I’m glad to welcome you to my website. Whatever reason you are here, I´ll do my best to be your advisor to support you to orientate yourself on how to get extra income online or just do business via the Internet. Before you start reading, I would like to point out that you cannot find any projects on this page that make you so filthy rich in the shortest amount of time. If you are looking for easy, fast and painless online earnings that do not require any effort, there is no need to invest, in other words, to make big money by doing nothing, I recommend you to close this page. You will save a lot of time.


What you will find on this website

  • tips on how to get extra earnings online,
  • criticism of pyramid schemes and fraud investment systems,
  • real offers to work from home,
  • news, updates, lists, etc.


What you will not find on this website

  • smart tools to become rich quickly and how to become a millionaire.


I decided to create this page after my first two experiences with fraudulent financial games – the Ponzi schemes, which everybody presented as a great tool and job, or so-called revolutionary MLM business. I lost a few hundred dollars, but it was nothing terrible compared to the others. I joined these with the fact that I will invest as much as I can afford to lose. But what made me start this website was definitely deliberate lies. Most of these “internet gurus” only mislead and promise you the best of the best for the rest of your life.


Money is everywhere, just look around you.


Initially, I have intended to create a site just about “scam internet programs” where I would try to distinguish MLM from Pyramid schemes or the Ponzi schemes. Later, however, I thought I could create a website where I would try to show people what the options are, and how to make money online. Most people tell me that the earnings on the Internet are a myth, just a lie, and deception. But that’s not true. There are definitely options to earn extra cash on the Internet, and not a few, you just need information and the willingness to learn new things. And precisely this information I try to look for you, so I browse the Internet every day and “check” where and how you can make extra money. Since I have been doing this for a long time, I think I have a pretty solid overview. I can separate the serious and legitimate programs from the fake ones.


This is why you will not find here only fraudulent internet programs that do not work or payout, but also serious companies with whom you will definitely be able to make some money, such as a micro-work (part-time jobs at home) with the portals like Fiverr.comUpwork.comGuru.com and so on (there are so many more sites like these). You can also read the article on how to earn money with sites focused on micro-work.

You can find here other ideas for making money by producing videos on Youtube, writing articles, and promoting products in affiliate (partnership) programs. You can read more about this form of online business in the article what are the affiliate programs. I offer several articles on this page.


I consider personally affiliate marketing as one of the most interesting and maybe also the most rewarding option for solid online earnings. But what you need is a good idea and a lot of patience.


Let me further explain to you how to quickly recognize legal work or Internet business – network marketing, from several pyramid schemes and scam systems such as paid ads, surf bars, HYIPs, online roulette and other meaningless options to get money where you are promised to get hundreds of dollars a day without even opening your laptop. Especially talking about the online roulette recently, many fraudulent sites promise enormous earnings.  


How to get extra cash online.


I sometimes find legitimate job offer to work from home. There are a lot of options, from relatively simple tasks such as e-commerce store administration, writing descriptions for websites, correcting grammar, copying and editing text, etc. to more complex ones, such as programming, online marketing, sales, etc. These and other offers are published in work from home without any fees category.


Aren’t you on the hunt for a job, but only an opportunity to work occasionally, as extra to your current job or study? Then I suggest you read an article on the online paid surveys.


If you know or use any other way to get extra income on the Internet that you have not yet found on this site, please contact me at earningswithgeorge@gmail.com, and I’d like to write an article about it. If you like my site and would like to follow me regularly, become a Facebook fan (click “Like” and choose “Receive all posts” in the notifications). I plan to write a lot more valuable articles full of interesting information and the possibilities of how to make money online. You, as an act of gratefulness, will have this information among the first ones. If you are more interested in a tweet, check the offers on my Twitter account.


The main objective of this website is:

  • to help anybody who is looking for help,
  • to create the discussion of anonymous members who would like to know the opinions of others,
  • to provide up-to-date articles, so the visitors have always the actual information.


Rules of the web:

  • no spam,
  • no rude comments,
  • no promotion of own products in the discussion


Finally, I would like to point out that you should not consider anything that you read on this website an absolute truth. I’m just a human being, and I can also be wrong. I am sure that not everyone will agree with my opinion and attitude, especially for the projects I am criticizing.


I recommend reading this website to everyone, who is interested in new information. Worst case scenario – you get just new knowledge, in the better case, this could save you a lot of money in the future or just get inspiration and earn some side-income.


PS: Please, rate the content of this web, not my grammar 🙂