Are you looking for legal work from home, or just a side job to earn some extra cash? You do not have to, I will find it for you! I spend a couple of hours a day browsing through all online job portals. All of the available work from home offers that I find will then be published on this page (see below – all jobs are 100% remote). No pyramid schemes, MLM, PTC ad sites, just serious and real part time or full time jobs from your home free of charge. From relatively simple tasks such as managing an online store, writing descriptions for websites, correcting grammar and stylistics, text editing and proofreading, managing a Facebook page, etc., to more complex ones such as programming, graphics, online marketing, etc.


You can do all of the below mentioned professions from your own home office. There will be mostly these types of positions:

  • E-commerce store administrator – products update, prices update, and other activities needed to manage an online store, online magazine or website,
  • administrative jobs in Word, Excel for an agency. For example, rewriting old files or recordings, creating tables and charts, creating Powerpoint presentations and other administrative tasks,
  • fully remote jobs for proofreader and corrector (grammar and stylistic checks) for certain ecommerce stores or websites, 
  • translator – text translation for an agency, website, and so on. There are often translations not only into English, German or Spanish, but also into less popular languages.
  • copywriting – job opportunities for copywriters and editors – writing texts for a specific magazine, creating PR articles for e-commerce stores, etc., 
  • copyediting – transcription and correction of texts, 
  • redactor, freelance journalist,
  • ghostwriting, 
  • remote work at home in graphics and design, g., web designer, etc.
  • online marketing – Facebook manager, social network administrator, affiliate manager, email marketing specialist, PPC consultant, linkbuilder, SEO specialist, and other jobs you can do from home.
  • stuffing and folding envelopes, assembling pens, packing boxes or leaflets and other manual jobs,
  • fully remote jobs from home in programming, g., web programmer, HTML encoder,
  • external work for developers, analysts and other IT specialists,
  • design engineer, constructor in construction,
  • freelance sales representative,
  • real estate agent,
  • constructor in the engineering industry,
  • dispatching – job at home for dispatcher,
  • accounting – accountants also often work from home,
  • tutoring – a job opportunity for teachers, lecturers and tutors,
  • offers from the field of tailoring and sewing – even tailors, sewers – embroiderers will find the opportunity to work from home from time to time,
  • recruiter / agent,
  • telephoning, telemarketing – temporary job for operator, telephonist,
  • trimming, crocheting, knitting and other hand works,
  • other job positions for freelancers that could be done remotely from home (via the Internet).


This website is suitable for the unemployed looking for a full-time or part-time job, as well as for mothers on maternity leave and retirees who want to work, as well as for students looking for some work on PC but also for people who are employed full-time, but would like to improve their financial situation in the form of a short part-time job (externally) for 1-2 hours per day. Most job offers listed on this page require a trade license.


On this page, you will find suitable job advertisements also for the disabled people to find new jobs or small earnings. If you are looking for a job for yourself or another disabled person, this is the right place. I would like to emphasize that all the listed jobs can be done 100% remotely.


Remote work offers will rarely show up here (hopefully to improve it in the future), so if you do not have the time to watch this page, I recommend you like my Facebook group (click “I like it” and set “to receive all posts” in settings). You will have quick access to news and the latest job offers (there will be more offers in the Facebook group than here). Otherwise, it may happen that you will respond to an exciting opportunity that is no longer available. If you are more interested in a tweet, check the offers on my Twitter account.


For Companies and Entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a new employee or freelancer for the position of a marketer, graphic designer, programmer, editor, copywriter, copyeditor, translator, e-shop manager or any other position, which would be an external form of cooperation, drop me a message at I’d love to publish your ad, of course, free of charge. 


Please, note! – By this statement, I would like to remind you that all job vacancies published on this site are selected and published by all good morals. However, these vacancies are not reviewed by any third party so I cannot guarantee that there is not a fraudulent offer hidden in between of them. That’s why I kindly ask you, before contacting a potential employer, to double check the good reputation of the company and only then reach out to them. I do not bear any responsibility for any inconvenience.


