What is Clixsense and what money-making options does it offer?

Ysense Review – Does This Company Pay Money or Is It a Scam?

A flexible way of earning money, a part-time job, which you can do in your free time and make good use of it. That’s ysense.com, a webpage where you get paid for specific tasks. These include filling out questionnaires, doing micro-jobs, as well as just browsing the Internet. In this review, we will take a look at all the different ways of earning money with Ysense, as well as tips and tricks on how to get more questionnaires and increase your income. Also, you can read about my experiences with this webpage, if they paid me the money and if this is a scam or not.


It’s Been Active for Some Time…

Ysense has been operating since 2007 (originally known as Clixsense, it changed its name to Ysense in August 2019). Since its founding, it paid dozens of millions of dollars to its members (at the beginning of 2019 the total amount exceeded 37 million Dollars). The provider of this website resides in Hampstead, US, on the eastern seaboard, not far from Jacksonville. Of course, you can register from anywhere, not only from the US, Canada or the UK, but also non-English speaking countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, etc. Ysense is available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In 2012, Ysense launched market research and it repeatedly received excellent reviews from the Lucid Company.


Main page of the ysense.com company.


Over seven million registrations have been created since it was founded. There are a minimum number of conditions. For example, everyone over sixteen can register.


A Few Ways to Earn Money Using Ysense

The ysence.com portal doesn’t offer a way of earning money just by filling out questionnaires. There are at least 3 other legitimate ways to make decent money. Let’s take a look at them.


1. Online Surveys

The first way to make extra money is simply by filling out questionnaires by world-renowned brands. The goal is simple – to get feedback from consumers on what to improve, which direction to take, etc. Each day there is an exciting new item here that covers a different market area. One time you review biscuits, another time an electronics brand; this is truly a diverse entertainment, where you will never get bored and you will earn some extra cash too.

Filling in paid questionnaires will be the primary source of your income. You can find all of the information and invites for different surveys in the “Surveys” category in the top menu.


You can find invites for current surveys in the Surveys category.


Some ad agencies and researches (the people placing the requests) will pay you immediately upon your completion of the questionnaire. There can be some surveys, where you will have to wait 30 days to get paid. These are marked with a red flag.


This category also includes “Daily Survey Routers”, where further survey invitations will gradually rotate. My recommendation – check this webpage frequently, ideally every day.


2. Micro Tasks

Another category that can increase your income from the ysense.com website is different mini tasks and micro jobs. At the time of this writing, 8 tasks are waiting to be completed. I should honestly admit that I am not that attracted to this section that much because the rewards range from $0.01 to $0.10. What is interesting however is that the top 10 workers can split a bonus of $100 each week. The best one earns $50, the second $20, the third $10, etc.

You can find all the information and the list of TOP workers for the past 24 hours, week, month and overall in the “Tasks” category.


Another category that can increase your earnings are different mini-tasks and micro-jobs.


3. The Offers Section

Here you can find a few other tips on how to increase your income. These are different job offers and tasks like testing a specific product, creating an account on a particular website, testing a new Internet service, etc. Of course, you are paid for these jobs.

I have to admit I don’t use this option that often, even though it looks like this option offers the significant earnings. There are two offers there at the moment; one is valued at $0.01 and the second at $5.


4. Recommendations to Friends – Affiliate Program

If someone from your family, relatives or friends registers using your unique link, you will get a bonus from $0.10 to $0.30 and an exciting commission for their activity – 20% of their earnings. The company offers eight lines of the referral system, so it doesn’t have to end with just your friend registering, because also his or her referrals could represent a small bonus for your account. If you count it cent by cent, you will get to quite a decent amount and this is what truly counts, right?


5. Playing Online Games

You can also play online games. Several games can entertain you during the long summer evenings. Unfortunately, they are only for entertainment as Ysense doesn’t pay for these anymore.


You can play online games on the webpage as well, unfortunately no longer for money.


Tips and Tricks on How to Get More Questionnaires and Maximize Your Profit

1. Fill Out Your Registration Truthfully – this is the crucial first step. If you don’t want to face issues of collecting your money in the future, I recommend filling out your registration honestly. If possible, don’t use the classic email accounts. Gmail.com is the best option because nothing is marked as spam, so you won’t miss anything Ysense related. But this is just a tiny piece of advice that you don’t have to follow. It depends more on your habits and the time you are willing to invest in this.


2. Fill Out Your “Surveys Profile” – this is the first thing you should do after the registration. As soon as you log in your administration, you will find the “Surveys” category in the top menu. When you click on it, a page will open that will have a blue panel asking you to fill out your surveys profile. You find there this:


Please complete your profile by clicking on the SURVEYS PROFILE button above to unlock more relevant surveys


There are just 9 basic questions like whether you are a woman or a man, how old are you, where do you work, how many people live in your household, if you have any kids or if any people under 18 live with you. Ysense will determine based on your profile whether you are a suitable person for the current survey. If not, it doesn’t matter; soon there will be another survey ideal for you.


The main advantage is that ysense.com sends you relevant surveys you could be interested in.


3. Fill Out Additional Questionnaires – should Ysense send you an additional questionnaire, fill it out. You probably won’t get any money for it, but you will have a better chance of getting more exciting and better-paid surveys in the future. You can also find “Daily Survey routers” in the “Surveys” category in addition to Survey Invites. This is another chance for you to increase your profit.


4. Use the Ysense Mobile App –  through this app, Ysense will send you offers for different micro-tasks in addition to the usual surveys. You will be able to do them from the comfort of your smartphone. The advantage should be clear to everyone. You have your phone always at hand, and you can respond to any offer almost instantaneously. Should you use a computer, it may happen that you will get to it sometime in the evening, when the offer for a survey or a micro-task doesn’t have to be valid anymore.


