Review of Skyway Capital – A Few Facts Why This Business Is a Scam

Picture of Hyperloop, that would be able to transport people safer and environmentally friendly.

A transportation system that will allow the transport of people and goods on rails placed above our heads. Safe, friendly to nature, minimal operational cost of such a track, that is precisely what is expected from the Skyway project today by its author – Anatoly Yunitskiy. It promises investors a long-term passive income, which will also benefit the next generations from. Is that really true? Is the revolutionary business finally here, or is it just another scam for people? I hope you will get answers to all your questions in this review.


What Is SkyWay and Who to Look for Behind This Project

SkyWay is supposed to be an above-the-level transport system that uses patented string technology to operate. It should be a revolution that will change the overall transport system. SkyWay’s means of transport should be separate capsules or whole sets of capsules hanging on rails in the air. Developers are expecting high speed and safety, low operating costs and environmental friendliness.


Railway engineer and Russian scientist Anatoly Yunitsky with his prototype.

The idea for SkyWay originated in Belarus many years ago, and the Russian scientist Anatoly Yunitskiy (Junitskiy), who has been working on this project for up to 39 years, is the one to celebrate! Anatoly Yunitskiy is also president of SkyWay Group of Companies.

Anatoly Yunitskiy is an original railway engineer. He is according to an official record also the author of more than hundreds of different patents and eighteen books, as well as 200 other scientific studies and publications. Some various awards are associated with his name, and this is true worldwide.


How It Should Work – Options How to Earn on SkyWay

The essence of the SkyWay investment project is the purchase of  Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems stocks, American Sky Rail SkyWay Systems, African Sky Rail SkyWay Systems, Australian & Oceanic Rail SkyWay Systems through an investment fund SkyWay Capital and other similar companies (also partners of SkyWay Group of Companies). The manager of the investment company SkyWay Capital is Jevgenij Kudriashov.

The value of the listed shares should be significantly increased upon their entering of the stock market, as estimated by the owners of this online “business,” by an estimation of up to 2 to 5 years. It states that the difference can be in the horizon of up to several thousand percents, shares purchased at the right time can allegedly increase their value even up to five hundred times.


The money that SkyWay will receive from its partners/investors is to be used to complete the project – the construction of the EkoTechnoPark test facility in Belarus. It is necessary to build up so the company can get the certification and could start with the development . This EkoTechnoPark also serves to test future technologies.


Making money is possible not only by investing, but also by recommending this internet “business” to other people. This is a multi-leveled system of provisions that let the company pay you up to 20% of the investment of the members you bring into this system.


To Invest or not to Invest?

The project looks interesting, and something similar would definitely work in the future. Anatoly Yunitskiy is a real person, which is not the case with most Internet businesses. Our planet certainly needs a similar mode of transport. It is also true that SkyWay is presenting itself at various world exhibitions and fairs. However, I see the issue in the investment opportunity, specifically in the partner company of SkyWay Capital. Here are some reasons why SkyWay Capital gives me a feeling of mistrust and why I do not recommend investing in this project.


1.) There Was the Vision in the Beginning

Skyway is not currently listed on any public exchange, so you simply buy only fictitious (if you want – virtual) shares. To put it more accurately, you will get a sheet of paper called a certificate in which the company confirms that you are booking and they reserve for you some stocks.


According to SkyWay’s official videos, if you invest $ 4,000 (you will receive a million of “stocks” for the amount invested), you will earn a million US dollars because once the company enters the stock market, you will be able to sell one share for $ 1 (million shares = million USD).


If SkyWay ever enters the stock market, which I doubt, the value of one share will indeed not be 1 USD. The exchange rate determines demand and supply. Easily could happen that if they enter the stock market and people want to sell their shares and earn extra money, no one will be interested in them. At that moment their real value will be shown.


What is more interesting, however, and what attracts people in that amount is that SkyWay guarantees the redemption of your certificates for $ 1. So if they enter the stock market and it shows that the real value of their shares is big fat zero, SkyWay guarantees to buy them from you.

These are really great promises, but unreal. They will never enter the stock market, and if they do, they will undoubtedly fail to fulfill their obligations. Otherwise, they would bankrupt. Just simple math. 100,000 people are registered, and each invests $ 4,000. SkyWay will earn $ 400 million. 50% of this amount is split into a pyramid, among partners (to motivate them to attract the others to join this project), some SkyWay money will undoubtedly be spent on the construction of the EkoTechnoPark in Belarus, etc. But if a company enters the stock market, it will have to buy from 100,000 people precisely 100 billion shares. And because they guarantee you to buy one share for $ 1, count it out. Where does SkyWay receive $ 100 billion? This may be clear below, in point 2.


