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Gramfree.world Review – Several Reasons Why It Is a Scam

Dream job? I have come across an advertisement on Facebook where a person advertised a job which offered rather lucrative earnings. It sounded like a straightforward and simple task – earning up to 1 000 $ just by watching some videos. Every advert that GramFree.world publishes seems to start with similar wording “earn up to 1 000 $ per month just for watching videos “. It may sound far-fetched, but nonetheless, I have decided to register with GramFree and find out whether it is a legitimate project or just another scam. Would you like to know the outcome?


What Is GramFree?

GramFree.world is a project that could fall into the PTW (Paid To Watch) category. Paid To Watch systems basically work on the principle that you will „get paid for each video watched/displayed“.

These kinds of systems remind me of the so-called PTC (Paid To Click) systems, which I actually find a complete waste of time. The owners of these systems generally promise their users rewards for ads clicking. Read my article on why I believe that Paid to Click systems are a scam here.

Project GramFree bears striking similarities to the PTC systems, with one notable distinction – their users are earning money to watch videos.


Gramfree.world homepage.


Some Basic Information about the Website – How Does It Work?

To test the system accurately and find out how it works, I had to register first. The registration is free.

The point the GramFree.world project, is to collect as many so-called ‘Grams‘ as possible. Grams are basically a cryptocurrency based on a blockchain platform TON, developed by Telegram. The main characteristics for Gram are supposed to be the speedy transaction service.


There are several ways to collect your Grams through GramFree.world.

  • As previously mentioned, you could watch videos. Each ad displayed will earn you 0,1 Grams, which at the current exchange rate would represent the following: 1 gram = $ 2.01 up to $0,2. You may have noticed that I highlighted the up to – to find out why: read on.


The current exchange rate for one (1) Gram.


  • Another way to collect Grams is to view contracts in the “Smart – Contracts” folder. This will earn you 0,5 Grams per day.
  • Lottery – this option enables you to win a few Grams every hour.
  • And finally, you can earn some Grams by introducing a friend to the GramFree.world project. GramFree will reward you for every person introduced with 5 Grams, this is almost 10 $. I would say that is a pretty decent amount.


What can you do with your collected cryptocurrency? The minimum payout is 500 Grams, so once you have achieved this amount, you can exchange your Grams for Bitcoin cryptocurrency, or an actual payout through your PayPal account or your VISA / Mastercard.


Several Reasons Why You Will Probably Not Earn Anything with GramFree

Now that we have talked about the officially stated numbers, let‘s explain why you probably won‘t earn a single cent and why I believe this platform is a scam.


  1. No Company Information

Except for the terms of use, there is no information about the Company itself. Furthermore, the contact name for the domain names GramFree.world and Gramfree.net information is also very sketchy.

There is no actual information on who the owner or management team of the Domain name are, and the address listed is a P.O. Box in Panama.


  1. What Is the Company‘s Income? How Are They Able to Pay Their Users?

The most important question anyone potential user should ask, before registering, is what is their cashflow? How is the company going to pay its registered users/partners?

I would like to think that nobody wants to keep collecting Grams until they reach the value of 500 Grams, only to find that they won‘t actually get paid because there is no money to pay them. So, what is the income stream for this system?


Based on my findings, I believe that GramFree doesn‘t sell any service or product, they do not invest their money anywhere either – put simply, they are not generating any profit.


The only way GramFree are earning money, are the investments from their system users. As I have mentioned above, there are four ways to earn Grams – through their lottery system, video watching, friend referral and contract viewing. But there is another way to get Grams, and that is by simply purchasing them. Of course, you are purchasing Grams with real money – your money.


The first four ways mentioned, do not earn the company any money, there are just means to keep you engaged on the website. The more you are engaged, the more you will find subtle hints and pressures to purchase their cryptocurrency.


The minimum purchase for buying Grams is 1 000 $. At the current rate of 1 gram = $ 2.01, you will basically have purchased a total of 499 grams and as expected, the value of Gram is constantly changing. The project owner is likely to claim that tomorrow’s exchange rate could be 1 gram = 4 $, therefore if you sell the acquired 499 grams + those you earned through watching videos, you could make a decent profit.


You can purchase Grams on their website. Minimum purchase is 1000$.


Although Gram is a real cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin for example) and you can trade and purchase with it in some e-shops, you cannot do so within the GramFree system.

The only thing you can do within the GramFree system is to purchase Grams (using real $) and later exchange Grams for money or Bitcoins.

But what happens if you don’t change your Grams into dollars? After all, it is a relatively unknown entity where the owners are unknown, and the Domain name owner is also using a Privacy protection service, which prevents anyone from seeing their real name.


