The opportunity to make money by photo shooting not only for professional photographers, but also for amateurs.

How to Make Money by Photo Shooting?

Do you have a sense for art that makes you see things that others do not see? Do you look at things from different angles, not just those classic, and do you like taking pictures?  If you belong to those ones who, during family celebrations, “run around” with the camera and try to capture the most beautiful and most exciting moments, but also these little things that make up our life, this article is dedicated to you. Have you ever come to an idea that photo shooting, in addition that it is your hobby, could also be your source of income? 


What Is a Photobank?

Would you like to have an income from what you like and what brings you joy? If you thought it would be impossible, because as a photographer – amateur you have no professional experience, I would like to disabuse you. There are different places on the Internet where you can offer your photos for sale. Now I do not mean advertising portals or anything like that, even though that is one of the options too. This is something “new” in our market and it is called photobanks.


The photobank represents a large database of various photographs (stock photos) from different authors. But it is not only about photos. There is also great inquiry for various images. If you are a skilful graphic designer, pay attention too. Are you asking what is the principle of selling photos using photo bank? This is a very simple matter. If you have good photos, you post them in the photo bank. It will offer them for sale to potential buyers. If someone purchases them, 50% of the price is yours and 50% keeps a photo bank (it does not have to be always 50%, each photo bank charges different commission).

Does it seem too little to you? If you think it is not worth, you do not have to chuck up the sponge right away, it is not bad idea to consider it. What you think? Isn’t it better to make some money from your hobby and get something extra than earning nothing at all?


If you offer photos at a high price, the likelihood that you sell them is too low. This way offers you to earn less, but your turnover can be gained a couple of times. It all depends on how many people buy your photo.


So, what do you say? Is that opportunity still not attractive? Basically, you do not have to do anything extra, just to send your photos to the bank. It will post them and offer for sale.


Will There Be Interest in My Photos?

First of all, you need to create a decent photo database. If you send them only a few, the probability that you will earn something is low. If there is a few hundred of them, the chance is much higher. With a few thousand photos you can make a few dozen or hundreds of dollars monthly. Assuming, you also send these photos to other photo banks, the income may be several times higher.

But do not expect to become a millionaire in a month. The advantage is that you build a passive income. Why passive? Because you can receive the earnings for these photos even after 20 years (if someone is interested and buys them) even though you are doing something completely different. Good, isn’t it?


Photobanks offer an opportunity for beginners, amateur photographers but also professionals. The undeniable advantage is that you have no entry costs (providing that you are not a complete beginner without a camera). If you’re taking photos, it means you already have the camera. Perhaps you could buy a better one, with better quality from your earnings. But that is a matter of time and your decision.

In co-operation with such an institution as the photo bank, you have greater chances of success. Over time, you can get even more interesting offers.


Illustrative photography of happy and contented people - a database of photos in a photo bank.


What to Know If I Want to Work with a Photo Bank

It is important to know what kind of photos are demanded. If you send photos with “stupidities” and not very interesting themes, you probably will not be very successful. Average and poor photos have no chance.

Each bank has its own conditions, as well as a specific circle of clients. For example, photos of happy and contented people have always been desired. Try to start taking portraits. Photos that embody emotions are being sold very well too. As an example, we can mention a happy family, a cute laughing child, a worried working woman, etc.


Clientele of photo banks consist of graphic studios, advertising agencies, various online magazines, journals. For their articles, advertisements, and spots, they need and always will need photos with overall impression. In addition to photographs of people, travel and various illustrative photographs are sought too.


Where Can I Find a Photo Bank?

Finding a photo bank is very easy. In the search engine, just enter a keyword photo bank, and it gives you a few options right away. Among the best known are,,, and many more.

The advantage is that you can offer your photos in multiple photo banks at once. For you, it means that you can get multiple earnings from one portfolio. It depends only on in how many photo banks you register and how many portfolios you create.


How Do Pay-outs Work?

This section will be most interesting for you. As I have already mentioned, every photo bank has its own specific rules, and it also applies to paying out your earnings. In most photo banks, the fee is paid to you only after a certain limit determined by the photo bank has been achieved.

Probably the easiest and most widespread way to pay you is sending a check. A check will be sent to your address, which will be refunded to you by the bank. However, this method is rather tedious.

Another option is the electronic wallet PayPal.



Finally, we will try to summarize what benefits such work could bring to you. You are doing your hobby and doing something that you enjoy, what you have already been doing before. It is a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

You can also use older photos that you have in your database. You do your job only when it suits you. No one limits you in choosing topics and themes. Initially, you have almost no entry costs. You can multiply your earnings by registering in multiple photo banks and creating multiple portfolios. There is also an interesting perspective for the future that depends only on your abilities and how you work. You can also get inspired from friends and family. You do not have to worry about promoting your photos or hunting for buyers, everything is done by your photo bank. 


Didn’t you find information you have been looking for? In that case, read the discussion forum, you may find it right there.

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