What is Webet4you (backoffice4you) and how does this project work

Webet4you / Backoffice4you – A Few Facts Why It Is a Scam

Recently, many questions are coming to my mailbox about online business called Webet4you / Backoffice4you. Most often you do ask me whether it is a serious project, how long it can work and whether it makes sense to invest in it. I’ve been betting for maybe 20 years, and I know a lot of betting strategies. One of those, which I got a lot from in the past, is also allegedly using by Webet4you. That’s precisely why this online business got my attention, and why I decided to have a closer look and write a review about it.


What Is It – Webet4you and Who to Look for Behind the Project?

Webet4you (Backoffice4you) is a project that has been running thanks to German company eVision, operating for over 18 years. The company’s own project has been in operation since 2015.


The eVision project principle is based on profit from bets. However, it is not just any betting, respectively lucky guess that you could think. Webet4you has allegedly created its own platform that will make everyone rich and wealthy. Is that really true?


Remark: no unique project. The same platform as is used by Webet4you – you find a lot of them online.


How Should It Work?

The principle of operating this business is totally simple. A shareholder, i.e., you, must purchase at least one company share, immediately after registration. The price of one stock is 50 $. Webet4you promises to use your money for betting. As I have already mentioned, they have supposedly designed their own betting platform, which will generate tremendous profits. Subsequently, your money invested into company shares will grow, and after 98 days, Webet4you will pay you 12-48% profit out.

You probably ask what is that successful platform of them that generates profits? Because I have bet several times in the past, and I would have been rather hit by the lightning as if I had to win some money in the betting company. How is it possible then that Webet4you still wins?
Webet4you allegedly uses one relatively well-known betting strategy, which really can generate profits. The procedure is named as sports arbitration or sure bets (guaranteed win).


The key to finding out whether Webet4you is a real and serious project or another useless scam is already mentioned sports arbitration.


What Is Sports Arbitration?

Sports arbitration, sometimes also called as   sure bets,“ sure betting,“ no risk bets,“ arbitration betting,“ bet on the guarantee,“ etc. (when translating, it means that there is a safe win), is a well-known betting strategy with betting players.  The essence of a sports arbitration is to make a bet on all the possible results of the match. Often, there is a situation where two betting offices (companies that provide bets on match or event results) publish diametrically different numbers for the same match, and that difference generates a profit.


Otherwise, if the odds difference is significant enough, there is a situation where, with the right balance of deposits for all possible results, we make a profit regardless of the match result.


Example for better understanding:

I noticed that two bet offices displayed for the tennis match Trump vs. Putin significantly different bets (numbers and name were created without any purpose it is just an example).  


Bet company A put on winning of Trump bet rate 1,80,

Bet company B put on winning of Putin bet rate 2,50.


What is next? It is very easy. In betting office A we bet for Trump to win 1000 $, in bet office B we bet on Putin to win 720 $.


In total, we bet 1 720$. The wonderful thing about this betting strategy is that it does not matter now who wins – you get the profit either way. If Trump wins, you get 1 000 x 1,80 = 1 800 $. If Putin wins, you get 720 x 2,50 = 1 800 $.

It does no matter on the match result itself, you always get the profit of 80$ (also depends on the value of bet rate. With other matches the results could be less, therefore even less to win). Now you do understand, why it is called sure bet (no risk bet?)


Illustrated picture of sportsmen.


Now let’s look at what most people, including the betting professionals, do not talk much about – the possible risks. They present this sports arbitration as a betting strategy as something that you never lose with it. But it is nonsense. If it were as simple as at first glance it looks like, everyone would do it. I’ve tried it in the past and believe me, it’s not that easy either. Based on my personal experience, I’m bringing you a few tips and tricks.


Risks connected with arbitration betting:

