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14 Most Popular Websites for Micro Workers – My Reviews

These days, micro-jobs are increasingly popular as a way to earn decent money. Do not let the word micro fool you though, as the term micro-jobs does not necessarily mean micro earnings. On the contrary, if you are creative and possess certain skills, microwork as an online earning method could even replace your regular job. In this article, I will introduce the 14 best-known websites that micro-workers will find extremely useful. I also include some subjective opinions, as well as describing the pros and cons of some of these online portals.


The Platforms Offering Micro-work Charge a Commission

The basis of this online business is placing an ad on a specific portal, where you offer a service or services.

These could be anything from simple micro-tasks such as small scale graphic designs, text retyping, short translations, wedding ad design, photo retoucher, handmade products i.e. knitted gloves or baking (cakes, cookies, gingerbread, etc.) to more complicated tasks, such as poem or article writing, websites creation and many more. There are many areas in which you can micro-task, all you have to do is choose one that suits you best.

Once your ad is submitted, the waiting begins. You wait for someone, who is interested in your services, to contact you and the next stage is – getting to work.


Of course, nothing is for free. The portal where you are advertising your services acts as an intermediary and takes a commission (usually of several percents) from each deal. So I would recommend checking the commission amount first and adjust your fee accordingly. This way you not only ensure, that the job is priced fairly making you profit, but you will also avoid disappointment later.


A List of Sites Providing Micro Jobs and Micro Tasks

On each portal, there are better quality and fewer quality micro-workers. No one can expect miracles from the graphic design at the cost of several dozens of dollars and similar amounts. Especially for beginners and freelancers is micro-work an excellent opportunity to present yourself and get the necessary references to your job.

It is evident that the more freelance sites targeting the microwork and microservices you explore, the higher chance you get that someone approaches you with an exciting offer. Longer-term cooperation is also one of the options.


Let’s start then. I also offer my subjective opinion (pros and cons) to some of the microwork portals, with which you do not have to agree.


1. Fiverr

A fairly modern website will welcome you, and you will also immediately see the eight basic categories that you can choose from. Then you see other subcategories where freelancers offer their services. The classic tile style is used as well know already from many e-shops. The resulting offers can be ranked according to recommended, most sold and latest offers. In the left column, you can specify your requirements more.

If you want to try your luck here, it is essential to know that the more detailed you fill in your profile, the more you increase your chances of success. You can set the price from five to ten thousand dollars.

The great thing is also the Fiverr Pro section, where freelance workers can find services with higher quality and micro jobs at the fair price.


Example of jobs for micro-workers at


Registration and advertising on the portal are free of charge, but be prepared that one of the most googled sites of micro-works and micro-services takes 20% commission of each of your orders. You will receive the money immediately after you have confirmed the delivery of your job.


2. Upwork also offers a design similar to the above mentioned Fiverr. Just below the introductory slider, there are eight basic categories, which then divide into subcategories where you can more precisely specify what you are looking for.

An interesting feature is the system of provisions. Upwork charges a commission depending on how high your customer contract is. The first $ 500 (whether it’s 20 different tasks or one big one) will cost you 20 percent of the total amount. Sums up to ten thousand dollars for one “employer” are taxed at commissions of 10%, and only a five percent commission charges anything above that amount.

Modern micro-workers will undoubtedly be pleased with a mobile application through which you can communicate with advertisers from anywhere in the world where you can access the Internet, including video calls. I also praise for the option to set both the hourly and the task wage. So it is up to you what you choose. All communication with the client runs directly through the portal, so the situation that you will not get paid, will not happen. The payout is possible with an ordinary bank transfer or through PayPal electronic wallet. 



The third portal I mention has been designed a little bit different. Of course, you also get the cash for the micro-tasks you have completed, but it is somewhat improved compared to the previous one.

Not only you can offer your services, but you can also support yourself by sharing the link in profile. Whoever clicks on it, the website remembers him through cookies. You will then receive a commission of 17.5% of each completed transaction that the person will perform on A great bonus is also a low commission for this portal. For each successful job, you will only pay to Konker 5 percent of your each order.


For your customers, you can easily create discount coupons, loyalty deals, and other special offers. From the portals of micro jobs and small tasks that I have introduced so far, KonKer is the most complex for me.


