The most famous worldwide PTC site – scam or the real deal?

Neobux Review – My Experience with This PTC Ad Website

If you follow my site for a longer time, you definitely know my opinion on the PTC (paid to click) ad sites that promise users the option to make money quickly and of course without any effort. I criticize these systems and, in my opinion and based on my experience, it is a waste of time. is a different one, they say. Everyone is happy about it and claims that they actually pay out. Although I do not want to be connected with this online way of earning, I’ve decided to make an exception and write a review on this world’s most famous PTC site.


Neobux – What Is It?

In a nutshell, for those who have visited my site for the first time or so far have not heard about this type of online earning. Neobux is a portal that offers its registered users the opportunity to make money by clicking on paid ads and also by clicking on and reading, advertising emails.

For sure you are aware of what is going on. On the Internet you often face statements such as „advertising emails from any other companies you read for free, so why not to get paid by Neobux for doing that?“ Or „it’s free, so why not to try it? What if it actually works out?“


Why Have I Decided to Give It a Try?

Like every beginner, looking for ways to get some extra to his salary, I’m also interested in these systems. I’ve been advised to do so by a lot of people, it’s free money, verified earnings. So I had tried some of these PTC ad systems and the result? Zero, zilch, nothing. I did not get anything, I just made a fool of myself. It never mind, at least I could write an article about clicking on paid ads. Now it is one of the most popular on my site with the most readers. You will find there a detailed analysis of how these systems work and why you will not get anything out of them. You will also see a practical example for your better understanding.

I have to say, however, that it was mostly fraudulent PTC sites because each of them offered only the registration for a $ 10. The problem was, however, that you had to open emails and read the ads until you reached a limit – for example, $ 25. Only after that, you could ask for a paycheck. And imagine yourself – if you received an average of 2 advertisement emails per day, with your reward being $ 0.02, you had to wait not less than 2 years for a $ 25 payout. Within these two years, the company can bankrupt or end any moment.


Neobux Is an Entirely Different System 

Neobux is, at first glance, a different system. It has been working since 2008, and the most exciting thing, which has also convinced me to make the exception and give these paid to click ad portals one more chance, is the low  minimum payout amount – only 2 dollars.

Another reason is the presence of paid surveys and the possibility of making various micro-tasks for which you get paid. I have only a positive opinion about online surveys and the different micro-tasks completion.


Let’s Try It Now!

Registration is for free. Just fill in the email address, password, year of birth. To your email address, you get then a verification code that you copy to the page and confirm. Done, it did not take more than a minute of your time!

After signing in, you can see the basic categories of “Mini Jobs,“ “Surveys,“ “Games,“ “Offers“ and “View Advertisements” in the menu.


The landing page of Neobux and particular categories - Games, Mini Jobs, Surveys.


Options How to Make Money on Neobux

Neobux offers 5 possibilities how to get some extra cash. Let’s introduce them one by one.


1.) Watching Ads

Since it is a PTC site, this option should not be missed. In the “View Advertisements“ section, it is currently showing number 11, which means 11 ads to watch, for each one I should get $ 0.001. Compared to other PTC ad systems, they offer horribly low amount, but real.

Neobux offers real rewards for such a “job.“ In any case, I clicked on everything I needed, and they asked me to and got only $ 0.005.


2.) Microtasks

In the “Mini Jobs“ section, i.e., micro-tasks, there are only 3 minor tasks. Two of them are rated $ 0.03, one up to $ 0.7. But when I look carefully at those tasks, I do not really like it. One of them is to download a program to your computer. I will not risk getting the virus into mine.


3.) Surveys

In the “Survey“ category you will find various questionnaires and surveys to fill in. Currently, there is one survey, rated at $ 0.24. This is a reasonably low amount because many companies focusing on online market research and public opinion often offer $ 1 or more to fill in the questionnaire. By the way, I consider these surveys to be one of the most real methods to make money on the Internet, so if you are interested, on my site, you can check the section of money for questionnaires. You can find there more than 20 companies that offer this way of extra income. However, regular employment will not be replaced by this option.


4.) Playing Games

Another interesting section is “Games,“ where you can play online games and earn some pence. In 2 minutes of playing, you will be credited with $ 0.001 for your Neobux account. You can also play less than 2 minutes, but you will not get a reward.

You can play 125 games daily to earn $ 0.125. Worth to mention that you spend at least 250 minutes by doing that, or something more than 4 hours. Also, other limitations make your poor earnings $ 0.125 cut down even more, for example, if you play lots of games without losing or winning. Whether this is all worth it, I leave to decide up to you.


In any case, I have tried one game that lasted even 5 minutes (it caught me a bit, I like to play), but they did not pay a reward of 0.001 $.


5.) Offers

The last category is “Offers.“ You can find there online surveys, various micro-tasks, cash-back systems, and e-shop sign-up offers. You do not get money for all these, just some coins. What value they have and if they can be converted to dollars, I have not been able to find out.


The overall result is that I earned $ 0.005 a day, spending about 15 minutes on the site. Is it worth for you? Think about it for yourself.


What Is the Experience in a Nutshell?

