Is rent of real estates by Bereal real or is it a scam?

Bereal Estate – A Few Facts Why This Business Is a Big Scam

Every one of us has already heard about the so-called miraculous online companies that promise to earn a lot of money by doing nothing. Invest, buy funds, pay a membership fee, and money comes in so quickly. In certain exceptions, this may be the case, but does it work this ideally with BeReal Estate’s investment business as well?I’ve decided to write a review for this online business because, although it was registered recently, in August 2016, it has recently begun to gain enormous popularity. 


What is this article about?

The information from this review includes the description of the business and the products offered, also clarification how their system works. In the end, I share my personal opinion about Bereal and a few reasons why you should never think about investment in this project.


What Is BeReal Estate and Who Owns This Project?

This is a relatively new/young project that was officially launched in March 2017. Until it only ran as prelaunch (pre-start phase). The project name itself – BeReal Estate – suggests that this is an investment project, which deals with the rental of real estate in lucrative and desired destinations. The company offers a share of the rent, so potential investors can invest in this project, for which the company promises an annual yield of 30 to 45%.


As it is usual with similar internet projects, we do not find much information about the owner of the site, even on the official website of BeReal Estate. After a more extended search, you would eventually get to the three addresses where the company is supposed to be located; these are in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. However, the English address is owned by London Presence company, which specializes in the sale of virtual addresses. After a more in-depth search, the Dutch and Bulgarian addresses appear to be virtual as well. How did I find it?  You will realize it if you enter into Google, the address of the company, the result shown contains x other companies to reside at that address. Based on the above, we can assume that the company does not have any registered business address, which does not provide to this investment project more credibility.


The Compensation Plan for BeReal Estate, How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, Bereal provides its partners/investors with a unique form of income in the form of real estate investments. The compensation plan is in the form of an annual Return on Investment (ROI), i.e., the profitability of the investment. However, to get these earnings, you must first invest. Partners are asked to select any investment package and pay the required amount. The minimum investment is 500 $, but the package prices increase up to 28,000 $. 


The company uses your investment allegedly for long-term apartments rental for wholesale prices and then rent these apartments to customers at retail prices in the short-term period.


To make it more comprehensible: Bereal rents an apartment for two years and then rents this apartment for a short time at a much higher price. This way, the company has to generate profits, which makes your share of 30 to 45%. 


Registered partners can choose from different levels of property they would like to invest.

  • Room: investment 500 $ – profit 650 $,
  • Studio: investment 1,500 $ – profit 1,950 $,
  • One bedroom: investment 3,000 $ – profit 3,900 $,
  • Two bedrooms: investment 7 000 $ – profit 9100 $,
  • Atelier studio : investment 14 000 $ – profit 18 200 $,
  • Villa: investment 28 000 $ – profit 36 400 $,


How is the investment company Bereal Estate supposed to work?


It is also worth to mention that the ROI is sent to its members on a weekly basis. However, I shouldn’t forget to point out, that investors are obliged to reinvest their initially invested money every 365 days, so spend the same amount of money again, because the validity period of the packages is one year.


(Note: reinvestment is one of the best ways to keep money in the system, following the Ponzi scheme operational for as long as possible).


How Much Does Bereal Membership Cost?

As you can state from the previous, the minimum for BeReal Estate membership is 500 $, but which means only the lowest investment in the smallest property. You can invest a maximum of 84,000 $, but with this investment, it is not clear what your profit will be.

You can also sign up for free, but in this case, you only earn money a by recommendation, resp. adding new investors/partners to this project.


What Valorization and Provision for Recommendation Are Offered by BeReal Estate?

The basic annual rate is 30% (if you do not add anyone to the system). Partners who recommend Bereal to at least two people and who also buy a package will receive a 35% valorization. If they also add to the system two partners, the profit will rise to 45%.


