A few ways to earn money by blogging.

How to Build Extra Income through Blogging? Here Are 8 Ways

Do you have your blog (forum or magazine), you like to write, but even if you do it as a hobby, do you think how to earn some extra dollars, at least to cover the costs? Creating a blog (or any website) is not very expensive. Nowadays, there are many web hosting companies that offer different discounts and offers, and many times your investment just does not exceed 20 dollars per year. However, it would be more than perfect if there is another way then to pay that sum from your own budget. Do you ask how to do it?


Earn some extra cash to cover the expenses connected with blogging may not be a bad idea. And who knows, maybe you will like this way of extra income and later your blog earns not only a few dozens but several hundred dollars a month. There are more options to achieve this, in this article, we introduce the most famous and the most preferred.


1) PPC Ad Systems Adsense, Adfox and Other

Probably the easiest way to make your blog or website produce some extra cash is to implement ad features from one of the advertising companies. There are a few of them to choose from. Probably the most popular and most favorite advertising system, for website owners is Adsense from Google.  

It’s nothing complicated, you register into the system, and place ads on your blog, they will show contextual ads. It means when you write about cooking, cooking ads will appear, if you write about cars, you’ll see ads for car shops and other car-related ads.


In my opinion, this method brings benefits especially for weblogs, with high traffic and daily activity.


2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, also known as partner program” or affiliate program“  is also used very often, it is one of the most popular ways to effectively use the empty space of your blog. This method is not so simple, but the passive income can be higher than with the first method. In reality, you should sell something if you want to reach a decent commission. To succeed, try to engage in such affiliate programs that are related to the focus of your site. So if you write about travel, do not use a partner program for web hosting or online roulette, but a banner from some travel agency.


The use of affiliate programs is well-known and used by bloggers because for the blogs with lower traffic it brings interesting extra cash.


The most frequent providers of the affiliate program are various e-shops, web hostings, bet offices, online casinos, etc. Among the best-known global affiliate programs, there are eBay and Amazon. To get more information on how this system works, read in a separate article about affiliate marketing


3) Paid Reviews – PR Articles

Paid articles are a popular option among bloggers. PR article is an ad article from an advertiser (company) that you publish for a lower financial reward on your blog. Ideally, you can negotiate a long-term collaboration with an online agency that will deliver you PR articles on a regular monthly basis. There is nothing better than regular income. The price for posting one PR article depends on some factors, the important is the topic of your blog and popularity, respectively the site traffic For example, if you write about books, an online bookstore might be interested in publishing an advertising PR article on your blog.


There are three ways to make extra money this way:

  • I already mentioned the first option – agreement with an online agency (an internet marketing company) that will be your source of ad articles every month. In this case, of course, some of your income will be retained by the agency – as a commission for service provisions. 
  • The second option is registration to Pay Per Post (PPP) systems. PPP systems act as a marketplace between advertisers and bloggers. The advertiser expresses the article request, and you can then sign up to support him with this request and agree on the terms of cooperation. Then you just write an article and post it on your site. Even in this case, however, part of the money is taken by an intermediary – PPP system as well.
  • The third option (the most ideal one) is when a business company, interested in publishing a PR article on your blog, asks you directly. It means that there is no intermediary between you and the advertiser, so you are entitled to keep your reward complete.


4) Selling Backlinks

Another exciting way to get extra money on your website is selling backlinks. Backlinks are defined as words from your blog that are bought by a particular company or e-shop. These words are usually located in the article text and are underlined and marked in blue. It is often referred to as a hyperlink. When a visitor clicks on the word, it redirects him automatically from your blog to the advertiser’s website.  


Currently, the option of monetizing the blog is on the decrease, but even so, it is still worthwhile to make money this way.


Opportunities for extra income on your blog or website.


By buying these links, some companies just want a direct visit, a new source of visitors (prospective customers), for other businesses, the quality of your blog may be substantial, that can definitely help your site or e-shop rank higher in search results.


5) Cryptocurrencies

Another way how bloggers and magazine owners earn money through their site is significantly different from previous ones. The whole concept is about making money with cryptocurrencies. I assume there is no need to explain what cryptocurrency is. Indeed, everybody heard at least something about Bitcoin or Litecoin. If I am wrong, then definitely visit the category of Cryptocurrency mining. It contains 4 articles about cryptocurrency.

Also here,  the amount of your earnings is primarily determined by the traffic on your website.


It does not make sense to write long stories about it. I wrote a separate article on this topic so if you’re interested, just read it  (the link). In the article, there are five different ways to make extra money via cryptocurrencies on your blog and how much you can earn realistically through each method.


6) Private (lucrative) Ads

Private ads are the dream of many bloggers. Unlike the first way where advertising companies like Adsense and others typically claim 50% of your profits, there is no intermediary between private advertisements and advertisers (blog owners) in this case. It means that a full 100% reward for the ad on your blog belongs only to you. This is the way to achieve the highest earnings. However, getting to this level is not as easy as you think, and for many, it’s probably an unreal target because to be attractive for your advertisers, you must have high traffic and many other attributes.


7) Advertising and Selling of Own Products

The most profitable way to make money through a blog is to promote and sell your own products and services. A typical example that pops up very often with bloggers is to sell the e-book. The cost of an e-book is not as high as a classic print version. Therefore many bloggers try to sell their experience in this form. In this case, the blog serves to create potential customers who could buy that e-book. I mentioned that topic briefly in an article about info-business.


8) Selling a Blog – a Website

Selling a website – you earn a lot of money, but you lose your regular monthly income. This form of extra income is worth to realize if you do not have spare time or you simply stopped to be fancied by blogging. There is definitely a person, perhaps a company that would buy from you the blog for very interesting and definitely not low financial reward.



There are many possibilities for how to make your blog profitable, of course, in this article I have only described those I have personal experience with, except for the seventh method.

And what about you, do you have any blogging experiences? Which of these methods do you prefer and which one do you think works the best? Or, what kind of making money are you using on your blog? Contribute to the discussion.  


If you do not have your own blog yet, but you would like to try out any of these methods, I would highly recommend it. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the cost of buying a domain and hosting is not too high, there are companies nowadays that provide up to 90% discount for the first year. Your investment does not even exceed 20 $ per year. If you write about something that you like, people will appreciate it, and your invested sum will be paid back several times.


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