If you do not look for a proper full-time job offer, but rather an occasional extra income on the Internet or the opportunity to earn some extra money, check out the category of filling in paid surveys and questionnaires.



  • Work Anytime and from Anywhere as Freelance Linguist (7/19/2019) - Multilingual Connections company is looking for a Freelance Linguist who is passionate about languages. If you would like to work as a Translator, Transcriptionist, Subtitler or Voice-over provider, keep reading! If you are an organized, detail-oriented person who is interested in languages and likes to learn about new things, this might be the job for […]
  • Remote HR Assistant for Amazon Company – Job Offer (7/18/2019) - Work for Amazon as an HR Assistant! If you are from the UK, you have some experience with Human Resources and you are customer-oriented, this might be the right opportunity for you to grow. The main job tasks will be to deal with daily queries, manage attendance system and payrolls, doing some basic administrative tasks and support management. […]
  • Technical Writer Is Needed, 100% Remote – Job Offer (7/15/2019) - Xapo is seeking someone who would join their team as a Technical Writer. Are you a person who is active, likes to solve problems and is a team player? This job position is fully remote so you can work from the comfort of your home / your own office. Your main job responsibilities will be […]
  • PT/FT Web Designers for Webstars Company – Job Offer (7/11/2019) - Are you interested in creating websites and would you like to find a job from the comfort of your home? WebStarts has an open position for Web Designers. Webstarts has all you need to create any websites. If you decide to apply for this position, your main task will be to create websites that are […]
  • Freelance Writers for HubPages Company – Job Offer (7/8/2019) - Are you looking for an easy job from the comfort of your home / own office? Do you want to do something you love and make money online? Enjoy HubPages team as a Freelance Writer. HubPages is a network, launched in 2006, where you can write about anything that interests you and anything you are […]
  • Appen Independent Agents – Job Offer (7/4/2019) - Work as an Independent Agent for Appen. Are you looking for a job where you can be flexible with working hours and you can schedule them to fit your lifestyle? If you want this freedom to be your own time manager when it comes to work – this job is a suitable one for you! […]
  • Recruiter for Modern Agency TSG, 100% Remote – Job Offer (7/2/2019) - Modern Recruiting Agency Talent Solutions Groups is hiring people! Join their team as a Recruiter. Work for a company where you can work from the comfort of your home as the job is fully remote. Your main task will be to screen and interview chosen candidates to Client Directors and Account managers. Do you have […]
  • Work from Anywhere as a Junior Copywriter – Job Offer (6/28/2019) - 2U is looking for a Junior Copywriter to join their growing creative team. If you are interested in this position, you need at least 1 year of experience in writing marketing copy – webpages, email campaigns or advertising. The main task will be to create messaging for diverse audiences and manage several project deadlines. You will […]
  • Remote Position for Content Editor – Job Offer (6/24/2019) - The company Zapier is seeking a Managing Editor to supervise the blog on productivity at work and the App Directory’s editorial content. The main responsibility will be to manage a team, be responsible for execution of the editorial strategy and to supervise daily operations of the content production. If you are passionate about growing a […]
  • Editor – Dermatology and Plastic Surgery – Job Offer (6/21/2019) - Cactus Communications is currently looking for an Editor – Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. This company is famous for its language services and engages in a global team of very skilled freelance editors who are experts in various academic fields. Do you have good knowledge of medicine or healthcare? Are your English skills advanced and you […]
  • Flexible and Creative UX Writer Is Needed! – Job Offer (6/18/2019) - InVision is looking for a UX Writer who would work remotely for their company. InVision is the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. If you are a collaborative person and you like to build relationships, read more. Are you interested in the design industry and do you have a […]
  • Content Creator / Writer for FormAssembly – Job Offer (6/15/2019) - FormAssembly is looking for a creative, passionate, resourceful and productive Content Writer. This company is helping customers change, streamline, and improve processes across a variety of departments and organizations. If you have experience with writing blogs or emails, you like to manage social media, then you might be the right candidate as those will be […]
  • Web3 Designer for the Company Status – Job Offer (6/11/2019) - If you’re looking for a job where you can make an impact on how people interact with the web in a new way, this could be the role for you! The company Status, that is building the tools for the advancement of a secure, private, and open web3, is looking for a Web3 Designer that […]