The landing page is different because instead of broad categories, you’ll find the best-selling services of the week here. It is a great challenge to try to get here with your services.


4. Guru

The fourth page I will present in this list again offers a very similar design. boasts with more than three million micro-workers, freelancers across the globe, and besides traditional services such as writing, translating, text correction, programming or graphics, there are also legal services available for you if needed.

If you present your services here, you can choose from four ways to be paid for your micro-work. One option is a classical hourly wage. Another exciting opportunity is the gradual reimbursement of the agreed amount, depending on how much you have already done. You can set milestones; when reaching them, it will release another part of the total amount automatically. The last option that is suitable for long-term cooperation is repeated payout. Here you can choose weekly, monthly or quarterly payouts.

There are several types of membership on the Guru. The basic one is free of charge. When you use it, you pay the portal 8.95% commission on any payment you receive for your complete task.


5. Fivesquid

Example of microtasks on page

This site is originally from the United Kingdom, so all amounts are in British pounds. Just do not be surprised to meet a unit other than the usual dollar or euro. But the British pound is such an international currency that no big surprise will happen. The minimum amount for which you can sell your services is five pounds.

Categories are searched relatively tricky on the page. We hardly would have thought that their more detailed listing is available by clicking on the button next to the “Search” box at the top of the page. There are eight basic categories.

The commission for the site of is based on the amount you charge for your micro work. Basic charges for regular minor jobs are charged as follows:

  • Earnings of 5 to 15 pounds: The portal charges 20% commission.
  • Earnings of 20 to 45 pounds: The portal charges a commission of 15%.
  • Earn 50 or more pounds: The portal charges a 10% commission.


Be sure to deliver your work in the agreed deadline. If you do not let the other site know about the delay promptly, your account may be permanently blocked. Payment is possible only through PayPal electronic wallet.


6. Damongo does not surprise you at all. On the landing page, you’ll find a large search box, the basic eight categories, and the most recent offers of other micro-workers are displayed below. It is an excellent advantage that all the groups are also available on the large bar in the header.

A significant advantage here is, for example, that you can respond to the advertisers/employers’ demand. So you do not have to wait for someone to approach you. If you think you can do a great job, you can send a specific offer and try to meet the requirements of the engagement partner. The disadvantage, however, is that you will find this kind of direct demands here, but they are rarely older than a week and therefore may not be up to date.

Another disadvantage is that you can not find information about commissions anywhere you would typically come across. You have to go directly to general terms and conditions (which you should have in your interest to read, but honestly, who does it?). You will find that Damongo charges 15% of each of your completed orders, and further percentages you will pay as a charge for PayPal.


7. Gigbuys

The portal is based on a similar template to Damongo. On the landing page, you see a large search engine and in headline also an overview of all the categories in which you can apply.

But I have to point out a huge negative to the site. Before signing up, there is nowhere to be found the amount of commission charged by Gigbuys, even not in general terms and conditions written in small letters. It is written here only that if you sell a service, you are obliged to pay GigBuys the commission if specified. It is also said that this commission will automatically be withdrawn from your account and that your paychecks will also include a fee for PayPal or Payza to which payouts are sent.


8. Zeerk

The portal shows itself from among others as one of the best possible variants. You can set the price for your work from $ 3 to $ 200.

An advantage is a relatively low commission. charges only 10% of each job you have completed, compared to other micro-jobs and micro-tasks sites (where you pay triple amount), a fair offer.

There is no longer time lag between submitting and payout for your work. Zeerk proclaims that for today’s work you get paid today as well. The PayPal electronic wallet (or similar Payza or Payoneer systems) is used to be paid. The only limitation is that you have to earn at least $ 4 to get paid.

Customers, of course, can rate you. The better reviews you do have, the more likely you will get more interesting orders.


Example of micro-jobs and micro-tasks at


9. Studio Envato

I tell you honestly. If you can, avoid this micro-task portal. The first thing is that, compared to other sites, this looks quite easy. Nothing against it, in simplicity, there is a hidden power, but on the landing page you do not get much information. The whole website looks like a school project of the beginner’s programming course immediately after the first lesson.