5. Download the ClixAddon Toolbar – this is another small tool that will alert you to any chance of earning money before anyone else, who doesn’t have ClixAddon on his or her browser, will get to it. You can also listen to the radio or check the current status of your account; there are more practical things you can find there. A small icon certainly won’t bother anyone during their everyday Internet surfing, won’t it? As I already mentioned, sometimes there is a limited number of spots for questionnaires and market surveys. First come, first served, that’s the gist of it! 


The ClixAddon toolbar is a useful tool you can use to check your account.


More than a million users of this website have already downloaded this legit app. The app is available for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.


6. Keep Your Profile Up to Date – update your profile frequently should there be any change at all. It can get you into more target groups, which means more questionnaires to be filled out and with that, more money.


Ysense Offers Interesting Bonuses as Well

For every fifty Dollars, you earn from the questionnaires, you get a five Dollar bonus. You can also get bonuses for daily logins and regular activity. Of course, you will also get a breakdown of all the credited funds, so you have a perfect overview of what you have earned, on what day (and even the hour, that’s how accurate the statistics are). You can find all of this information in the “Checklist Bonus History” Category.


If you meet your daily “schedule”, you can increase your earnings by 12% (activity bonus). So what do you have to do to get this bonus? Nothing complicated, just one of these tasks:

  • finish at least ten micro-jobs, or
  • at least two surveys or offers, or
  • at least five micro-tasks and one survey or offer.


You get even more generous bonuses if you bring your friends to register in the system. You will get $0.1 to $0.3 for each active person. After your friend earns the first $5, you will get $2.


How Much Can I Actually Earn?

It’s difficult to answer this question because it’s different for everyone. Someone earns only $5 a month, while someone else earns $50. It all depends on how often will you be invited for the surveys, whether you will do the micro-tasks and whether you will recommend this system to your friends or not.

Below you can read about my experiences with the ysense.com website, as well as actual numbers.


What’s the Minimum Payout Amount and What Are the Payment Methods?

There is a lot of proof on the Internet that this is a stable company that actually pays the money, so this is certainly no scam. It works merely by paying you all the money you have earned in US Dollars. And how many payment methods are there? For example, there are:

  • Dwolla – no fees, the money is transferred within five business days, the minimum payout amount is $10.
  • Payoneer – $2 fee, the money is transferred within five business days, the minimum payout amount is $20.
  • Skrill – the fee is 1% of the total amount, the money is transferred within five business days. You have to have at least $10 on your account, only then will you get your earned money to your Skrill wallet,
  • Tango Card – no fees, the money is transferred within five business days, the minimum payout amount is $10.


My Experience

I registered on the ysense.com website sometime in December 2018 even though I have found a lot of negative reviews on the Internet. Of course, there were a lot of positive reviews as well. Probably just like with any other online project that is entirely legitimate.

Despite the negative reviews, I have decided to try it. In the worst-case scenario, I would just write a Ysense review for my website. Do you wonder how it went?

I requested my first payment in December after reaching the minimum payout amount of $10. The transaction went smoothly. This year I asked for two more payments. In both cases, the money was transferred to my Skrill account without any issues. So no reason to complain. The only small downside is that Skrill charged me a much higher fee than the 1% for the transfer.

Of course, there is another thing that bothers me –  the absence of Paypal. Unfortunately, Ysense doesn’t make payments via Paypal, which can discourage a lot of people. In any case, there are a lot of payment methods.


What Are the Average Monthly Earnings?

The earnings are different. On average it’s about $15. One month it can be $10, another one even $30. It all depends on what surveys and tasks/offers will you have available. One time I had an offer in the “Offers” section for $5 to test and rate a website.

I’d like to note that I have not recommended this online way of earning money to anyone, so I don’t have any profit from other people, and I also don’t have ClixAddon toolbar installed, which would alert me to new offers and surveys. Often when I get to it, the survey already expired. If I work on these and other mistakes, the monthly income can be even higher.



In my view, Ysense is one of the best ways of earning extra money; at least from the projects, I have written about. I certainly wouldn’t quit my daily job, but it’s a nice bonus you can use for your vacation.

So if you have some extra time each day, you can try it out. Of course, it’s completely free of charge; you don’t pay any entry or monthly fees.


I also recommend reading a discussion forum you may find additional interesting information on the topic.

If you already have some experience with Ysense, share it and write to the discussion. Any opinion I appreciate, it can be inspiration or motivation for other readers.


There are a lot more companies like Ysense. You can find a couple more of them in the article List of Companies Dealing with Filling Out of Questionnaires and Surveys. If you register with more similar companies, you will be able to participate in more surveys, thus earning more.


Did you find interesting information in this article that you consider to be useful? Then share it with your acquaintances and maybe you might help someone. Just share or like the article. I certainly recommend joining my Facebook group, where I keep posting news about remote work from home, doing business via the Internet and making money online. Click on “Like” and in notifications set “receive all posts.“ Do you prefer tweeting? Then follow my articles and offers on my Twitter account.



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3 Years Ago

Well, I’ve a member under clixsense but when ysense acquire it, I see a drastic drop in my earnings. Last earning were over $500 but now it’s around $70. Few thins I don’t like: it’s incompetent in fixing bugs in a timely fashion and casinos they offer within their own offer wall. What are they doing with earned commissions? We never had problem through clixsense! If they hope members to become gambler as ysense appears to be, they have another thing coming their way like losing paypal and other consequences.