  • Email Marketing Specialist Is Needed! – Job Offer (6/10/2019) - The company Zapier is currently looking for an experienced and creative person to fill the position of Email Marketing Specialist. Do you have lots of experience in marketing field? Are you a perfectionist with a high focus on details and your technical skills are well developed? This job positions might be the right one for […]
  • Mid Level Writer & Communications Contractor – Job Offer (6/7/2019) - Openmind Technologies has an open job position of a Mid level writer and Communications contractor. The company is looking for a creative and innovative person with a passion for writing, who will support their Engagement and Communications manager. You do not have to travel anywhere, the job is 100% remote. Are you someone who has […]
  • Freelance Transcribers for Verbit Company – Job Offer (6/5/2019) - Are you looking for an easy job from the comfort of your home where you do not need much equipment? Verbit is looking for freelance Transcribers all around the world. No special education needed! You only need a PC, internet connection and good spoken/written English. Your job will be to edit a text that is […]
  • Experienced Technical Writer Is Needed – Job Offer (6/3/2019) - A technology-driven company – HonorVet Technologies, is looking for an experienced Technical Writer. Do you have a bachelor degree in Technical writing and rich experience with writing software documentation? Are you a self-motivated and self-reliant person? If you are familiar with terms, such as Markdown, lucidchart diagram, Confluence, HTML, CSS and design, this position might […]
  • People Operations Generalist / Executive Administrator – Job Offer (5/30/2019) - Are you a creative person? Do you like organizing and communicating with people? Conversio – a small e-commerce company, is looking for a new team member for a position of People Operations Generalist / Executive Administrator. If you are a strongly organizational person, you are good at written communication and have good technical skills, this […]
  • Freelance Senior Graphic Designer with Sense for Detail – Job Offer (5/29/2019) - Growing Technology Company named SketchDesk is looking for a talented person for Senior Graphic Designer position. The position is 100% remote and is intended for creative and self-reliant person in design field. If you have proven experiences in graphic design and know how to deal with leading of team, you are the best candidate for […]
  • Instructional Designer Is Needed! – Job Offer (5/26/2019) - This is the limited contract for 6 months with a possible extension further. Excellent position to work from your home (100%) remotely. Your preferred education is at least a Bachelor degree, and you feel home in the field of eLearning with proven at least 1-2 years experience that your portfolio confirms. You use daily tools […]
  • Free Remote Position for Editor in Scientific Field – Job Offer (5/22/2019) - Are you looking for a remote position as full-time job? And is editing of texts exactly your cup of tea? If you are able to edit text in various academic humanities fields, the company Cactus Communications is looking for somebody like you. The company offers many benefits. You can work from any work friendly place […]
  • 100 % Remote Position for Copy Editor – Job Offer (5/20/2019) - Web FX offers 100% remote position for Copy Editor. Your responsibility will be to write and edit the content of different type – blogs, general, specific in many industries worldwide. This position is connected with the location of your choice. FX will provide you with the detailed training, access to many online courses as per […]
  • Customer Champion – Weekend Warrior Is Needed! – Job Offer (5/15/2019) - Zapier offers an excellent experience to be the weekend warrior within customer support for those of you that would like to join a small and fast-growing company with significant potential into the future and clear vision. If you are an excellent writer with perfect knowledge of English and ready to work five days a week […]
  • Free Remote Position for Recruiter/Sourcer – Job Offer (5/13/2019) - Are you looking for a full-time job, which you can do from the comfort of your home? And do you have impressive experiences in recruiting? If so, the Company Empower Human Potential LLC is a recruitment/staffing firm, which is looking for a recruiter to join their team. All you need is to be able to […]
  • Happiness Engineer for Customer Care – Job Offer (5/6/2019) - I have found an excellent position for you if you identify your career within helping people and you feel like you could do this all the time for your living. You should like to build relationships that last forever and are based on trust. The perfect results it then the happy and loyal customer and satisfied […]
