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Work for Amazon Remotely – Where to Find These Types of Jobs?

Amazon is easily recognisable as one of the true giants in the commercial world today. A company that employs thousands of employees across the USA and internationally. The Amazon brand is easily recognisable to anyone who had previously purchased items over the Internet. This company offers its employees a range of interesting benefits one of which is the option to work remotely – also known as working from home. Amazon employs a lot of remote workforce from all over the world. Would you like to join them? If so, continue reading.


This article looks at a range of options on where and how to search for these kinds of offers.

I would also recommend this article for those who are not looking for remote work as their primary option.


Offering Freedom and a Host of New Options

Amazon was founded in the mid-1990s in Seattle, by Jeff Bezos, USA. 

Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer in the world, with an annual turnover of 233 billion US dollars (2018 figures). The company employs over 700,000 employees worldwide.


Recently, Amazon announced the hiring of thousands of new remote employees in the next few years. What sort of virtual positions are these?


Customer Services – Technical Support for Clients via Telephone

If you enjoy administrative work, then Amazon will be a dream job for you! You will work for a virtual call centre, helping customers solve issues with their orders, answer various questions, offer web services, and also participate in general sales support.

You could also pursue accounting, project development, business plans and strategies that will take this American company into the future. The opportunities are truly endless.


Over the next year and a half, Amazon is planning to employ approximately 10 thousand new employees worldwide working on a part-time basis, and 40 thousand full-time employees. A portion of this new workforce will be working from home.


So, How to Start Working for Amazon and Where to Look for These Kinds of Job Listings?


1. The Official Amazon Website

The simplest way is to go to Amazon‘s website and check out the current work opportunities. Perhaps you may see something that attracts your attention.

Go to Amazon website  www.amazon.jobs/en and in the search field type “work from home“ or “remote“.  Using these keywords, Amazon’s search engine will generate and display the current job listings.


At the time of writing this article, approximately 960 virtual positions were available (i.e. remote work positions). These were mainly Administrative Jobs, Customer Support, Sales Support; Call Centre, Virtual Assistant, Customer Care and recruiting positions.

Not all the positions were offered for US candidates. There were plenty of remote job opportunities for people located in the UK, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, and various other countries.

To find the most suitable position for you, you must select your area from the menu on the left. In the “Cities“ category (see picture below) select your city from the various localities listed (if your city is not showing immediately, try clicking the „more“ button for more locations).


Filtering suitable areas by “Cities”.


Next, confirm your selection by checking the box next to your city and Amazon will display the remote work opportunities in your area.


There are various search options available on the website. Are you looking for remote work as a programmer? Or is PR and Marketing your thing? All these professions can be selected from the “Job Category“ option.


My tip: even if you come across a dream job, but do not meet the location criteria (for example the advert states that the applicant must be from Arizona, and you are not), still try to respond to such an offer. You may ask why? Well, because it is, after all, a remote position = a position, that can be performed from home. You never know, perhaps they will not receive applications from better-suited applicants and if you can prove that you have what it takes, they may just hire you. It will not cost you anything to try, and the worst-case scenario is that you won‘t receive a reply.


If none of the listed remote job offers seem attractive to you, try typing the keywords “home office“ in the Amazon search bar. Although the list of these is shorter (only 196 at the time of my search), perhaps these listings may be where you will find your dream remote work opportunity.


Most of the jobs offered are full-time jobs. However, part-time or temporary jobs can also be found.

During certain periods, there is an increase in temporary job offers. Generally, this is when Amazon expects an increase in customer purchases (seasonal job offers).


If you would like to work for Amazon and you don’t mind whether the job is in their warehouse, e.g. warehouse operative, etc. then I would recommend that you don’t include any keywords in the initial search box. Simply leave this field empty and only complete the “Location” field. For example, if you are from Arizona, enter Arizona in the search box, and the system will display all the current jobs in Amazon for the area stated.


2. Job Listing Sites such as Jooble.com or Indeed.com

Searching for remote jobs from Amazon doesn’t have to be restricted to their official website.  There are also job search engines like Jooble.com or Indeed.com.

Perhaps you are interested in remote work for Amazon as a B2B Coordinator? Or, perhaps a content editor with two years of professional experience is something that may be of interest to you? The opportunities are endless and remember, it doesn’t always have to be a job that you do remotely. That is just an option open to each of us.


Looking for these kinds of job listings is, again, pretty simple. Go to Jooble.com and type your terms (keywords), e.g.  “+Amazon +home“, “+Amazon +from +home“, or ” “+Amazon +remotein the search bar (see picture below).


Jooble search can be a useful tool in your search for remote jobs from Amazon.


I always recommend adding the + sign with every keyword. You may ask, why? Well, the plus sign is essentially a command for Jooble to display the ads containing the terms in the search results, only. If you don’t include the + sign in your search and type “remote Amazon” instead, the Jooble search will display hundreds of irrelevant ads that may include the word “remote” but not “Amazon“. Or, vice versa, it will search for dozens of ads containing the term “Amazon” but will not include the term “remote“.

On the left-hand side of the screen is a filter option. Here you can narrow your search including criteria such as your location, full-time or part-time job listings, desired wage bracket, and also, be sure to select the date-related search. This is designed to display the most current job listings in descending order.


Filtering the search results based on salary, job type, and locality within the Jooble and Indeed platforms.


Similarly, you could use different criteria. For example, if you type “+administration +work +from +home” in your search, the search results should display all available job offers relating to remote administrative work.


Also, try to search for other companies, not just Amazon. This may give you even more choices.


The job search engine Indeed.com works similarly, except you don‘t have to include the + sign in your search.


Unfortunately, though, these job search websites are not perfect. So be prepared to expect random results when entering your key search words so, you might have to adjust your search criteria.


3. Also, Try the Usual Job Portals

Flexjobs.com, Remoteglobal.comRemote.co and many others are well-known job portals. You may have come across these in the past when looking for work, temporary or permanent. Or perhaps, you have been told about these websites by your local job centre.

These websites also offer remote job opportunities from Amazon.


Again, be sure to enter the keywords that will display the most relevant offers. In other words type: “Amazon“, “work at Amazon“, “Amazon jobs“ or “work from home for Amazon“ in your search bar.

Rest assured that you will find other interesting job listings with these keywords. All that is required is that you narrow your search to the most relevant offers for you.


4. You Can Find Up To Date Job Listings on My Website, as well

If you are a little lazy and you don‘t want to spend time looking through the various job portals, leave it to me. I regularly search for job listings (I have been doing so for quite some time) and publish interesting job offers in this section. The job offers published are remote job opportunities, so keep checking regularly, as from time to time, these may include some vacancies from Amazon, too.


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This article is intended to share with you some options on how to search for remote jobs from your home. Although the title states Amazon, the search tips discussed in this article do not apply only to Amazon.

You do need to be proactive because the opportunity to work from home will not just fall into your lap; you will need to make an effort to find the remote work that suits you.


If you can navigate the online environment with ease, you can rest assured that sooner or later you’ll find dozens of interesting job offers.


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If this review did not meet your expectations and you were not able to find what you were looking for, please join the discussion, where you may find other interesting information.

Do you work or have you ever worked for Amazon remotely? If so, I would be happy if you would share your experience with this company. I value every opinion; you may inspire or motivate the readers of my website with your experience.


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