Companies dedicated to market research through online questionnaires and surveys.

I am sure you know very well the various websites that promise the users quick and easy income. There are plenty of them on the Internet. Majority of them, maybe even 99%, comes with the fake hopes and empty promises and when it comes to paying out, no money you get from them. On the contrary, be ready to be ripped off as well. I am no exception as well, a couple of these scams I have found too. On the Internet, though you can also find that kind of projects that really allow people to get extra money. Those are mostly the companies that deal with the filling in questionnaires and surveys. In this article, I will introduce you a couple of them.


I will add here programs to fill in surveys and online questionnaires that are verified by me. By the term “verified”, I mean positive experience and, most importantly, the real money in my account.

Paid surveys are the ideal way for students to occasionally earn extra money while studying, working people, retired people, and also mothers on maternity leave. It is a serious way how you can earn something extra even by your disability.


In my opinion, filling in the questionnaires is the best way to seriously earn some money on the Internet. It is suitable for anyone looking for small earnings to increase income, without exaggerating expectations. This is no fraud, registration with the listed companies is always free of charge, you do not pay any entry or monthly fees.


According to Police Surveys website, there is over 150 companies involved in market research and public opinion polls active in the US and the UK. Many of them are, of course, unreliable and fraudulent. In this article, out of the 150 companies mentioned, I picked several of them who have the best rating.


This article contains a list of the most serious research sites that offer the opportunity to make money online, from the comfort of home. All listed companies are real, with good reputation.


Important note: When registering with the companies listed below, I recommend that you enter your most used email address (ideally the one you use every day). It is often the case that only a certain number of interviewers (e.g. 10,000) are needed to complete the questionnaire. As soon as the required number is reached, the questionnaire will no longer be up to date. From my own experience, I can say that if I get to the email invitation after 3 days, it’s already long inactive. For this reason, I recommend using the email address you follow every day. You do not have to worry; no spam will be sent to you. For three years, I have not received any unwanted mail from them so far, just invitations to paid online surveys.



Making money online, virtually no work, just for expressing your opinions and attitudes – of course, in a completely discreet way! This US-based company in San Francisco offers you the opportunity to earn some extra money without any worries – no revaluation of any points for money, all paid surveys and questionnaires are valued directly by the specific amount of money you can redeem, or you can choose to settle in the form of gift vouchers for purchase. Payment is always made in dollars and always to your PayPal account. In your spare time, you can earn a lot of interesting money that PaidViewPoint will easily and quickly pay you. From my point of view, Paidviewpoint is one of the best-paid survey sites on the market. Even in various reviews on the Internet, it has the best rating.

  • You won’t miss a thing, you are alerted to online questionnaires by email.
  • 10 minutes, this is the time that takes you on average to fill in one paid questionnaire.
  • How to get paid for filling in the surveys? Very easy. Simply collect $ 15 in your account and then send them to Paypal.
  • Bonus system – the more surveys you complete, the more money you can get for them.
  • An unlimited number of referrals you can sign up under yourself. The return on each referral is 20 percent of the amount he earns.
  • You will receive an entry bonus of one dollar upon signing.
  • Boring Internet polls are past, the special code on the site decommissions uninteresting surveys.
  • Once you are prompted to complete the questionnaire, you can never be evaluated as a non-compliant respondent.
  • Sign up for Paid View Point, create simple passive income, invite friends and get interesting commissions.


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OnlinePanel is another serious company dedicated to online market research. Every registered member gets the opportunity to participate in paid research, which is in the form of online questionnaires and surveys. For the complete filling in the questionnaire and answering all questions, you get points that can be exchanged for real cash or for gift vouchers in Wallmart, Amazon, and other major stores. You can get your earned money to your PayPal Internet wallet. 

  • OnlinePanel offers several options to make extra cash, it’s not just a classic questionnaire filling.
  • Gift vouchers or payment to your PayPal account.
  • Over 500 different gift cards that you can buy for your earned points.
  • Registration is possible for anyone in the world.
  • Surveys take from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Rewards for recommendations to friends.
  • Registration and sign-up is completely free, as well as by other companies that are dedicated to market research.
  • offers everyone the opportunity to work from home or anywhere, whether you are sitting on a beach with a laptop or working out of bed.