By the way, in 2016 it was said that SkyWay will enter the stock market in 2018. It is almost the end of the year, and nothing is happening yet. They supposedly postponed it for 2019. The same reason as with X similar companies that sold worthless papers promising that when they enter the stock, they will buy them from you at a much higher value.


Do you consider all these statements of SkyWay trustworthy or you do think, the same as I do, that it is only another trap for people that are easy to be caught to the idea of easy money?


2.) Where Does the Profit Come from Now, If Nothing Has Been Built Yet?  How Is the Money Payout?

SkyWay claims to have signed contracts worth billions of dollars with several governments around the worldI mean signed contracts with the Australian and Indian governments worth $ 922 million. Interesting, however, no government knows anything about this contract.

Neither the company itself nor the people who have invested in this business have so far provided any evidence of the claim above. No premise building plan, government documents, just anything that would confirm that SkyWay has signed contracts worth billions of dollars. Anything that would prove SkyWay’s real revenue, or at least interest in their revolutionary transport system. Why does the company not submit any signed contracts at least to its partners/investors? They would silence all the doubters and also an increasing nervosity of co-owners and partners. It would be a clear proof of trustworthiness of this “revolutionary project.”


Skyway transport system of future – but so far only in the form of various presentation videos and simulations.


The only visible source of income for the company is money from investors who buy for it worthless certificates. And it is more than likely that this money is also used by the company to pay out the extra rewards. If this is true, there is nothing else than just a redistribution of money through a pyramid game / Ponzi scheme.


With every system always check where are the money to be paid out coming from. If it is from the starting fee, registration fee, new members investments, it is for sure pyramid game/Ponzi scheme.


3.) They Do Not Have the Permission to Offer Investment Services

If it should be about buying the company’s shares, it’s an investment. For a company to operate in this area, it needs a license. What do you think, is SkyWay licensed to provide investment services?

On the website of the Czech National Bank, there is even notice appearing that investment in the securities of Eurasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding is not by the law. More information:


The same news also came from Estonia, Italy, Belgium, and Latvia. We can, therefore, assume that SkyWay company is not licensed to sell any stocks from any EU country.


4.) Not the Best Past of the SkyWay Founder

Mr. Yunitskiy has been proved guilty of smaller earlier financial frauds. In the discussions, I found a few references in which this man has been proved lying, cheating and frauding.


5.) Is the Transportation System, Offered by Sky Way, Able to Operate?

I’m not an expert to evaluate the technical side of this project. I’ll leave it to someone else. It probably does not matter at all, because SkyWay is, in my opinion, a financial project in which the technical parameters are just a trick. Something as: ah, look, we have a revolutionary product (transport system) into which, when you invest, you will become millionaires.


In any case, in some online discussions, several well-known people agree that SkyWay’s rail technology is not realistic. Implementation suggestions are not entirely convincing and thought over.


In the article below, you can read about the significant shortage of Junitski’s string technology already in 2002 –

The article says that the reports presenting the STU can be divided into the ones on the test operation, the ones for participation in exhibitions and those about lectures and visits of famous guests. Thus, 15 years ago Mr. Yunitsky built a test polygon, received delegations from all over the world, presented himself before Putin, Žirinovsky and visited numerous exhibitions. So what was the main argument in 2002? That he did not build a single kilometer of the track. And what is today’s state? Polygon, exhibitions, politicians and 0 km of trails.



I have to admit that SkyWay is so technically thought over into details, at least for laics, that it causes confidence in the project. Mr. Yunitskiy exists, which is not the case for similar projects. Indeed he has some patents and inventions, but his problem is that for 30 years he has been drawing money from investors, but no one wants to buy his revolutionary technology. So at least no evidence to prove different has yet been submitted.


In my opinion, this is just another sophisticated scam (unfortunately, so far it looks like) that stands and falls on the partners’ initial investments and their subsequent redistribution to the pyramid. The above facts indicate this precisely. The whole project is just about the balamute and the promise of the most beautiful tomorrows. Invest in the company, buy “shares” and one day you can maybe get some extra income.


I have to admit though that of all the sophisticated frauds like Kairos, OneCoin, Recyclix, Banners Broker, Zeekrewards, Dexcar, etc. are, SkyWay Capital is, in my opinion, the most advanced.  