  • Technical Customer Support – Job Offer (5/2/2019) - If you consider yourself to be communicative, pro-customer orientated and willing to support the process of resolving issues remotely from your home, I have great news! One of the key players on the market with recurring billing software, ReCharge, is hiring now! Position of Technical Customer Support for the Customer Success team comes with a […]
  • Project Assistant for Remote Position Is Needed! – Job Offer (4/29/2019) - Do you have extensive experiences with teamworking? And are you good at managing, leading, scheduling and improving projects? The Bonfire Company is looking for a new member of their team to help with maintaining and improving processes. If you like to work remotely and help to organize and lead the projects to happy end, this […]
  • Free Position for Director of Video Production! – Job Offer (4/25/2019) - Are you a natural leader and do you have passion for videos? The Company InVision is looking for Director of Video Production to turn good video concepts into great ones. Work ranges from episodic live-action content, to animated explainers, customer testimonials, product tutorials, motion graphics for marketing landing pages, and everything in between. If you […]
  • Science and Social Studies Writer Is Needed! – Job Offer (4/17/2019) - Are you a great and skilled writer? And do you have ability to write for demanding audience of 6th -10th grade students? If you are expert in Middle school and High School Social Studies or Science subject, this position is right for you. This contract position is possible to transition to a full-time, salaried position […]
  • Senior UX Designer, – Job Offer (4/15/2019) - Do you want to work for giant in network world and help people to gain their goals by creating websites and blogs? If you have enough experiences and know how to prove you´d be good fit for this role in the company Automattic, this position is right for you. The company helps people all over […]
  • Free Position for Junior Social Media Marketer – Job Offer (4/11/2019) - Are you at home in social media management or community management? And are you in love with social media like Twitter or Instagram? If so, the company Sked Social is looking for somebody like you. The company is focused on helping all kinds of brands to do a better managing of social media, mainly Instagram. […]
  • Administrative Assistant for remote position is needed! (4/6/2019) - Do you want to work for leading company in technology field? If you are interesting in full-time job provided from comfort of your home, this position is right for you. The Defiant Company is well-known for its leading in WordPress security system which recently protects over 2 million websites. They are looking for member of […]
  • Junior Accountant for Remote Position Is Needed! – Job Offer (4/1/2019) - The company Bitfinex is looking for new member for 100% remote position as Junior Accountant. If you are responsible, experienced and flexible person, this position is for you the best. At least 2 years in Finance field are required as well as undergraduate degree in Finance or Accounting. The company offers flexible working hours, competitive […]
  • Member of Customer Champion Team Is Needed! – Job Offer (3/26/2019) - Do you like to help people with their tricky technical problems? The Zapier Company is looking for somebody who has passion for helping people and has ability to work also on Weekends. The Company is helping people to find  the web applications that they need. You do not need to live in the USA. You […]
  • English Native Speaker for Position Online Tutor – Job Offer (3/22/2019) - Do you have Bachelor´s Degree in any field or current enrollment in a four – year college program in any English-speaking country? If you are native speaker and like to teach other people overseas, you are the best for this position. Alo7 is online company providing tutoring of English language to whole wide world. They […]
  • Free 100% Remote Position for Freelance Resume Writer – Job Offer (3/18/2019) - If you are great writer and also want to help other people to gain what they want, you are the best for this position. The Company Talent Inc is helping talented people to show the best from them to whole wide world. They started in 2004 and have helped over 300 000 people since then. […]
  • Graphic Designer with Knowledge of PowerPoint – Job Offer (3/14/2019) - Do you have trained eye for modern design? If you know how to work in PowerPoint and like to invest in your knowledge, this position is the best for you. The Company Konsus, Inc is looking for designers and PowerPoint experts with ability to work on projects across all Graphic Design Services and PowerPoint Services. […]
  • Online translator / freelancer is needed! – Job Offer (3/8/2019) - Are you fluent in speaking and writing in more than one language? And are you a freelancer? If so, this position is the right for you.  The Company with platform is looking for translators for cooperation. The Company is active in more than 90 countries all over the world.  All the new members need […]