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It is a company, which is active internationally in more than 100 countries all around the world and works with more than 30 world languages. The English language is no exception. They make more than 800 surveys during the year and around 400 new members join their database on everyday basis.
Marketagent cooperates with research companies, or more precisely with clients of research, who need to do fast and cheap survey, and also with registered respondents, who can join these surveys to earn small cash. A part of money, which Marketagent gains from clients and researchers divides among their members, which means you. And this all can happen just for expressing your opinion.

  • You will receive 150 points for registration, from 200 points you can send your earnings to your account. This means you only have to take 1-2 surveys for which you get at least 50 points and you can send money to your account.
  • For one online survey or questionnaire, you can get from 20 to 400 points.
  • The collected points can then be exchanged either for money, for some products, or can be donated to charity. You get 1 dollar for 100 points.
  • Cash can be sent to a bank account, PayPal or Moneybookers (Skrill).
  • For every recommended person who will participate in at least one poll, you will receive 100 points – 1 dollar.
  • Invitations to paid questionnaires will go to your mailbox, it is best to respond to them as soon as possible, as only a certain number of answers is mostly needed (applicable to all questionnaire companies mentioned in this article).
  • I recommend downloading to your Smartphone application from Markertagent, activating browser notifications and following „Survey-Carousel“. Just down to doing these 3 things my number of invitations increased of 100%.
  • Marketagent pays more than $ 2 million annually to registered survey takers. Why not to snatch a smaller sum from this share for yourself? Show your opinion and make good money!


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ClixSense offers a simple and fast online extra income using the Internet and your free time. In addition to classical surveys and questionnaires, there are also various minor tasks. Payment can be made through four different Internet wallets, in the US and Canada also by bank cheque for a 1-dollar fee. You can get extra money, of course, for bringing in other members – the so-called refferal system.

  • Daily bonus of up to 16% of total earnings for completing all tasks assigned and surveys.
  • The opportunity to pay off your earned cash through Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card, Dwolla, or Check.
  • You get your earned money within five business days.
  • Available anywhere in the world.
  • The ability to have fun with different games.
  • Your earnings are directly dependent on your activity.
  • Sign up for ClixSense and start earning money for your online activities, including paid surveys, visiting websites, online shopping, free offers, and more.


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Branded Surveys

This company offers you the opportunity to make money through paid online surveys. Branded Surveys may seem like a relatively new company, but do not be fooled – it has been operating on the market since 2012, and since November 2017 it has just changed its name from MintVine to Branded Surveys and still offers the opportunity of earning money by filling in questionnaires. You can get points that you can exchange for cash or gift vouchers. The minimum payout amount is 1000 points, representing 13 US dollars. You will receive 50 to 200 points for one complete questionnaire. In the last 2 weeks, I received up to 10 invitations to survey, so you get the minimum payout amount very quickly.

  • The average length of the paid questionnaire is in this case only 11 minutes.
  • Payment is via PayPal or gift vouchers.
  • The research company offers an advantageous referral system, which allows you to get extra money.
  • You will get points even when you are disqualified of the online survey as an inappropriate candidate.
  • Quick short polls for extra points every day.
  • The more the surveys completed, the more you get from the system.
  • Only 1000 points are enough to pay off the rewards.
  • Available to US, Canadian, and UK citizens over 13 years of age.
  • Gain money with Branded Surveys just for revealing your opinion. Completely discrete, quite simple.


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The DollarClix page also offers earning some extra money through surveys and subsequent passive income generation. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up and it is, of course, free of charge. You can send your payment, for example, via PayPal, Tango Card, Payza or in Bitcoins, or you can buy gift vouchers in Amazon. One dollar corresponds to one hundred points earned.

  • Register your friends in your scheme and get a bonus for them as well as for people who sign up under them.
  • Several different payment methods.
  • A sophisticated affiliate system that makes it easy for you to make money without any worries.
  • Registration is available to anyone in the world.


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E-Research-Global is originally an American research system that has been collecting public opinion since 2003. It is open to participants from more than 60 countries and works with more than 25 world languages. The company is thus conducting worldwide online surveys via the Internet and smartphone applications. Surveys are from the field of science and market research. Researchers and companies are interested in your opinion to further develop their products and services.

