Hello, my name is George.  I am 34 years old, and have been earning extra income on the Internet for over 7 years now.  During that time, I have gone through almost all possible ways of how to make money on the Internet. From small earnings that for the most part, didn’t work, through illegal pyramid games and various Ponzi schemes. I have finally discovered a legitimate way to make money online, working from home.

I created this website, so that hopefully, I can provide some advice to you. I hope that it will give you the ability to differentiate between what could be considered a legitimate income stream and what could be a scam.  Thanks to my experience, I believe I will save you not only time, but also money.


Let Me Introduce Myself

I have been educated to university standard where I have Majored in Mechanical Engineering. Whilst the university itself is an excellent university, I did not feel that it fully met my expectations.

After graduation, I was struggling to find a job in my area of expertise. Not necessarily due to the lack of job offers, for there were many, but because most employers required experience. Understandably so; after all, welding is a profession that requires specific expertise and experience – it cannot be done by untrained persons.  Perhaps the problem was also the fact that I am an introvert, and this kind of work requires a person who is more of an extrovert – a person who is comfortable in taking charge, running around and managing multiple issues.


In order for me to survive financially, I had to look for a job in another field. Eventually, I was able to find a job as a Construction Engineer. The job itself was not at all bad as it was perfectly suited for an introvert like myself. Salary-wise it was not much, but as a new graduate – would you expect something else? The most important thing was that I enjoyed the job.


After approximately two years, the company had to undergo some changes (the economic crisis in 2012-2013 meant restructuring and also some redundancies). Fortunately, my position was not made redundant. Instead, I was moved to another position within the company. My new position meant that I was not only a construction engineer, but also a technological advisor, an operator and I also held various other responsibilities. In other words – one person doing the job of three people, with my salary unchanged – of course.  As the saying goes: “It’s a crisis, be happy that you even have a job; we have another 200 people outside who would be more than happy to fill your position.”

This was the first trigger for me to start investigating the possibilities of making extra money on the Internet. At first, it was just to get some extra money to complement my relatively poor salary, but later, as you will find out in the rest of this article, I started working from home full time.


Bear in mind that working from home is not suitable for everybody. There are some disadvantages which I, too, encountered.  However, in my honest opinion, working from home is the best benefit that could be provided to an employee by an employer.


I have always been a little envious of all the digital nomads (graphic designers, programmers, and others) who travel around the world and are able to make money even when sitting on the beach, thanks to the internet. I envied the fact that they had enough time for themselves; that they were able to work whenever they wanted. In comparison, having a traditional nine-to-five job sometimes with overtime), plus the commute which can be lengthy, usually, by the time you arrive home, you are tired and unable to do much else.


My company was not very fond of me working from home, even-though the position of a construction engineer is something that could easily be done from home. All one needs is a laptop and an efficient drawing program. There is no need for an Internet connection.


My Beginnings

I started to “earn extra money” on the Internet like every other beginner, with simple things like Pay-to-click advertisement systems and Pay-to-read e-mail portals. You can find an article dedicated to this subject on my website. Click here to find more information.

In the article, I describe my experience with acquiring this kind of income. But if I am honest, it was irritating and a complete/huge waste of time, because often you do not receive the few cents that were made through the clicking.


One day my friend came to see me, saying he had the perfect internet business for me. As Paid to Click sites produced absolutely poor earnings for me (I actually did not earn a single dollar out of 15 such systems), I decided to take it one step further. The mentioned online project promised big returns, but an initial “investment” of a certain sum of money had to be made into the system. I was immediately blown away by this idea, and with the idea of quick and easy income, I invested over $1,000.

I don’t have to go into a great detail to describe the outcome of this venture. I will however mention, that this, unfortunately, was a pyramid game, more precisely – the Ponzi scheme. 


The next stop for my internet income was so-called network marketing. Many of you may know this form of business as MLM – Multi-Level Marketing. Now, you may say, that it is also a pyramid, right? Okay, I won’t dispute your view, but personally, I have a positive opinion about MLM. 

The company I was involved with, was called Organo Gold; their products included coffee and teas with the Reishi mushroom. I again invested about $300, but compared to the previous project, I have at least got the merchandise for my money. After some time, I realized that MLM is not the right thing for me either. While it may be good, or even great for some people, it definitely was not for me.