  • Experienced and creative recruiter in Europe – Job Offer (3/6/2019) - Do you have experiences as recruiter in technical field? And do you know how to stay a step ahead to continue optimizing recruiting process and driving results? If so, the Company CircleCI is looking for someone to join their team. The position is 100% remote and demands great written, verbal and listening skills. The Company´s […]
  • Technical Writer for Successful International Company – Job Offer (3/1/2019) - Do you have extensive experiences in creating various forms of user assistance content for technical audiences? The world-famous ReCharge Company is looking for somebody to join their remote team. This position is free for every self-motivated and communicative Technical writer with ability to create relevant API documentation. The Company is at the forefront of recurring […]
  • Free 100% Remote Position for Senior SEM Specialist – Job Offer (2/19/2019) - Don´t you like travelling to office every morning? You do not have to! The Company Motion Array has no offices, so you can work from any work friendly place as Full-Time employee. If you are Search engine marketing specialist and have extensive experiences in this field, this job is intended right for you. The biggest […]
  • Avid Digital Copywriter Is Wanted! – Job Offer (2/18/2019) - Are you a self-motivated skilled copywriter with ability to process specialized pharmaceutical themes? If you have enough experiences and write interesting and fitting articles, the Boss Group is looking for digital copywriter. The position is 100% remote, so you can work from comfort of your home office. They are co-working with corporations, associations, design agencies […]
  • Remote position for Salesforce Architect – Job Offer (2/13/2019) - Are you highly experienced senior consultant or architect? The company Salesforce is looking for skilled people to join their professional team. This position is intended for key member who has experiences and knowledge how to lead group of SF consultants. Direct cooperation with business leaders is on daily base as well as customization work. If you […]
  • 100% Remote Position for Technical Writer – Job Offer (2/8/2019) - Successful company with 15-years long history in the heart of Texas is looking for somebody to join their team. The position of technical writer is intended for person with extensive experiences in technology and writing field. Easy-going and creative person has the best chances. If you are able to work under tight deadlines and keep fast […]
  • Graphic Designer with Sense for Detail – Job Offer (2/5/2019) - Growing Technology Corporation is looking for talented person for a short-term infographic project. The position is 100% remote and is intended for creative person in design field. If you have proven experiences in graphic design and know how to deal with brainstorming and strategy calls, you are the best candidate for this temporary position. Experiences […]
  • Contract Product Manager for Dribbble Company – Job Offer (1/30/2019) - Do you have great skills in marketing? And do you like design? Dribbble Company is looking for new Contract Product Manager with extensive copywriting skills. The company has rich history. It was founded in 2009 and for many years belongs to the best world´s platforms for designers or other creative people.  All you need to have is […]
  • Free Remote Position for Contract Recruiter – Job Offer (1/23/2019) - Are you cooperative, easy-going and self-reliant person with drive and ambition? And do you have extensive experiences in recruiting? The company EFM Recruiting is looking for new member of their team. The position is 100% remote and flexible. At least 2 years experiences and ability to work under pressure are preferable.  If you like to work […]
  • Free Remote Position for Content Writer – Job Offer (1/15/2019) - Are you looking for full time job which you can provide from comfort of your home? If you have enough experiences in copywriting, SEO and proven computer skills, Vista Science Institute is searching for somebody like you! Perfect storytelling and creation of high quality text, which will attract great deal of people is essential. Also […]
  • Enthusiastic Web Designer Is Needed! Job Offer (1/8/2019) - Are you interested in web design? And do you have impressive portfolio? The company Sayenko Design is looking for self-starting person, who will join their professional team. The company is providing web design, WordPress requests and SEO services for their clients. You need to be passionate in keeping detail of requests and have extensive experiences in Sketch […]
  • Free Remote Position for Expert in Web Administration! – Job Offer (1/4/2019) - Are you an expert in Computer science? Do you exactly know how to use JIRA, CMS, HTML, Java Script and CMS. The company [A] is looking for web content quality administrator, who has extensive knowledge of systems above and likes to learn more. The company offers many courses and trainings as well as career opportunities. If […]
  • Free Position for Responsible Footage Reviewer! Job Offer (12/30/2018) - Are you detail-oriented and systematic person with experiences in videography? World-widely known company Shutterstock is looking for new specialist for evaluating and approving clips on their platform. The company has great history and extensive content of thousands photographs, videos and illustrations from all over the world.  All you need is passion for video and proper experiences. If […]