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What are pyramid games (pyramid schemes) and how do they work? – this article is about the characteristics and principles of the pyramid scheme and the Ponzi scheme. You can also find there practical examples of how these systems work. Thanks to the information in this article you should be able to distinguish a pyramid scam from a legitimate company.


Haven’t found in the article what have you been looking for? Try to check also discussion forum. There is definitely a couple of interesting information on this topic.

If you are already experienced with Skyway Capital, share them and submit into the discussion.


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Hi George,
Have you heard that Skyway signed a big contract in UAE, precisely in Sharjah city ?
There are few videos showing the signature of the contract , land where they are going to build etc..
Have been wondering if I should invest in this project ?
Thanks for your enlightenment

Zachar Laskewicz

Thank you for your very informative article. Your research seems well informed and careful without fear of being critical of this large group of shell companies. It’s confusing because there are so many companies and there is technology with an actual test-site in Belarus (but without any actual verifiable scientific documentation) which these companies appear to promote. Don’t let it confuse you, however; what we need is in depth analysis of how the business works. There is much discussion about the SkyWay Group of companies on the English article ‘SkyWay Group’ talk page about the companies in this group and how they work. At present you are the only site that the refers to the Czech National Bank warning, so I’m going to include a reference to this discussion at least until we have another reference in the English Wikipedia article. I think you’ve made a great assessment of how these companies work and I’ll try to address any issues brought up in the discussion below.

Andrew Hawkes
Andrew Hawkes

Not posting real comments aye George… is that becuase someone disagrees with you?

You should be ashamed of yourself, and should probably get a lawyer…


What is your full name George? If you make such articles with the view and facts you see then become a credible person and introduce yourself with the respect and full name.


What is wrong with what he sais? Does not matter who he is, but rather what information he gives, isn’t it? Can you prove him to be wrong?


Hello Lea, it is sad that you haven’t even realized that the person here is sharing his “PERSONAL” view and opinion. Who is this person, do you even know him? What education this person has ? His statements about the future are like he can predict the future and he is some genius financial expert, but no he is not. Even more he is talking about a different company and you are in a different company, have you not realized that? If you are going to believe some random person called George who has no clue what he is talking about, you will regret in the future and this person will be happy because he does not how to build up his business so will try to damage others. He clearly states he does online business and will two to promote himself. Talk to your leaders before making decision to believe this person.

Andrew Hawkes
Andrew Hawkes

Lea, you have nothing to be wary of, this is a legitimate company that has the potential to change lives for the better world wide, don’t put your faith in a person (George here) who is riding the coat tails of a legitimate company to get traffic to his site.

Do your research from REAL sites and not scam mongers like this…

Andrew Hawkes
Andrew Hawkes


What utter rubbish you have written here. You have clearly done zero to little real research, and from your comment about Ponzi’s or Pyramids tells me you know little about either of these also.

It looks to me as though you have tried to take a leaf out of Ethan Vanderbuilt’s book to try and ride the coat tails of a legitimate company to try get traffic to your site.

In fact, 97% of your VERY little traffic (So low in fact it doesn’t even register on alexa)

I would attach the screen shot to show everyone, instead I will leave the link.

If you had done ANY research what so ever, you would find the Crown Prince of Dubai was most impressed with the transport, and that is currently being built in the UAE, with more projects scheduled to start in the coming 6-18 months.

People who are researching and using this site, beware, the world is full of scaremongers, George here is one of them.

I am not telling you that you should jump in feet first, I am telling you to continue your research from legitimate sites, not scam mongers like this one.

You will be very (happily) surprised.


Love from UAE, i believe in skyway but I’m new here would if u could help me understand more so I can bring more people to skyway

Zachar Laskewicz

Why would you possibly need to draw attention to the amount of traffic of this site? Who cares how many visitors it has had. What matters are the facts in the article. Also the two YouTube films you posted don’t actually mean anything. They just show static models of this technology shown at the Dubai governmental summit. They’ve exhibited all over the world but that doesn’t prove anything. They haven’t built anything in Dubai yet. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (which is not a contract) and took lots of photos and posted films. Until they’ve actually signed a real legally binding contract, or even better, actually built something, you can’t actually talk about a project in the United Arab Emirates. Who cares what the Prince of Dubai thinks? It doesn’t mean anything. Negotiations are important but YouTube films can’t be used as the basis to prove anything if they haven’t actually done anything. They definitely can’t be used as the basis for criticism of someone else who has collected valid information about these companies and is responding to real people who have spent real money investing in this project.