this is the opportunity exactly for you! The company is looking for someone who has great grammar and research skills as well as good technical skills. They need a person with enthusiasm who is also experienced and able to work independently. You will only need basic equipment such as a PC and good Internet connection. Work from home and earn money. If you think this is a job suitable for you, do not hesitate to apply and send your CV.  Read more >>

B2B Copywriter at SF Agency

Job opportunities from home. SF Agency is looking for a freelance B2B Copywriter who would work for them remotely. The suitable candidate should have technology and agency background. For this position, you will work closely with Sr. Art Director, Account Manager, CEO, and COO. Your main responsibilities will be to write copy for banner ads or re-writing web copy so that it is more marketable. If you are curious, you have wide vocabulary and your language skills are high, do not hesitate to send them your resume and apply for the job! This position is 100% remote. Read Read more >>

Song Lyrics Transcriber at RWS Moravia

Job opportunities from home. RWS Moravia is currently looking for people who are specialized in linguistics, philology or other similar fields to transcribe song lyrics. The position is 100% remote and is only for freelancers.  If you have a music background, very good language skills, and a good ear, join a team devoted to ensuring excellent quality. All the projects are high profile and require attention to detail. Experience with transcription is a plus. If you are interested in this opportunity and you fulfill the basic requirements, please submit your Read more >>

Transcriptionist for the Best Transcription Company!

Job opportunities from home. TranscribeMe is offering the opportunity to be a part of their unique community at one of the best transcription companies and create lasting connections with professionals all over the world. All you need is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and the ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the languages that they support. They are highly acclaimed by leading ‘work from home’ authorities for their intuitive platform, regular payouts, and steady work stream. The job is 100% remote and you can work from home and make your own schedule.  Read more >>