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Ads appearing on the unknown software bar that you install in your computer.

Paid to Surf – Why Is It Good Idea to Avoid This Type of Earnings?

Have you heard about the so-called surf bars (paid to surf sites)? I mean different surf systems, which offer easy money by watching ads and browsing the web. According to the person who invented this tool, there is an excellent opportunity for you to make money online in a simple way. But what is true about this “unique” option? If you are among the beginners looking for ways to earn some extra cash on the Internet, but you do not have a bright idea what works, and what would be a wasted time, a scam, I recommend you to listen closely!

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Online moderator chatting with customers.

Cloudworkers Review – Could You Earn Money through This Website?

Would you be tempted by a job where you don’t have to commute? You could work from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world as an online chat moderator, and your job would be to chat with customers online about general topics, solve their problems, etc. And they would pay you for such work. Sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? This is exactly the kind of opportunity offered by They are looking for chat moderators from all over the world.

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A picture depicting GramFree review. This picture is for illustration purposes only. Review – Several Reasons Why It Is a Scam

Dream job? I have come across an advertisement on Facebook where a person advertised a job which offered rather lucrative earnings. It sounded like a straightforward and simple task – earning up to 1 000 $ just by watching some videos. Every advert that publishes seems to start with similar wording “earn up to 1 000 $ per month just for watching videos “. It may sound far-fetched, but nonetheless, I have decided to register with GramFree and find out whether it is a legitimate project or just another scam. Would you like to know the outcome?

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Completing the questionnaires with Surveycompare net. Review – Can You Really Earn £300 per Month?

In today‘s review, I would like to describe my experience with the website This website offers a chance to earn money, and by that, I mean a real, jaw-dropping sum of £300! Survey Compare states that you could earn this amount just by completing online surveys from the comfort of your home. I actually earn money by completing online questionnaires for approximately 30 different survey companies. On average, I earn a small amount of money; the amount varies depending on how many questionnaires I complete in any given month.

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Picture of a gavel used at an auction and money.

Penny Online Auctions – Is It Gambling? What Are the Experts Saying?

Most of us are familiar with online auctions. Some of us have a personal experience while others have heard of them, or viewed an auction on television. Auctions have become a popular way to sell products on the Internet; one can make a reasonable amount of money by selling products through an auction. This article, discusses specifically, the so-called penny auctions. I think it is necessary to point out certain facts about penny auctions that most people may not have heard of. In the latter part of this article, I write from personal experience with the portal

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Tycoon69 logo and the BCB4U cryptocurrency.

Tycoon69 Review – a Legitimate Project or Just Another Scam?

Recently, I have been alerted by my readers about an online program that offers the opportunity to earn money quickly and with no real work. It is the Swiss project Tycoon69. I must admit, the title of the website alone does not fill me with confidence. This company operates as an MLM structure, offering interested parties an opportunity to invest in various packages. My position, based on previous experience, is well known: MLM + investment = guaranteed scam. In other words – a Ponzi/pyramid scheme. But is that the case with Tycoon? You will find out in this review.

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Zeekler auction portal logo.

ZeekRewards – a Scam That Robbed Its Participants of $ 600 Million

In this article, I have recalled my first online business, Zeekrewards, which I came across when I first became interested in making money online. This project offered easy earnings with hardly any work and the promise of significant rewards. It turned out to be a perfect scam – a Ponzi scheme. However, by the time it collapsed, the owner of Zeekrewards, Paul Burks, comfortably earned over $600 million. That is the sum mentioned by the SEC (the US Securities and Exchange Commission) which stormed their offices and froze a smaller amount of the total sum mentioned.

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How does the Hyip Investment Program work?

What Is a HYIP? My Experience with This Kind of Online Business

Recently, I have received e-mail from my readers asking for the authentication of various companies that offer easy and effortless earnings through an investment capital appreciation system. The majority of inquiries from my readers are regarding the so-called HYIP programs. These typically require a financial investment for a period of time, after which you simply “reap your rewards.” I have outlined my experience with this type of business in this article. I also offer advice on what to be aware of, if you decide to invest in an HYIPs as well as several HYIP monitors.

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Work from home scam offer.

Beware of Fraudulent Working From Home Job Offers

I have been alerted to a suspicious advertisement in which you are offered the opportunity to earn money quickly and easily. You do not need to possess any special skills to do this job. All that’s required for you is to have access to a PayPal account that has been active for at least 6 months and you can earn between 500 – 900 USD. An interesting sum right? Being able to earn almost 1,000 USD for nothing? Of course you can do this kind of work from the comfort of your home. I have answered this ad as well.

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Prizerebel Review – Watch Out for This Site, They Delete Accounts!

Filling out questionnaires, collecting points in your account, and later changing them into cash or Amazon, iTunes, Steam or Walmart gift cards. This is the portal, in a nutshell, it boasts with eight million members registered in twelve years of operation, as well as millions of dollars paid out. These are impressive numbers, aren’t they? It is a pity that the Prizerebel doesn´t boast as well how many accounts have been deleted and earnings not paid out. And that’s what this review will be about. 

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Is it possible to earn money by watching and clicking on ads?

Paid to Click (PTC) Sites – Why Are These Jobs Waste of Time?

In the following review which is based on my experience, I would like to focus on a topic that is a favorite one for many of us but also controversial – PTC (paid to click) websites and various PTR (paid to read) email systems. I have already touched on this subject in the article ad systems of Adfox, Adsense, and others. Before I start, I must ask that anyone who supports statements like: “It is for free, so why not try it?” or, “I am already getting the emails I read for free, so why not be paid for reading other emails? “, do not read any further.

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Is Ermail a legal PTR email site or just a scam?

What Is My Experience with Did I Get My Payout?

Today, I would like to share with you my experience with portal that should have provided me with making money by clicking only on the ad emails they sent. My current experience with PTR email sites is more than miserable. I am not sure why, but so far, out of the 15 PTC ad portals I was not able to get a single dollar from any of them.  However, I put a lot of faith into well-known and recommended portals of e-Rmail and (for an article about this company click here). What is the result? Is this a scam? 

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