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Paid to Surf – Why Is It Good Idea to Avoid This Type of Earnings?

Have you heard about the so-called surf bars (paid to surf sites)? I mean different surf systems, which offer easy money by watching ads and browsing the web. According to the person who invented this tool, there is an excellent opportunity for you to make money online in a simple way. But what is true about this “unique” option? If you are among the beginners looking for ways to earn some extra cash on the Internet, but you do not have a bright idea what works, and what would be a wasted time, a scam, I recommend you to listen closely!


What Is Surfbar

Surf bar is a way of earning money online, which falls in the GPT (Get Paid To) category. In this particular case it is the PTS (Paid To Surf) system, which means that the owner of such system promises registered users a way to make money by surfing the Internet and watching ads. The core of this „job” is that you first register on the website and then install some unknown software on your computer. Once the installation is finished, there is a bar on your computer desktop where you see ads, and you are able to watch them. Simple, right? Some of these surfbars state that every minute you get a new ad, and you will be paid for this.

It seems easy, doesn´t it? Then you have another chance to “earn” some extra money. Are you asking – How? Simply! Just reach out to your friends, family and make them participate in this system. From every person (moneysurfer), you bring into this “business,“ or to be clear – from each of his extra income you receive an individual share as well.


Interesting Registration Bonuses

I came across a recently created surfbar while I was browsing the internet. The operator offers you the money just for downloading and installing the program. Also, the extra money will be given to you for playing games, participating in competitions, clan participation, surfbar bonuses, loyalty bonuses and, of course, you also have a share from the others – those you have brought to the surfbar. Does it sound a little bit suspicious? So many options to increase your earnings. In this case, the upper limit is set, i.e., the maximum you can earn per month. Still not good enough? Then, listen closely, there is a great offer that should not reject, and it is mainly for you! Just buy one single code, and this limit will be deleted.  Strange, they should be paying you, shouldn´t they?


Withdrawing the Earnings

To fully understand the surfbar principle, I need to clarify how payout and commission system works. You get a certain number of points for each ad impression. If you bring in other people, you get a certain number of points for each of those as well. At the end of the month, these points are transferred to money. Everything looks good so far. But, to ask the surfbars owner to pay out the earned money, you have to reach a certain limit. Does it remind you of something? Like fraudulent ad systems, for example: Neobux? Many discussions are full of angry people who add not very satisfied comments from their own experience with “100% extra income”.


Another example of surfbars that are displayed on your desktop.


Software That No One Recognizes

As I have already mentioned in the beginning, one of the primary and first steps you need to do is to install unknown software on your personal computer. Don’t you consider this weird at all? Every intelligent human being who has at least a basic overview of what is going on in the world and in his country, very well knows how many viruses and threats are hidden in such software.  Try to think about what would happen if a virus got into your computer. Your sensitive data would be deleted, such as login and password to email, your bank account, and lots of personal information that no one should possess except you. Not to mention that a virus can start to „chew“ essential documents stored on your computer and can cause many more issues.


A Couple of Reasons Why These PTS (Paid to Surf) Pages Are Nonsense

  • The applications offering these PTS systems require installation on your computer. As I mentioned above, this can be a problem, since you are downloading unknown software to your computer.
  • The earnings offered by these paid to surf sites are so low that they probably won’t cover even your electric bill. And in the end, they still will not pay you. Well, maybe one in twenty PTS web pages will actually pay you. However, this will be petty cash.
  • In an effort to make money, you will spend a lot of time in front of your computer that you could spend in a more interesting and effective way. Not to mention that you are straining your own computer, laptop battery life, etc. If your computer will be turned on too often and for too long, it could break down. Try to consider if the few cents are worth it.
  • The majority of surfbars don’t show the ads automatically. Oftentimes there is a button in the application under the ads you have to click on for another ad to be shown. This means you have to be active and watch the ads. It’s not possible for the app to run in the background while you do something else.
  • You will have to engage other people; otherwise your earnings will be in cents. This means you have to spam social networks, discussion forums, etc. This will take more hours of your time.
  • When you reach the minimum payment amount and you send the money you have earned to your account, the transaction will never be completed. These PTS websites that pay for surfing the web and watching ads oftentimes require you to meet additional conditions. Usually this requires you to register at other dubious websites, create accounts in online casinos or to bring at least 50 people into the system.
  • Be especially wary of paid to surf websites that require an entrance fee or monthly fees and offer different plans or higher memberships. For example a basic plan, which is for free, Silver plan for $20, Gold plan for $50, etc. Of course, the owner of the portal promises higher rewards to web surfers who purchase a higher plan.In these cases it’s 100% a pyramid scheme/Ponzi scheme. You ask why? Because there is minimum interest in this type of ads on part of the advertisers. This means that if a surf bar pays you, this money definitely doesn’t come from ads, but from the investments of members (moneysurfers), who purchased a higher membership.


The bottom line is that it is a beautiful thing to get paid for searching the web and watching ads, but it’s unrealistic. If these surfbars pay anyone at all, then only those, who bring hundreds or thousands of people into the system. Ordinary people don’t earn anything; they just risk computer problems.


I registered in about 10 surfbars in the past that promised to pay me for surfing, but in the end, it was all for nothing. I did not earn anything (I was not inviting anyone else) and later on I had major computer problems; my computer caught a virus. In 2013 I found a surfbar, which created a portal for other processes and apps in the computer. I had to completely reinstall my computer. So please consider if this is worth the risk.



As you can see, today’s technology offers ever greater possibilities to mislead and trick honest people. There is always someone coming up with something new, with a modern fiction that is not yet known and trying to make money of other people. With these surfbars, the possibility to earn money is really non-existent. The only person who gets the money is the surfboard operatorwhich is paid by companies for the advertising. So if you’re considering this kind of “extra income” or something similar, in your own interest, quickly forget about it and check something else. 


Getting paid for surfing is nonsense; I can confirm it from my own experience. These systems don’t work, you won’t earn any money from it and definitely not from surfing the Internet. You only risk that your computer will get infected with some harmful software, which is difficult to remove.


If you look for some serious extra income on the Internet for free, firstly try companies that provide Internet market surveys. For more information, see the article paid online polls and surveysEven though the income is not high, I am not starving. With this source, I have only positive experience.


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