Make it short. The payout above the minimum of $ 2 I managed to collect for over a month and the money actually really came to my Skrill account. But what really put me into doubt is that if you want to send a payout for the second time, you will have to collect $ 3. On the 3rd payout, it will be 4 dollars. For the 11th payout and more, it will be $ 10 limit that you’ll have to collect for more than half a year. Everything, of course, depends on what tasks and surveys will be there and whether you will fill them out or not. If you only focus on the first option, that is paid ads, you’ll be gathering those $ 10 maybe even a year.


I have to mention relevant information – you can send your payout to Skrill, NETELLER or AirTM.


Is There Any Other Option How to Earn Cash via Neobux?

You will not get much by clicking on ads and playing online games, and what you get does not even cover the cost of electricity you’ve consumed. The solution could be to fill surveys and work on micro-tasks. There are not many today.


But there is one option I have not mentioned yet, to recommend other people to this system. This is precisely what owner of does spend the most of time with. And just this option can earn you some reasonable money, or you’ll be collecting only a few pence every month. But you have to bring a massive number of active people into the system, who will click on ads, fill in the questionnaires and actually collect the cents… And when I mention a huge amount, we are talking not about hundreds, but thousands of people. You will then benefit from their work.


Bear in mind that you have to spend hours on Facebook and other discussion forums by spamming so you can earn a couple of extra dollars a month in the future. I mention “maybe“ because if you bring inactive people or those who are sick and tired of it after a while into the system, you will not get anything of them. So consider yourself if the time you put into it is beneficial and worth it.


Get Even More by Better Membership

Neobux offers, in addition to the basic membership “Standard“ which is free, another 4 memberships. They are, however, paid. They are memberships named of “Golden,“ „Emerald Sapphire,“ “Platinium Diamond“ and “Ultimate.“

The Golden Membership cost $ 90, the price of the others I could not find out. But they will be more expensive as they are higher levels. These memberships will bring you more profits from your referrals. The higher the membership you buy, the more you earn on it, at least that’s what says. In the pictures below you can see how much you will receive for what membership.


Company offers the basic membership, but also 3 additional paid „packages.“


It Looks Like a Ponzi Scheme 

If you do not want to attract other people to this system, there is one more option. And let me share my opinion that this is what is Neobux built on. You can rent those people. Yes, you read right. If you want to make a regular income from Neobux, you’ll either have to attract other people into the system or buy them for your own money.

One hundred people to rent will cost you $ 20. But my concern is that these people are not real and that they are actually robots, programmed software. And that means only one thing: your fake referrals will click as set by Neobux owner. And it’s in his interest to keep the money as long as possible in the system. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that only 30% of the purchased referrals “work actively“ in fact. By this, your invested $ 20 will be paid back within half a year…

I did not, of course, buy a package so I can not confirm it. However, interesting discussions take place on this topic in various discussion forums.


The perfect business plan for the owner of this system, what do you think? Your idea is to earn something by clicking, but it looks like you have to invest your own money to earn at least something. Otherwise, you will just click and click and what you earn in a year will not even cover the cost of electricity you spent by clicking.



It looks like a well-thought-out Ponzi scheme, respectively scam. And why do I think so? The reason is simple. This site has been active since 2008, and in my opinion, these PTC sites are not working at all. Those advertisers who are interested in such advertising are very rarely to be seen.

But where do they get the money for your payouts? The answer is straightforward – from the funds of the people who have invested to buy a higher membership or to hire referrals. In essence, we come to the fundamental characteristic of the Ponzi scheme.


You could be interested in:

How do pyramid scams work? – in this article I explain pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, so you can avoid similar scams in the future. You can also find there practical examples of how these systems work.


In any case, to be not only negative, the company actually pays out, so at least they paid to me $ 2. But it may be a trick. You say the company is serious, it really pays off, so let it go bigger and buy at least the Golden Package for $ 90 and at least 500 referrals for $ 100. And then you are just another one in this scheme…


Neobux is definitely good business, no doubts about it, but only for the owner and maybe few the most active members that bring into the system thousands of active referrals. The rest will share just the cents. As of myself, I can say – I tried, but do not want to anymore.


Have you found in the article what you expected to look for? If not, then check also the discussion forum, there is maybe a couple of interesting information on this topic as well.

Do you have your own experience with the Neobux portal? I would be happy if you join the discussion too and share your stories.


Do you like my website? If so, recommend it to your friends, they will certainly be grateful for that. You can also join my Facebook group where I will keep you informed about new offers of jobs from home. You will also find articles about online business opportunities and earnings on the Internet. Click on “Like” and in notifications set “receive all posts.” If you prefer to tweet, then follow my articles and offers on my Twitter account.



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5 Years Ago

You are so right about that, I got burned with a few hundred dollars myself. But the proof that the site is going down is typing in google “neobux areteos forum”. Areteos is an ultimate member that keeps track of the REAL average of rented refferals in neobux, thank god he did that so it stopped me from investing more.
If you check his thread you will see that the average have been falling steadily month after month. By 2022 I think that no one will be able to earn anything anymore because the average will fall below 0.55.
Google right now “neobux forum minimum average to make a profit”, it will give you an answer that for an ultimate with around 5100 (five thousand!!!) rented refferals you would need 0.6 average, but the average is already below 0.59 by looking at Areteos stats, can’t believe people aren’t talking about this or maybe the moderators quickly flush the topics.

George H.
George H.
Reply to  Miro
5 Years Ago

Thank you for additional information!