Issue number 2 is the amount of commission Envato will get for your work. Yes, I am sure, that’s 30%! This amount is nowadays also quite exaggerated compared to other portals. If it is associated with some extra services or bonus, it could be understood and forgiven, but you will not get anything from those above. Nothing.


10. Gigbucks

Be careful and do not mismatch GigBucks with the GigBuys portal described above. It sounds quite similar, but it is even worse. The first thing is that the whole webpage looks like comparing today’s design, honestly, horrible. It reminds a lot of the design that was new ten years ago on an unnamed blog server.

There are so many categories that it’s so unclear, so you are easily lost on the site and not only you but also the potential contractor of the job. And if they, by any chance, come here, the chaos will make it clear to push the button “back.” Your chance to get an exciting job is approaching zero here.

Well, if you accidentally succeed, you’ll pay for it a very greedy commission. charges 20% of each transaction, with all transfers being obligatory sent to PayPal e-wallets and the like, which will charge additional fees.


11. TaskRabbit

This website is slightly different, even though the principle is very similar. You will find it useful if you live in the US because it advertises physical, manual work, especially in the household. TaskRabbit is, therefore, an analogy of an hourly husband’s services.

It works by choosing from the offers in the system. For example, the client needs help with installing and connecting the TV. You reach out to him with your quote, agree on the details, and you get a payment once the job is completed. Electronically, there is no other way.

Every freelancer on this portal is reviewed by to ensure that only high-quality and reliable people get to customers. The service is available in roughly four dozen larger US cities.


12. Jobboy

This site differs slightly from others by serving primarily for marketing purposes. So you do not find work here as such, but rather partial one-time jobs valued by a few dollars.

These are simple tasks like: watch a video, download a text file, or install some app on your phone. Of course, you always have to prove the completion of the task, usually a screenshot.


I have to stress here that you should be careful and consider whether it is worth it. Even if the people offering jobs passed the verification, it does not mean that you can not install the viruses into your computer, for example.


Another thing is that the payout is possible only from ten dollars. Because, the reward is only twenty cents per completed task, you will be collecting that amount for quite a long.


13. MicroWorkers

Website has been working since 2009, and to people who are capable of doing something or have interesting ideas, it brings attractive income. Worldwide, more than one and a quarter million freelancers collaborate with the portal according to official data.

Everyone can work on MicroWorkers, as well as students, retirees, women on maternity leave, and many others who would like to get some extra money. You just have to go through the offers, think about them and go through the task itself. If you think ‘this is what I can easily manage,’ you are just a few clicks away.


What I do like about this site, it offers a lot of interesting templates for your projects. Thanks to them you do not have to start over again from the single scratch, but you create a solid foundation for further work.


The payout limit is nine US dollars. On Facebook, the MicroWorkers official site has more than forty thousand fans, but if we look at ratings from users, we get to 2.45 / 5, in other words, 45%. More than four hundred reviews, it is a representative user sample. Complaints covered not only the minimum payout amount but also the user interface that is quite unclear and difficult to follow for some micro-workers. Some workers also say that the first payment has been received from the portal, but they are still waiting for the second one. I can not confirm this information; I only got my first currently.


14. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is primarily focused on online marketing services and is searched for by people owning e-shops or other websites. So if it’s your strong point to write text, respectively,  copywriting, SEO, product placement and similar online marketing activities, you have found the right place. is thrilled by working with large companies like T-Mobile or Honda. So there’s a much higher chance of getting to a more engaging or long-term project that will be significantly demeaned as a reference.



As you can see, there are many opportunities to advertise your services and small jobs on the market. If you are good at doing something or have a particular skill and are keen to get to work, your bank account could be a little happier.


This was a brief list of the best-known and most popular micro-jobs portals. Of course, there are many similar sites, use Google to find more.

As already mentioned, the more micro-jobs websites you explore, the higher the chance that someone will reach you with an exciting offer.


This list is not final yet; more pages will be added here for micro-workers. It is possible that when browsing, I did not notice some micro-portals, so if you use a different portal that is not in this article, please let me know, I’d like to add it here.


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If you already have some of your own experience with one of these sites, share them and submit to the discussion. Any opinion I appreciate, it can be inspiration or motivation for other readers.


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