A few tips on how to receive more invitations to participate in surveys and how to maximize your income.

9 Tips on How to Receive More Questionnaires and Max Your Income

Have you signed up with several survey companies to earn some extra money, but you are not entirely satisfied with the number of questionnaires you receive and your overall earnings are not worth it? Are you looking for ways to improve this situation? Then you are in the right place. Based on my personal experience, the following tips and suggestions set out below should hopefully help to increase the number of paid surveys for you to participate in by up to 200%, meaning, your income could potentially grow by up to 500%.


1. Register with as Many Survey Companies as Possible

Registering with multiple online market research companies means receiving more invitations to participate in surveys, and logically, this means higher revenue.


2. Complete Your Profile or the Profile Questionnaires

This is very important as it increases the number of surveys in which you would participate in by up to 50%. As soon as you register with a company, I recommend looking for the “Your profile” category to complete. Sometimes, this category may also include short profile questionnaires focusing on various topics such as finance, housing, travel, shopping and leisure among others. I recommend the completion of these short profile questionnaires as well.

In most cases, there may not be a reward for completing your profile; however, some companies offer a reward for completing these short profile questionnaires. This reward is included in the registration bonus.


The more truthful information you provide about yourself in the profile questionnaires, the more likely you are to be considered a suitable candidate for various other surveys that you would not otherwise receive. In other words, the information you provide will place you into other specific target groups. Completing profile questionnaires also increases your chances of getting more highly financially-rated surveys.


An additional benefit is that research companies will send you the most relevant surveys that may be of interest to you, based on the information you submitted on the short profile questionnaires.


This could increase the number of online survey invitations by up to 50%. More opportunities = higher earnings.


Please note, if you wish to avoid future problems with withdrawing money from the program or with other processes, submit truthful personal information. Entering false information could have negative consequences, such as deletion of your account.


All data entered for the mini-profile or paid questionnaires are subject to the Privacy Act. Your information is therefore protected and will not be accessed by third parties. There is no cause for concern regarding the possibility of your personal information being used elsewhere.


3. Use Your Current E-mail Address and Check Your E-mail Regularly

When registering, do not use a false e-mail address; submit the address that you use and check regularly, ideally, every day. It is often the case that only a certain number of participants are required to complete the questionnaire/survey (e.g. 10,000). Therefore, once the required number is reached, that particular questionnaire/survey is no longer valid. Based on my experience, I can confirm that when a survey is accessed three days after receiving the e-mail, the survey is usually no longer active by that time. This is why I highly recommend using an e-mail address that you monitor every day.

If a company notes that you are active and responding to survey invitations quickly and regularly, you could become a “VIP member”. This means the company will prioritize you over other candidates. Whereas, if you ignore survey invitations, companies may prefer other, more active candidates in the future and eventually, they may even ignore you altogether.


4. Complete Additional Questionnaires

Sometimes, survey companies can send so-called additional questionnaires; these are usually short, with a 1-2 minute completion time. Payments for these occur in exceptional cases.

Nevertheless, I would also recommend completing these questionnaires as this could give you a better chance of receiving more interesting and better-paid surveys in the future.


5. Use Mobile Apps and Toolbars

These are helpful tools that allow you to be notified as soon as a new earning opportunity becomes available. This could also give you an advantage over other respondents who may not be using these apps.

Since most persons always have their cell phones on hand it is easier to respond to an offer almost instantly wherever you are. A computer may be accessed perhaps once per day, by which time the invitation to the survey may no longer be available.


Apps can increase your earnings by up to 100%.


6. Do Not Be Afraid to Participate in SMS, Telephone or Group Surveys

Some companies allow the completion of questionnaires in addition to e-mail surveys. There may also be the opportunity to participate in a telephone conversation or group discussions.

Firstly, make sure the survey company you want to work with offers this kind of research. This information can easily be found out during the registration process, where you will be asked if you would like to receive questionnaires in the form of phone calls or group discussions. Simply select these options.


The advantage of a telephone conversation or group discussion is that there is usually a much higher reward. In group discussions, it could be several tens of percent. Earnings may vary from $20 and $100 per survey.


This option can increase the number of surveys by 10-20% and your earnings up to 200%


7. Keep Your Profile Up To Date

Keep your profile up-to-date and ensure that you record every change, no matter how minor the change. An up-to-date profile could mean you may fall into other target groups, which will ultimately mean more questionnaires to complete = more profit.


8. Also, Use the Referral Program

Some survey companies also have a so-called affiliate program. Recommending or referring new members means a reward for you. This reward could be anything from several cents to several dollars per new member. Every company has their own bonus system.


If you have many friends and acquaintances, you could build up quite a decent passive income stream.


9. An Opportunity for the Specialists

There are many survey companies focused on specific subject areas, such as Information Technology (IT), Medicine, etc. These companies logically prefer participants who are educated in the desired area. For example, Brand Institute is involved in medical research and prefers to cooperate with nurses and doctors on their surveys.

If you consider yourself a specialist, be sure to look for opportunities in your field. The advantage is that much higher earnings may be offered. Earnings up to $40 could be received for the completion of just one medical survey. This is also the case with IT surveys.


There are several other factors that can affect your earnings, as well as the number of surveys in which you would be invited to participate. Unfortunately, some of these factors are beyond your control. For example, your country of origin – If you sign up for a survey company that operates globally, it is highly likely that participants from the US or UK will receive more opportunities than participants from India, Denmark or Germany.



This article describes 9 useful tips which could persuade the opinion polling companies to send you more invitations to participate in surveys and which could potentially increase your earnings.

Based on my personal experience, if you follow my advice, your income could rapidly increase by up to 500%.


However, beware of companies that require a membership fee or any other fees. They should be paying you and not the other way around. In the article, Top 40 Best Paid Survey Sites, I talk about companies that offer free membership. No entry or monthly fees.

The article also includes a brief description of each company, what opportunities the survey company offers, what your potential earnings can be, and what rewards and bonuses you can look forward to.


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