What if you invest your money into GramFree today, and by tomorrow the owners decide to disappear? Do you really think this platform is trustworthy? Would you be willing to risk it?


  1. An Unrealistically High Reward for Watching a Video

GramFree offers its registered users 0.1 grams per impression of video, which represents a reward of up to $ 0.2 (when considering the exchange rate of 1 gram = $ 2.01).

In my opinion, this is a fairly high reward. No advertising company will pay $ 0,2 per impression of their video/advertisement. Especially not when the videos are displayed within systems, where the ads aren’t actually of interest to any user. After all, in general, everyone registers with GramFree for one sole purpose – to make money.


It gets worse…

GramFree.world not only offers an unrealistically high price for viewing videos, they actually don‘t have anyone to advertise themselves. The videos you would be watching every day, and you would be receiving 0,1 Grams per view, are videos of other registered users, who (you might want to sit down for this) record positive reviews of the company singing praises to the GramFree project…


You can see several videos in this picture. They are all positive reviews from the GrammFree system users.


All videos that are on this platform show GramFree in an incredibly positive light, highlighting how wonderful the project is, etc. The authors of these videos ger 5 additional Grams from the portal for their work.

So, yes, you too could create a short video giving positive reviews to GramFree, and post it on YouTube – you will then receive 5 grams…


  1. The Minimum Payout Is 500 Grams 

I have never come across an online project where the minimum withdrawal limit was set so high – 1005 $ (500 Grams exchange rate is currently represented as 1 Gram = 2,01 $. Therefore 500 Grams = 1005 $).

This is a fairly high amount, and it may take you months to reach that.

Let‘s go over the numbers again: to watch a single video, GramFree.world website offers 0,1 Gram. There are only a handful of videos being added every month and as I have mentioned above, most of the videos are expressing their positive experience with GramFree. There are no actual advertisements that could make the company some profit.

Naturally, there are other ways to collect Grams, for example, the Smart Contract option, lottery and friend referrals. But it would be worth pointing out that unless you introduce hundreds or even thousands of people into the Gramfree project, it is unlikely that you will see a payout anytime soon. It could take 3-6 months to see any payout.


My main question however, is why is the payout sum set so high? After all, if GramFree has an actual profit, surely they could set the minimum payout threshold to for example 10 Grams (which as the current exchange rate stands, would be 20 $).  Surely, any company that has nothing to hide should not have a problem to set their system in a such a way that their registered users simply perform the tasks required (watching several videos, approving contracts) and receive their reward that can be directly withdrawn through their PayPal account.


The mere fact that the payment threshold is set so high could indicate something else – the reason that the money needs to be kept in the system for as long as possible is to ensure that those users who purchased Grams (and thus paid into the system) are unable to withdraw their earnings quickly. This bears huge similarities to the pyramid scheme.


Can Anyone Actually Make Money with GramFree?

Certainly, the owner of the project will earn money, they would not be starting this type of Portal otherwise. With 5 million registered users worldwide, you can be fairly certain that some of them will invest their own money and purchase Grams.

What is more, every user provided some personal information (e.g. email address) and these can be sold to third parties earning the owners a fair amount of money.

The other option is to sell the website itself – including the contacts. Again, this could sell for quite a tidy sum.

Perhaps some people, who are on top of the imaginary pyramid, who managed to attract several thousands of users, will earn some money. But the rest of the registered users, the 98% who are not at the top of the Pyramid, will earn precisely zero. These people are generally those who will not be introducing new members to the system, they will not use their own money to purchase Grams, they will simply watch videos, and after a few months, they realise that they are unlikely to get a payout.



What is GramFree about? As stated at the beginning, this project has no actual value. The owner of the project is not selling anything, and therefore no real profit can be achieved.

The only means of making money for this company are the investments from their users – the users who spend their own money and purchase Grams. This money will later be used to pay those registered members who request their payout. Therefore, this bears all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme.


I can say with a degree of certainty, that I would not recommend that you register on this platform. Not registering will not only save you time, but also agitation, and quite possibly money. These systems generally work on the principle of a game. They act as if they are offering something to you, but in reality, all they are interested in, is making money off you. How? The answer is quite simple, they profit when you use your money and purchase their cryptocurrency. Believe me, I have been there. I too fell victim to these types of scam in the past and spent my money. The scheme was also a free registration scheme and I, too, was required to complete simple tasks and of course, the opportunity to purchase coins.


I recommend reading the discussion relating to this subject, as you are sure to find more information on the matter.

If you have experience with GramFree please join the discussion and share your comments.


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