In order to get involved in filling in the questionnaires, you need to be at least 16 years old. Then you only need only an active email, or you can also register with your Facebook or Google account.

  • E-Research-Global offers up to two dollars for completing one 20-minute survey.
  • A payout possible from two dollars, just fill in 1-2 online questionnaires and you can send money to your account. The advantage is that you do not have to wait a year for your reward, but you get the cash almost instantly.
  • You must have a PayPal account in place to pay your rewards. Paypal is an Internet wallet (payment system) that can be used to send or receive money.


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Tellwut conducts Internet surveys for various companies in the US and Canada. These are surveys in various areas, such as TV advertising, new products on the market, and customer satisfaction measurement.

Tellwut is an interesting platform available for US and Canadian citizens over 18 years of age. It offers the possibility not only to answer but also to create your own surveys. You earn a certain number of points for completing each paid questionnaire. You will receive just one hundred points only for creating your account, then you can get a reward ranging from 5 to 2000 points for answering the questionnaire. One US dollar is worth of 400 points, and you can withdraw your rewards from the sum of 4000 points (10 dollars). 

  • Online polls from both companies and people, both paid!
  • Gift vouchers for shopping, coffee and various other products.
  • Possibility to redeem points for rewards from 4000 points ($ 10).
  • Available from 18 years of age in Canada and the US.
  • Generous rewards for friend recommendations to the system.
  • Will you share more information about yourself? You will get 100 extra points as a bonus.
  • Possibility to create up to two own questionnaires per week.
  • More than half a million of satisfied users.
  • Taking online surveys with seems to be a really great way to make some extra money. 


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YouGov, it is an online platform where more than four million people share their opinions. It is available in both British and international versions and allows you to fill in questionnaires and surveys on a variety of topics. So, it is only up to you how you take this opportunity. You receive points for completing questionnaires that can be later exchanged for rewards or reimbursed.

  • Payment by wire transfer or via PayPal.
  • Gift vouchers to various stores, or the opportunity to spend money on good – charity.
  • Different kinds of questionnaires based on the topic you are interested in.
  • No questionnaire will take you longer than 20 minutes.
  • Average reward per survey of 500 to 1000 points.
  • One dollar is worth 1400 points.
  • Available for people over 14 (US) or 16 (UK).
  • The reward for the completed poll will arrive in just 2-3 weeks from the order.
  • Participate in the surveys published in the media – British press often draws on YouGov online surveys.


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Pinecone Research is an American company promising the ability to earn on the Internet along with the ability to influence the future of your favorite products by your opinions. In questionnaires that take you about 15-20 minutes of your time, you will answer different questions for which you will then receive a reward in the form of points. 100 points equals one dollar. After completing the first verification questionnaire, you will receive an email with cheque worth of 3 dollars immediately. Thus, you can be sure that is paying, and they can be sure you really exist.

  • The minimum payout amount – 3 dollars.
  • Payment option via PayPal or bank check.
  • The opportunity to buy gift vouchers for purchase in Amazon and other stores.
  • Selected members can get the real product for testing at home.
  • No extra fees for making a withdrawal.
  • Regularly lotteries for interesting sums for the participants.
  • The ability to complete Internet surveys via a mobile app.
  • Taking cash for online surveys with Pinecone can be a funny way to make money in your spare time.


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e-Poll Surveys has been operating since 1997, providing points for your answers to questions of different focus. Most of the questionnaires relate to TV shows and ads, that is, things you have every day in your eyes. The number of questionnaires sent varies depending on the current season, in some cases you can receive the questionnaire even twice a day. You need to collect at least 3750 points (3 dollars) for the payout, but the value of the points is variable and increases with their number (for example, 7250 points already have a value of $ 10 dollars). e-Poll offers a simple way to make money without leaving your home.

  • Payout of money through the PayPal platform.
  • The opportunity to buy gift vouchers for purchase in well-known stores.
  • You can spend your money for a good thing through charity.
  • You can collect points for as long as you like. Their validity will never expire.
  • You will receive 500 to 1000 points for one paid questionnaire depending on its length and difficulty.
  • The point value is multiplied. The more you have them, the higher value of 1 point.
  • Regular monthly lotteries up to $ 250.
  • With, you can be sure you get paid in cash or in the form of additional rewards without hidden fees. The same is true, of course, for all the companies dealing with market research listed in this article.


