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Online Translation of Texts – Where to Look for Job Opportunities?

How and where to get extra money by translating, useful tips on how to become a good translator. In the previous article, I explained how easy it is to make money from the comfort of your home by writing articles or reviews. In today's article, I describe another of the countless possibilities to get some extra money by online translating. Before you decide to translate, be honest when considering your skills. If you have excellent knowledge of any foreign language, definitely try your luck. Different language combinations are currently required. You can offer your services even if you feel at home in languages other than English or German. Read more >>

14 Most Popular Websites for Micro Workers – My Reviews

Work in comfort of your home through portals with microwork and microtasks. The favorite element of today is so-called micro-jobs (microtasks), which can be used to earn good money. Do not be confused, micro work does not mean micro earnings. On the contrary, if you are creative and skilfull, microworking as online earning method can replace your regular job. In this article, I will introduce step by step the 14 best-known and most-used websites that micro-workers will find extremely useful and helpful. I also write some subjective opinions, as well as pros and cons to some of these online portals. Read Read more >>