This section contains articles in which I deal with serious opportunities for jobs from home. These are professions that can be done through home office.

A woman at home, working for Amazon remotely.

Work for Amazon Remotely – Where to Find These Types of Jobs?

Amazon is easily recognisable as one of the true giants in the commercial world today. A company that employs thousands of employees across the USA and internationally. The Amazon brand is easily recognisable to anyone who had previously purchased items over the Internet. This company offers its employees a range of interesting benefits one of which is the option to work remotely – also known as working from home. Amazon employs a lot of remote workforce from all over the world. Would you like to join them? If so, continue reading.

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How to become a Mystery shopper?

35 Best Paying Mystery Shopping Companies in 2020

Are you looking into the option of working from home?  Do you like shopping? Have you got spare time and would you like to use it effectively? Would you like to have some fun while earning additional income to increase your family budget and save money on everyday goods? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you may want to consider becoming a Mystery Shopper. In this review, I provide information on 35 of the best and most trusted companies/websites which offer the opportunity to earn extra money.

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A person, who transcribes any audio or video recordings on the computer.

Transcription of Audio and Video Files – Earnings for Transcribers

Simple registration and several possibilities for earnings. This is exactly the portal that offers work or the possibility to earn money by transcribing of various video and audio files. It is intended mainly for freelance transcribers. This kind of work from home has no minimum or maximum limit; it is not part-time with a mandatory portion of work. You register according to how your job or taking care of family allows you. And that’s the magic of Scribie. And how much can you earn? This information I will give you in this review.

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How and where to get extra money by translating, useful tips on how to become a good translator.

Online Translation of Texts – Where to Look for Job Opportunities?

In the previous article, I explained how easy it is to make money from the comfort of your home by writing articles or reviews. In today’s article, I describe another of the countless possibilities to get some extra money by online translating. Before you decide to translate, be honest when considering your skills. If you have excellent knowledge of any foreign language, definitely try your luck. Different language combinations are currently required. You can offer your services even if you feel at home in languages other than English or German.

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