Wusmoney.club offers earnings by typing some codes.

They Promise Easy Earnings by Transcribing 4 Digit Codes

I sit by the computer like every other day and search on the internet for some exciting and especially real offers for work from home, which I would post on my site. Recently, however, I have noticed a slight increase in mysterious advertisements in which their owners promise a simple job, and perhaps the most catchy, lucrative earnings. And all this by just transcription of some numbers. Although the earnings promoted in ads look unreal, I decided to look at this online business in more detail and find out what is it all about. 


These ads I found mostly on the portals indeed.com and jooble.com and look a bit like this:

“It’s a very simple job. You will just transcript the 4-digit codes. For every one written code, you have 0.1 USD. You can earn a lot very quickly, in one hour sometimes also $ 100, which you can then send to your bank account. Just visit this page: www.xeredrpjgu.trade/3235617329474/. No need to contact me, but if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Start to “work” is possible immediately. You depend only on yourself, so you do not need me to do your ‘job.’ This is not a fraud!”




“If you are looking for a simple, no time-consuming job, this is for you! It’s the only transcription of numbers, you get 0.1 $ for one hour. In an hour I earned around 150 $. Here’s the link to sign up: www.faredrky.trade/7113856108351/”.


Earn in an hour up to 150 dollars? That’s not bad. Just put down the numbers for 10 hours and earn what you have in the factory for two months. If you transcribe the codes every day, you earn an incredible $ 45,000 a month. Politicians in the parliament would undoubtedly envy you big time.


Although the earnings they advertise in ads are unrealistic, I have decided to look at this online business in more detail and find out what’s going on. Because what if? I could then publish this business on my site, which would undoubtedly increase its popularity.


Let’s Have a Closer Look on the Webpage

When you click on the link in one of the ads, you will be redirected to the webpage of www.wusmoney.club. Be careful, it’s not only this site, but there are also more – BerMoney.club, CusMoney.club, DabMoney.club, etc. Below you can find more than 50 fraudulent sites.

On the WusMoney.club homepage, it is written that people who sign up for their system will earn money by watching commercials. If you “work” for them on average for 3-5 hours per day, you can get a payout of up to $ 300 or more. It is also mentioned there that all earned funds are sent to a bank account or credit card within an hour.
There is also a so-called table on the page where you see the top 50 best-paid people.


Before registering to WusMoney, but also to any other internet business, I always enter the keyword WusMoney.club scam into the search engine, and it should show some reviews. If that does not happen, I’ll try it with the WusMoney experience or discussion.


Another tool I often use to verify internet projects is page scamadviser.com. I enter the name of the project in the search box and wait for the results.



You can find interesting things on the link above. WusMoney.club has only 48% trustworthiness as per scamadviser. The owner of the website as well as the country of its origin is confidential. The Web runs on the American server. The domain was registered October 17. It is strange that we find the WusMoney website posts even dated 07.04.2017.


Let’s Go for the Registration

Even the above findings do not discourage me from registering for this “revolutionary” business. So I will write my name, email, password and I’m in the system. I’ll take a look at the beginning and see advertisers, such as world known Nike or Adidas. But I am hit at first with a blue banner “START WATCHING PAYED ADS.” I click on that button to see my ads and the panel where I need to type a 4-digit code. This is probably a check.


Ads also with a panel where you should put down the 4-digit codes – numbers


Let’s Go and Earn Something Then

For one code I get 10 cents. That’s how I clicked $ 20 for 10 minutes. This is an excellent amount to test the functionality of this business. So I try to withdraw it. The advantage is that they also offer the possibility to withdraw through the Paypal internet wallet.
After the name and Paypal, the email address is filled in, the popup shows, indicating that newly registered users cannot choose a payout of less than $ 150. They consider it necessary to find out if you mean it seriously with the cooperation. Well, nothing can be done, I have to click up to $ 150. I do not mind, I should have done it within one hour.


With my attempt to withdraw money, there was a note Error, newly registered users have to collect 150 USD.


Second Attempt to Withdraw the Money

So, I am done with clicking, and I try to withdraw my money again, now the amount of 152 USD. When entered my Paypal email address and name there is again a note, check the picture below.


Second attempt to withdraw money, now I try to get 152 USD. No success, I have to bring 40 referrals.


Now there is a condition to recommend this to other people.  Simply said, I have to bring 40 referrals into the system. Otherwise, my hard earned money will not be paid to me. This is the moment when I am done, I do not intend to recommend this fraud to other people as well.


What Is This All About?

Maybe you ask what is the reason to create such fraudulent websites, what do they actually earn from? Well, you watch their “ad” on their site and listing those 4-digit codes. But that’s not it, of course. That’s just such a trick only. They make money from your money. As I mentioned above, that to be able to pay the $ 152 to me, I have to bring 40 people to their system. For those who do not want to recommend it to other people, there is also the second option, that this “people” could be “bought” in the system. Yes, you read well. You do not have to look, real people, you can buy them, of course, for real money, on the WusMoney.club page, see the picture below. Referrals package costs 9 to 14 USD.


Place to buy referrals. They cost 9 - 14 USD.


You should either attract 40 people or pay for the package 9 to 14 USD, and only then they pay you out with your „clicked“ 150 USD. Of course, whatever you will do, you will never be paid out. They just laugh you off, how stupid you are.


Unfortunately, I’m afraid some people pay for it. The amount of $ 9 to $ 14 is not so high, and some will definitely want to risk it. They will pay $ 14 and earn $ 150.


Other Similar Pages

All of the websites below have the same design, the same texts, and the same owner (confidential). And I have forgotten to mention that this is an unsecured site. If you enter any of your personal information (password, credit card number, Paypal), anyone can steal it.


AweMoney.club, BavMoney.club, BerMoney.club, CusMoney.club, DabMoney.club, DasMoney.club, DimMoney.club, FigMoney.club, GusMoney.club, LotMoney.club, LesMoney.club, MocMoney.club, NapMoney.club, NupMoney.club, PehMoney.club, RupMoney.club, SobMoney.club, WokMoney.club, WusMoney.club, WuzMoney.club, ZorMoney.club, ZotMoney.club, 



It was, of course, already clear to me that it was a scam since the first moment. No one gives money for free and no more than $ 150 per hour for tracking ads and typing some codes. But I wanted to find out how their system works and whether the scammers did not improve by chance and did not think of any new way of robbing. However, I am disappointed, similar to the Internet systems where referrals are bought, there is plenty. Most often, I see it in systems that offer paid ads.


If you are looking for a real job that can be done at home or part-time job for a few hours a day, check out this category. You will find many offers for working from home by real companies. No fees!


If you look only for a small side job without signing any contract or agreement, check out the category fill in the paid online questionnaires and surveys.


P.S.: No need to thank me that I saved you from almost two hours of useless clicking.  ;-).


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