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The Populuslive survey company offers a very exciting way of making money that really works. Since 2003, the company has grown and currently operates in seventy countries around the world. Thanks to a simple and quick registration, everyone can join in a moment, and thanks to an interesting point rewarding, you will fall in love with Populuslive quickly. Where else can you earn up to 3 pounds in 15 minutes of your time?

  • Internet surveys are rated by points; 1 point is worth 1 pound.
  • An average of up to two paid questionnaires per week.
  • The possibility to withdraw your funds from £ 50.
  • Monthly prize draw for 250-pound targeted for participants who did not qualify for a survey.
  • Payday every month.
  • Completing the survey will not take you longer than fifteen minutes.
  • Available only to people over the age of 16.


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Do not you deal with PayPal and you prefer an older remuneration system? SurveySavvy is an ideal opportunity for you, as the reward for filled in questionnaires is sent in the form of a bank cheque. In addition, the payout starts with just one dollar and, given the worldwide availability, it is a great opportunity to make money online. SurveySavvy will offer you a survey to fill in, you will respond, and you will receive a certain reward for that.

  • Low minimum withdrawal – only one US dollar.
  • Am I not a suitable respondent? Nevermind, you will be included in the monthly lottery with a financial bonus.
  • Revolutionary rewarding system – make money with SavvyConnect just by a regular Internet browsing.
  • Double referral system – you will get cash for the one you bring to the system, but also for the people that he will draw.
  • Long-term stability since 1999 in almost all countries around the world.
  • Anyone older than 13 years of age from anywhere in the world can register.
  • The more opportunities and ways to make money, the better. is holding this motto, so there are more ways to get money on this page. 


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Not all market research and opinion surveys are based in America. SpiderMetrix is an Australian company that offers online earnings by filling in questionnaires. This is more about the community than just about regular participants of surveys, there is also a forum and the opportunity to contribute to it, which is also rewarded by points. The payout is possible from 300 points, which corresponds to 50 US dollars.

  • Variable value of points – the more of them you have, the higher their value. 12 points are worth of 1 dollar, but 300 points are worth of already 50 dollars.
  • You will get your earned money to your PayPal account.
  • The opportunity to buy gift vouchers to Amazon.
  • Auctions of various items for points earned.
  • Payday every first week of the month.
  • The opportunity to see the overall results of all online paid polls.
  • Add referrals to your scheme and get extra points.
  • Anyone older than 14 years can join.


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GreenPanthera collects opinions mainly for big companies who want to know how people apprehend their new product, ad, or campaign, what people think about their website and whether it would be good idea to modify or change something. accepts testers from different age, social and geographic ranges to participate in surveys. It does not matter whether you are a 20-year-old US student or 55-year-old chef from Britain.

GreenPanthera differs from other market research companies, in particular by offering alternative forms of earning money. If you click through one of our partner e-shops and make a purchase, you can use a so-called cashback – a percentage of your purchase will be credited back to your GreenPanthero account. In addition, you already have an entry bonus for a regular registration.

  • Five dollars for registration only.
  • Earnings through surveys, shopping, and other activities.
  • You can pay your extra earnings to your Paypal account.
  • It is an international research company – multiple language mutations.
  • A wide selection of e-shops for shopping with an interesting cashback worth of 10 percent.
  • Every day new paid polls.
  • Take part in surveys and get rewards for your feedback! Earn cash for surveys, shopping, offers and more.


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Ipsos I-say

Another interesting company that deals with opinion polls through the Internet is Ipsos I-say. Ipsos is a company with a tradition since 1975 and is one of the most exciting opportunities in the industry. For over 40 years of existence, the company has collected more than 3 million associates / respondents. Ipsos I-say has been working with 5,000 clients, including large and relatively well-known companies from more than 100 countries worldwide. What more can I say about their I-Say project?

