In this section, you will find everything about online stock trading and financial tools – Forex, commodities, binary options, how to trade with them.

Illustration image for the largest financial market - Forex.

Copy Trading – How to Easily Trade on Forex

Forex stands for the largest financial market – The International Interbank Foreign Exchange. Foreign currencies are traded on this market, so this is an exchange market. Do you know why this market is so special? It is because approx. $4 trillion is traded daily here. Forex works on the principle where you use strategy-based feedback data, which gives you a strategic advantage, and this gives you an opportunity to capitalize your capital. This means that thanks to Forex, a foreign exchange market, you can start making money from home.

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An illustration of an algorithmic robot that trades on Forex instead of you.

Trading with Forex Robot – How Much You Have to Invest?

For those of you who are active on Forex exchanges, the term Forex robot seems to be well known. But what does such a robot do and can it be effective and reliable in the world of finance? Forex robot is an automated trading system (ATS) that should manage to trade for you and therefore make money for you. Also, most robots can learn from each other and thus create new business strategies. Practically, you would not do anything at all, but the money would still flow to your account. Can anything like this work in reality, or is it a scam?

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