Lost amounts were lost, but when I look back on it now, I do not regret it. On the one hand, thanks to this experience I started to build this site and gained experience for life. I also found out that these pyramid games, the Ponzi schemes, or even MLM companies, are not the right way I want to take. Even though the systems mentioned above can bring you a decent amount of money. Some people who do not have the proper sense of fair game do earn exciting money by this.

Although the loss of money was a painful experience in the case of MLM, I cannot talk about loss as such as I have at least got products for my money; in hindsight, I have no regrets. That experience gave me the idea to create a website during which, I definitely gained some knowledge. I have also discovered that pyramid games, the Ponzi schemes, or even MLM companies, are not the way I would like to go. Even though the systems mentioned can make you a decent amount of money.


Considering my previous experience, I asked myself, when will I begin to earn any money? So far, I’ve only lost money and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Except the previously mentioned products. I started thinking negatively and told myself that there is no such thing as working from home and creating income. And then – it happened. One company liked my website so much that they offered me a position as an external copywriter. My job was to create advertising texts and articles for their web pages.


As time went by, I also got interested in online marketing as I wanted to increase the traffic to my website.  I had to learn something about SEO, Facebook and e-mail marketing. Well, all these things I still use today.


What I Do Now

I am currently an administrator of an internet store. I work only five hours per day, and I am actually paid better than before. Do you want to know exactly what I do? I input the content for an e-shop, and have responsibility for updating the content so that only products that are currently in stock are listed. I am also responsible for social networks. I add posts to the Facebook company page, and from time to time I write a blog article. SEO, especially link building, is, of course, one of the main tasks. I also participate in creating e-mail, newsletters and prepare PPC campaigns. I do almost everything I learned when creating my website.


In addition to my job as an e-shop administrator, I make extra money by filling in online questionnaires. It’s not big money, but every dollar is good, right? In my opinion, it is one of the best and most serious ways to make extra money on the Internet. Compared with PTC and PTR systems, they pay for your time. Registration and membership is always free, and nobody demands that you must invest money.

Simply register with multiple questionnaire companies – more questionnaires to complete = more money earned; complete the survey, and your extra income awaits you.

I have created a special section covering this subject. More information can be found in this article. Personally, I would recommend this method as I have had only positive experiences in this area.


I Would Like to Create My Own Passive Income in the Future

I love my current job, though it is not a final destination for me. Although I managed to achieve something that I could only dream about four years ago, it still is an active income. So I have to work to make money. But my goal is to build a passive income. I plan to start up other web projects, which would take care of me while I travel the world.


To reach my goal, the best tool seems to be affiliate marketing; it seems to me that this is the most interesting and also the most profitable form of online business.


There is a separate section on Affiliate Marketing on my website; if you would like to know more, click here.


Better internet business is probably just being an e-shop owner. I also think about this possibility. I would like to build an internet shop within 5 years. The significant advantage is that I currently work for one, so I have a chance to see how the whole system works and what it contains and requires.

The only other thing that could be considered a better internet business is probably just being an e-shop owner; I have also considered this possibility. I would like to build an internet shop within five years. The significant advantage I have is that as I currently work for one, I have a chance to see how the whole system works, what it contains and requires.



To be able to work from home is not as difficult as it seems. To achieve success, you will need a lot of patience (follow your dreams and focus on your goal), and be willing to constantly educate yourself.


If I can share my experience with you, I would say: build your own project – a website, a blog. This is the best way to learn all these things. You will improve your grammar, learn to write better, understand how the search engines work, etc. From there it should not be an issue for you to find a dream job and to work from the comfort of your home or from any other place.


I do have some advice though – be cautious about an advertisement for manual jobs, such as stuffing envelopes, assembling pens, etc. The majority of these offers, although not all, are scams. They ask for money for specific brochures or manuals, but there is no actual job offered.


I really believe that the content on my website, will inspire you and that you will be able to find an exciting remote job opportunity. The worst-case scenario would be that you have at least managed to earn a couple of dollars. And who knows, maybe the information on my website will motivate you to create your own business at some point :-).


What about your experiences? Were you successful in finding a job you could do from your home?  If so, please share your stories with others in the forum. I value all feedback and opinions, as it could also be an inspiration or motivation for others.


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