  • Creative Sport-passionate Person Is Needed! Job Offer (12/27/2018) - Are you a huge sport fan? And do you want to write about your passion? If you have special writing skills and knowledge in field of sport, you have to go for this place at the 12p company. The 12p company, one of the largest sports media platforms, has great opportunity for sport writers. The internship […]
  • Demand for Remote Social Media Copywriter! – Job Offer (12/20/2018) - Are you good at publishing and managing posts on social media platforms? If you are also great copywriter, there is a vacant place for you. The Excell Company is looking for new member as Social Media Copywriter. The company cooperates with more than 12000 associates from all over the world and now needs skilled copywriter […]
  • Web Editor for Full-Time Job Wanted – Job Offer (12/17/2018) - Do you want on-line remote position as full time job? If you are experienced web editor and like to work from home office or other preferable place for work, this position is the right one. Proficient content writing, communicating, managing, editing and proofreading skills are needed. Also CMS, MS Word and extensive grammar is „must […]
  • Available Part-Time Job as Social Media Intern! Job Offer (12/14/2018) - Are you looking for interesting part-time job which you can carry out from comfort of your home? If you feel on social networks like at home, there is a perfect job opportunity for you. Company Paraco is looking for new social media specialist, who will be a part of their team. The company has long history. Nowadays […]
  • Vacant Full-time Position for Maintenance Coordinator – Job Offer (12/12/2018) - Do you like to manage things to work properly? If you are responsible, easy-going person with sense for details and also have experiences in coordinating maintenance this free position fits to you. Residential Property Management Company with headquarter in Annapolis is looking for new skilled Maintenance Coordinator with extensive communication skills. The company is still […]
  • Great Social Media Manager – Job Offer (12/7/2018) - Leadtail is fastgrowing social media agency which is looking for reliable and easy-going person to join their team. What is demanded? You have own strong ideas and to be talkative, because team is in close contact every day. You also need to be self-reliant, flexible and have extensive experience in social media account management. The […]
  • Art Director with Sense for Detail and Design – Job Offer (12/4/2018) - If you want to fulfil this offer, you have to have great experiences in Design field and excellent sense for detail. If so, the company Dishing Magazine is looking exactly for you. Experiences, great portfolio, creative mind and strong ideas are among conditions as well as skills in computer programs Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. […]
  • Social Media Marketer for Remote Position Needed! – Job Offer (11/30/2018) - Do you prefer to work from quiet place of your home instead of coming to an office? And do you like browsing social media, interesting websites, online magazines and advertisements? If you want to be paid for checking, copying and pasting interesting ads, you are the right person for a company called Dream Team Advertising. […]
  • Remote Position for Marketing Manager – Job Offer (11/27/2018) - Do you like fun? Are you also a specialist in marketing? If you meet both conditions, you are the best candidate for corporate event and team building company TeamBonding. The company has over twenty years experiences and belongs among the fastest growing companies in North America. Now they are looking for flexible and hard-working expert […]
  • Free Position for Remote Executive Recruiter – Job Offer (11/22/2018) - Are you high-qualified specialist in recruiting? Do you know how to find the best employees and how to choose the best candidate from all? Do you like to work from your home or other quiet place you prefer? Professional recruiter for remote full-time job who likes helping others to build business with best fitting employees is […]
  • Demand for Skilled and Creative Content Writer! – Job Offer (11/18/2018) - Are you a great and well-rounded content writer? Do you know how to create high quality text which will attracat great deal of people? Are you skilled in area of copywriting and SEO? If you like to work comfortly from your home or remote full-time, do not hesitate to apply. Company Vista Science Instit is looking […]
  • Reliable Policy Title Typist Needed – Job Offer (11/15/2018) - Are you an excellent Policy Typist? Are you highly competent and skilled with specific knowledge in your working field? Do you like to work from home? Expanding Mommy Jobs Online is looking for somebody like you to join their team. This national company is providing qualified and trained employees to niche industries. Can you be […]




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