Few Reasons Why I Do Not Believe in This Online Business

Whether you read this article with a clear goal or just out of the pure the curiosity what BeReal Estate is, you most probably would like to know whether it’s a real business or pure fraud. Do not expect the answer for this question in this article, you will not get it for sure, but as follows, I describe at least a few indications that could help you decide (assuming you choose whether to invest in this project or keep yourself away).


1. Unclear Owner and Domain Owner

As mentioned already above, in the chapter “What is BeReal Estate” we don’t find much information on the official site. 3 addresses appear to be virtual only after a long search. It is not clear, whether a company has any registered business address at all.

You will also work hard to find out the BeReal Estate website owner. After a thorough search, it is visible that BeReal.Holding LTD is running the site.

Noel Farrugia and Jelena Sladojevic are in charge of the company’s management. Other sources also report several Slovenes (Klemen Nicoletti, Luka Lah, Alan Amadej Eferl).


Another interesting fact is that, as per Alex´s rankings, the highest activity is reported in countries of Germany (37%), India (17%) and Slovakia (11%)! So it is possible (or maybe also not) that Bereal’s administrators lead a company from one of these three areas.


2. The Return on Investment of BeReal Estate Is Far too Good To Be True

As per BeReal Estate, the company is capable of :


 “getting great profits on long-term property rent, up to  1,000 $ /month based on the money deposit, we rent. And renting the same property for a short period of  2,000 $ a month to get great profits.”


However, there is no evidence that this activity is taking place. The company has neither permission nor license, to provide investment services. Based on this I consider that BeReal is under no supervision, and therefore it can not be proved or denied that it would value investors’ money by a rent of real estates.

BeReal’s only source of income is the share of associated investments from registered members. And it is more than likely that these funds are then used to repay, the return on ROI investments. And as a result, you can easily construct an financial game – the Ponzi scheme.


3. Why Does a Company Need Co-members/ Investors When It Can Generate 30-45% per Year?

This also applies to other Internet projects such as Kairos Technologies, Recyclix, Coinspace, etc. If someone can guarantee a 30-45% profit a year, why does he need money from other people, for God’s sake? He could visit the bank, borrow some money and then reevaluate it. The entire extra profit remains only for the company.


My Opinion

Based on the doubts expressed above and my 4-year experience with similar projects, I believe that there is no real estate appreciation, the company earns money from the sale of the packages and then re-distributes the wealth into the pyramid.

All companies offering high-yield revenues later turned out to be a fraudulent Ponzi scheme. When there was a drop in recruitment and investment activities, they were forced to close their companies. At that point, the administrator (s) disappeared with most of the funds invested, to no man’s land, while everyone else had a huge loss. Well, not everyone. Some of them, especially the ones on the top which belonged to the first ones, definitely got something. Initially, each such company will pay out some members to act realistically and legally.


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Let’s sum it up. This is a young and unknown business with a vague owner and probably a virtual address. For BeReal Estate there are people, leaders in the background who have done some scams in the past. They are not holders of any investment licenses, and I assume no one has control or supervision over them. So we can only wonder whether real estate investors are capitalizing on their money. Realize for yourself that BeReal is acting rather untrustworthy and not as a serious investment company.

Now, the question: are you willing to keep your money with people you know nothing about only just because they promise you fabulous profits by doing nothing? Think about it yourself. I hope that you found this review beneficial and you get essential information about this company.


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Did you find what you were looking for in the article? If not, then try to check the discussion forum. There may be some more exciting information on this topic.

If you already have had some experience with Bereal Estate, share it in the discussion. I appreciate every opinion.


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5 Years Ago

Bonjour monsieur
Je vous remerci pour votre article et c’est vrai bereal estate est une arnaque parce que j’ai investi 500 euro mai apres trois mois de ca le site est ferme
s’il vous plais est-ce qu’il ya un moyen de récupérer notre argent?

George H.
George H.
Reply to  Fadila
5 Years Ago

I am sorry, but I can not help you with this problem. It seems that most likely you will not get your money.