Publish your PR articles and earn money through the Whitepress platform. Review – Three Different Ways to Earn Money

This international company that operates in over 18 countries, including several English-speaking countries is currently expanding. It has a very user-friendly admin interface, fast payouts and up to three different ways to earn money. This is just a brief overview of some of the benefits offered by the platform. A platform where bloggers can earn money and the advertising companies can expect to see increased traffic towards their platforms which, naturally, could mean higher profits. What are the other benefits of working with the Whitepress platform?


What Is

Whitepress is a marketplace connecting advertising companies (online shops, PR agencies, media) with website owners and influencers.

This platform could be described as PPP (Pay Per Post) advertising systems. In other words, each advertising/PR article that gets published receives a payment. homepage.


How Does the Whitepress Platform Work?

It is actually pretty straightforward, an advertising company that is looking for ways to increase traffic to their website and would also like to increase its profits through their online shop/project requests a publication of their PR article. The publisher (blog or online magazine owner) can respond to this request. Both parties agree on the terms and pricing, and subsequently, the article gets published on the publisher’s website.


Whitepress - a content distribution tool.


Everybody is happy. Thanks to the Whitepress platform, the publisher can not only earn money, but they also get a quality content article, meanwhile the advertiser gets to promote their brand or product for a relatively cheap price.


The Whitepress platform is a global platform and is currently operating in 12 different languages including English and German and anyone, anywhere can contribute. Naturally, the bloggers and online shop owners who already have websites in multiple languages have an advantage.


Who Can Earn Money with Whitepress?

Three different groups can earn money with the Whitepress platform. Blog owners can earn money for publishing PR articles on their websites while the advertising companies can earn revenue when their product/company gets mentioned. And the third group are copywriters (journalists/writers) who can also find regular earning opportunities through this platform.


1. Advertising Companies 

Whitepress works closely with over seventeen thousand bloggers and website owners (collectively, they have access to tens of millions of readers each month), covering a wide range of subjects, such as automotive, health, beauty, home and housing, and many more areas, so as an advertiser, you have a huge choice.

Whitepress cooperates with websites like,, or, which makes it undoubtedly more attractive for advertisers as these offer millions of readers and potential customers.


How do you start?

Go to and select “For advertisers” from the menu at the top of the screen. Go through the registration process (it is free to register) and submit your advertising article. If you do not have an advertising/PR article, you can get it written through the Whitepress platform as they have over 60 copywriters and journalists registered on their platform.

Next, use the Whitepress search engine to find suitable magazines (you can select your specific search criteria, and the system will display a list of magazines matching your criteria).


How does it work?


You can choose based on several parameters i.e., does the magazine have regularly updated content and quality SEO? Is the price for publishing an article reasonable? After all, it is certainly better to pay 500 USD for an article published on an authoritative website, rather than paying 50 USD and having your article published on a relatively unknown website with low traffic.

Once you have chosen a magazine where you would like your article published, select a blogger, and agree on the relevant details with them.


One of the huge advantages of the Whitepress platform is that you can use the free tracking script to analyze the traffic and reader numbers for your article. You can view a detailed report of how many readers clicked on the link in the article and navigated through to your website / online shop.


What are the other benefits of working with Whitepress?

  • The ability to build awareness of your product or brand,
  • the opportunity to improve your product/company or brand image – having a quality article from a reliable source could improve your brand image,
  • increase traffic to your website and increase your online conversion rate,
  • the option to order articles from multiple countries from one account. If you have multiple language projects, you do not have to register with individual countries. Your Whitepress account is valid for multiple countries,
  • improve your SEO and link building – would you like your platform to appear at the top of Google search engine? The most effective way to achieve this is by purchasing good QUALITY backlinks and PR articles,
  • professional customers service and affordable prices.


How can you pay for publishing of your PR article? Payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.


2. Website Owners and Influencers

If you have a blog, an online magazine, discussion forum, or any type of website where you can place promotional articles, get involved! The Whitepress platform gives you the opportunity to build a stable income.


How do you start?

Go to and select “For publishers” from the menu at the top of the screen. Go through the short registration process (the registration process should take around 5 minutes), and enter your website details into the system – monthly visitor numbers, what type of website/magazine is it, etc.


One of the conditions for future cooperation is that your website must have copyrighted content and at least 500 visitors per month.


The most important part of this process is to set the correct price for article publishing. The price should not be too high, but on the other hand, you may not want your blog to be flooded by cheap PR articles.


What are the requirements for publishers?


The important parameters for setting the correct price are: monthly traffic, SEO parameters (high-quality backlinks), how lucrative is the subject area i.e., what subjects does the blog cover (there is a difference in having a blog that deals with horticultural topics vs. a blog focusing on financial topics), and other criteria.


Payments are processed through the PayPal payment system or by Bank transfer, and Whitepress usually pays your invoice within 48 hours. The additional advantage is that you can set the prices for an article publishing yourself.


3. Copywriters and Journalists

Currently, Whitepress works with over 60 copywriters, who can write articles for website owners all kinds of articles. However, they are always looking for more copywriters, so if you earn a living through writing PR or other types of articles, or press releases, be sure to get in touch with them.


What Are the Disadvantages? Naturally, There Are Some….

If you do not use your account regularly, it will be blocked after three months. If you do not use your account for one year, your account will be closed. Of course, this is the extreme option, but it is worth mentioning, should you choose to try Whitepress and then decide to take a different route after a while.

There are also certain conditions that each website owner must meet. According to SemStorm, the indicator of organic traffic must reach at least 100 visits, it must be authorial, and the content score (i.e., the technical score) must be 4 or 2.

Being on the Whitepress platform means a degree of automation of supply and demand and aims to ensure that the advertisers and users do not waste their time. The list of potential partners is subject to strict filtering, which means that quality is guaranteed – and you are only offered areas suited to your preferences. For example, travel, sports, or other genres.

The main advantage for advertisers, publishers, and owners of social networks groups is the simplicity of the system, which means significant timesaving. You will not need to invest your thoughts and energy in finding new contacts, using Whitepress, all potential contacts are in one place.


The Whitepress platform offers a lot of interesting information, tips, and ideas that you can use for future inspiration for your business.



So, how can benefit you? You could earn money, have access to current content, have higher organic traffic and, of course, potentially a higher volume of sales. Advertisers will also be happy to learn that according to Google Mobile Test, the mobile version of Whitepress is very fast, which makes it even more attractive.


So whether you are a blogger looking for ways to monetize your website, or a company looking for better representation of your project/brand (which is more effective than, for example, banner advertising), you can rest assured that Whitepress advertising platform will certainly not disappoint you.

If you are interested in getting involved with this platform, find out more here.


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