Helion Market Research offers you a chance to earn money in the form of mystery shopping.

Helion Research – Company That Offers Interesting Earnings

There are more than enough possibilities of earning extra money in the Internet era. The distances are getting smaller and you can handle a lot of things in a matter of minutes. These include among other bank payments, credit processing, payment of bills and other things. There are also solutions for those, who want to earn a couple of extra hundreds of Dollars a month and improve their family budget. Helion Research is a renowned company that offers you a chance to earn money in the form of mystery shopping. But what does this magic term mean?


Visit a Shop or a Restaurant and Write Down All Your Impressions

Have you ever dreamed about being a secret agent? With mystery shopping, you can pretend to become one, have some excitement and make some extra money at the same time. The only thing not guaranteed is boredom and monotony because each task is different and nothing can be predicted in advance. There are only minimum conditions. These are mainly flexibility, legal age, cell phone and good verbal presentation; otherwise, this job is opened to everyone and completely free. Quite simple conditions to get an extra salary.

This is how you could simply describe this phenomenon that affected all age groups, irrespective of their gender or social background. In short, there is only one mystery shopping. You will experience the excitement and you will never get bored. What will you explore for example? What does the questionnaire focus on, which you will have to fill out subsequently?


A talent for writing is a prerequisite, not a necessity, to earn extra money. If your writing skills are truly outstanding, you will have an advantage over the others.


How long will a customer wait until a clerk approaches him or her? Does he offer alternatives to what the customer is looking for and answers questions to his or her satisfaction? How many clerks are there in the shop and do all of them do their work? Do they greet you politely and present the product? Or do they pressure you to buy it? Do they try to present all the details? Cleanliness of the store is also important, just like speed, which is a good feedback especially for restaurants. Perhaps you will also visit a bank, insurance company, electro store or a clothing store; there are many possibilities. Everyone will certainly choose the one, which he or she likes. So this was a quick rundown of mystery shopping. Now let’s take a look at the Helion Research Company itself…


Helion Research Operates Literally All Over the World

The Helion Research Company has a nice ring to it. Its clients include brands like MasterCard, Microsoft or Mercedes-Benz. It has more than 400 thousand registered mystery shoppers in more than one hundred countries all over the world, including Canada, US, GB, Poland, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia and China. Of course, it also operates in Pakistan, India and other Asian and African countries.

The official headquarters of the Helion Market Research Company is in the Belgian Antwerp, but of course, this is an international brand that is popular in all continents.


Helionresearch.com website offers not only cooperation with prestigious brands, but it also adapts to your time possibilities. It almost sounds like a dream job. It is up to the decision of the mystery shopper whether his or her work or family responsibilities allow him or her to have enough time for everything. Should this not be the case, the membership or the registration does not expire. Only you decide how much of your time do you spend doing this activity. It can be two hours or twenty or fifty, it depends on the current availability of the job offers. All of them are real, no scam


A Smartphone Is a Necessity Because…

If you don’t have one yet, you should buy one. Why? Because it saves time every day and it is a convenient tool for mystery shopping. Of course, you can have a tablet instead. The important thing is that it is an electronic device you can use to be online even on the go or at work, simply everywhere. It allows you to respond to an offer instantly and thus get more tasks than if you would be connected every evening using your laptop or desktop.


A quick response is what counts. Once the quota is filled, your only chance is if someone drops out and you can take his or her place.


Do You Have Any Questions?

Online web support is ready for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you will get your response instantly. Naturally, you will be assigned a community manager, who will help you with your first steps. The training that is mandatory before you can enter the scene is for free. Helion Research knows that everyone started at some point. You will have to be patient and train to be a real secret shopper. Your overall satisfaction and profit will get higher. It just takes some time, just like any other human activity. The system is active since 2009. Practically ten years on the market are proof of something. Reviews are more than positive in this case.


At the moment, the helionresearch.com website is available only in the English language.


The only downside is that the helionresearch.com website is only in the English language at the moment. To be more exact, you can switch the pages into any language, but the mutations are not perfect yet. However, this is only the beta version. The company will definitely work on it and improve the webpages in the future.


And How Much Can You Actually Earn? 

This is only up to you. Your reward is determined by how much time can you spend doing market research; it’s that simple. Helion Research mentions on their website that you can earn between 3 and 70 Dollars for one task. And that is a nice addition to your salary, right? 

You are paid in Euros, because the Headquarters is in Belgium, which is a member of the Eurozone. The payment always comes on the twentieth day of the calendar month (back payment), so you have to be careful to enter correct data (e.g., IBAN). Otherwise the payment could come late or not at all, and it could lead into all sorts of problems.

And the payment itself? For the EU citizens, it can be realized via bank transfer, but also via Skrill or Paypal. The bank transfer option is not available for customers outside of the EU; only the other two options are available. Does your bank receive payments from the EU with or without any fees?  You have to check this as well; otherwise, you might get a big surprise when your payment is cut in half.



What are the most significant advantages of working with Helion Market Research? There are certainly many reasons why to register and begin your career as a mystery shopper with them. First of all, if you have enough free time and you would like to earn some extra cash for the family budget, a similar alternative can be highly recommended. You don’t have to be anywhere from – to, on the contrary, you can work based on your current possibilities. Do you need a month-long break due to your work or vacation? No problem!


Adventure and freedom in what you decide to do. Which job offers that? You can accept offers or decline them. Sign up only for those that suit you and where you know you will truly enjoy yourself. Jobs that are combining pleasure with business is a welcome break from the weekend or afternoon boredom, which you would just spend in front of the TV. The registration takes only a couple of minutes. Will you give helionresearch.com website a chance?


There are currently a couple of events in the Helion Research administration, so you better get to work. And don’t forget to fill out your profile; only then will you be able to participate in different events.


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