  • On average, you will get around eight market surveys per month. When responding exhaustively and in a timely manner, you will also be able to get an interesting boost.
  • You will receive 10 to 100 points for a flawlessly completed questionnaire that will be credited to your account. When you collect them at least 500 (ideally a thousand or more), you can withdraw your first reward as you wish. 
  • For filling in the questionnaires, you can also be paid in the form of vouchers in different stores – Amazon, Starbucks or Target. If you prefer cash, you can have it sent to PayPal. Another option is to send your money to good purposes – charity.
  • For a thousand points, you can order a 10-dollar coupon for Amazon or iTunes, but if you achieve 1500 points, you will get a Visa prepaid card, or you can withdraw the funds to PayPal as well.
  • The minimum payout amount is 1500 points, which is equal to 15 dollars. That means that every hundred points equals one dollar.
  • The amount of Ipsos I-say surveys is increasing so you can get the minimum payout amount very quickly.


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Opinion Outpost

Another trustworthy page for surveys and questionnaires is Opinion Outpost, which focuses on a diverse but always up-to-date surveys. Through them, you’ll be evaluating ads or websites from different areas, and testing products. Most important is, however, that you will still express your real and true opinion on the subject, as is looking for real views of ordinary people. Your options on this page are quite wide. The operator also works with Amazon, so you can easily convert collected points into discount coupons for this world distributor of goods. The same applies, for example, for iTunes.

  • Payment via PayPal.
  • Opinion Outpost offers surveys with an average length of about ten to fifteen minutes, which allows you to find interesting earnings.
  • Paid questionnaires can also be completed via a mobile phone, they are usually rated from 5 to 50 points.
  • Only the minimum of information – name, email contact, and gender – is sufficient for registration.
  • The minimum payout amount is equal to 100 points for Paypal (10 USD), and the Amazon / iTunes gift card is 50 points (5 USD).
  • A partner program is available to help you bring referrals and get commissions from them.


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The online community MySoapBox, which is part of the ISA survey concern, offers you the opportunity to participate in interesting surveys and even earn money for it. You receive points for each completed questionnaire and there is a conversion rate of 1000 points = 1 US dollar. The average reward for one poll is from 750 to 1500 points, or up to $ 1.50 for a completed survey. Whether you redeem them in the form of a gift voucher or, for example, donate them to a charity, it’s just your decision.

  • The first option to withdraw the money is after reaching 25-thousand points, then there is no limit.
  • Gift vouchers to the largest and most famous stores.
  • Occasional testing of the real product for selected members.
  • The possibility to support charity through the points earned.
  • Extra rewards for recommending other friends to the system.
  • 10 points as compensation if you are discarded from the survey for any reason.
  • The more you engage, the greater the number of surveys you will be given.
  • Available from 13 years of age (but for the citizens of the European Union, it is 16 years of age).


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How It Works

The first thing you should do is sign up with a survey company. You can find a couple of them on this website. Registration is very simple. You can also sign up for more or all of the companies listed in this article.


It is true that registration in multiple questionnaire companies = more questionnaires to fill = more money).


Then fill out profile questionnaires from all areas – car, finance, traveling, shopping, etc. Based on these mini questionnaires, you will be sent invitations to paid survey from various researchers or companies interested in your opinion to further develop their products and services. You can fill them anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your home or work.

Ergo, you are completing your mini questionnaires so that they can choose the right sample for research to make research match reality and its results not distorted. All the data you include in the questionnaires is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act. They are therefore protected and are not provided to any third party. So any of your worries that your personal data may be used somewhere else was useless.


If you are included into a sample of users assigned for paid survey, the questionnaire company will contact you via e-mail informing you about the reward, how much time it takes for you to fill in the poll, and the date it needs to be completed. Then it’s only up to you to take it or not.


How Much Can I Earn by Filling Out The Questionnaires?

For each successfully completed online survey you will receive a reward in the form of points. Their number depends on the length of the questionnaire (the longer it is, the more you earn). Once you have reached a certain threshold, you can exchange your points for cash, various prizes, or donate money to charity.

I remark that this is an irregular contact because the questionnaire sample always changes, depending on what kind of survey it is. Sometimes you can get 10 questionnaires in month, sometimes none. So if you get an invitation to a survey to your email, I recommend completing it.


Choose what your heart is closer to, and start with a small payback, which can later grow to a nice passive income.





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