  • Betting offices are not too fond of betting people searching for arbitrage bets only. Some of them even consider this strategy to be not honest, respectively unfair. If they identify you, you can get a limit on bets (you will only be able to spend $ 5 for a match, and you can not make much of it); in the worst case, you will be blocked to put any bets. There are also betting offices that even allow sure betting.
  • When betting, you have to be extremely quick. If you find a suitable arbitration bet, you have to act quickly. Rates are continually moving, every minute. There may be a situation where you bet on Putin 720$ in Betting Office B, and then, before placing a bet in office A, the Trump’s exchange rate will change so that it will not be profitable for you anymore, and you will be facing a slight loss.
  • Some of the offices restrict bets, it is good to check the limit in advance. You may put $ 1000 on Trump in office A, and you want to put $ 720 on Putin at Betting Office B, but the maximum possible bet will be 500$.
  • The worst possible scenario may occur when the betting office unexpectedly cancels the bet, at a wrongly listed rate (a too overvalued rate, poorly set by bookmakers, and the betting company has the right to cancel your bet with this type of situation). I will explain it by the example. Consider betting company A with your bet of $ 1,000 for Trump and betting company B for 720$ for Putin as described in the case Betting company A cancels the bet immediately and adjusts the rate to 1.7, which will no longer be so profitable. The deposit of 1,000$ will be returned back, but you have a big issue … What to do if there is such a situation? You have 3 options:
    • You quickly bet on Trump to win for 1 000$, even when the rate will not be in your favor. If Putin wins, nothing has changed, you get your 1800$ (profit of 80$), if Trump wins, you get your 1 000*1,7 = 1 700$, that is 20 $ less as you bet on both matches. You have a loss of 20 $.
    • Try to cancel the tip at betting office B. Some betting offices offer the option of taking the bet back before the match begins. Count though with a slight loss.
    • You risk the most if you do not do anything. As you have canceled the Trump tip by betting office A and he finally wins, you will lose $ 720 in betting office B. Worst possible scenario. For a few dozen $, you risk losing hundreds of $.
    • If the bet is canceled just before the match, during or even after the game, you are really in trouble. The question is how high your loss will be.
  • Of course, there are other risks, in this article, I mentioned the most important only.


Why Is Webet4you Another Hybrid Pyramid Game for Me?

That was about sporting arbitration. Let’s take a closer look at Webet4you, which offers value-for-money investment through these “safe bets.” When you think properly about the above risks, you should raise three of the following questions in your head (if at least you think a little bit critical).


1.) How Is It Possible, That Webet4you Offers Guaranteed Profit?

Guaranteed profit is something that to a reasonable investor will trigger an alarm in his head. When we add the fact that Webet4you has your deposits revalued by betting or in other words a gamble where you are never sure, you will start to doubt. As I explained in the section – Risks in Sports Arbitration, point 4 – even betting this way is not 100% guaranteed, as is the case with the Webet4you and they confirmed it themselves, look at the picture below.


Note that they are a bit contradictory. Point 4 guarantees a guaranteed weekly profit of 1 to 4%, and then it is written in point 5 about the possible theoretical loss. Based on my experience, I can confirm that this is not just a theoretical possibility of a loss but also a practical one.

There could be a case that a betting agency may cancel a match and Webet4you will lose. How do they want to guarantee a profit when they can quickly lose your money? Where do you get the promised amount after 98 days from?


2.) Is This Project Sustainable in the Long-term Horizon?

The next thing I mentioned, betting offices are not too much in love with the people who bet this way. Most of them consider it to be an unfair practice, and as soon as they identify you and what you do, they either cancel your account or, in the best case, give you a limit on bets. This means you will be able to place bets for up to $ 10.

Do you ask what am I up to? Now, consider that 100,000 people are registered with Webet4you, and each of them will buy at least one 50 $ shares. This money is invested by the company in sports arbitrations, and then, after 98 days, everyone has to pay 12-48%, which is $ 56 to $ 74 for a $ 50 investment. If you multiply it by the number of registered partners, you will get $ 5.6 to $ 7.4 million. Now, explain to me which betting company let the clients steal this amount of money from them?


I get this way only dozens of $ and they have revealed my secret. Do you think they will not find out as well and will not block them?


3.) Why the Company Needs Registered Partners Shareholders?

If the betting on sporting arbitrage was indeed 100% profitable, what could prevent the company owners from lending a hundred thousand dollars from the bank and then turn that money with the strategy mentioned above? They do not need any stockholders, respectively investors. The whole profit would be only their.


My Opinion on Project Webet4you

Based on the above facts, backed up by my many years of experience with arbitrage betting, I believe that Webet4you cannot and will not generate profits on stakes in the long run. Something can actually be earned, but it will be a maximum of 5 to 10% of the total profit. From where Webet4you will receive another 90-95% payout, we probably will not even have to discuss and clarify. Yes, you are guessing right, from your money, for which you buy their worthless shares.


With Sure Betting You Can Earn as Well, No Registration for Webet4you Is Needed

To get started with this strategy, you do not need any intermediary, no investment company such as Webet4you and the like. You can do it yourself. It will be necessary to register with a few betting offices, deposit some funds and then just search for rates suitable for arbitration.

If you think you have to count the rates for each match, then you are wrong. Different websites automatically search for such bets.


The significant advantage is that your money is still under supervision, you can take it from betting offices anytime and simply stop to do it. On the contrary, if you sign up for Webet4you and invest, you risk that you will never see your money again. 


Few tips and tricks on how to do it :

  • First of all, consider that you will need a significant amount of money (several thousand $) and you will have to register in dozens of betting offices.
  • Do not be greedy as I was. Be happy with less profit. The more you want, the more likely it is to identify what you do and block your accounts or limit you.
  • Take it as a regular job that you should spend a lot of time in and especially with patience.
  • You have to check all the time the bet rates and make analyzes of arbitration bets.
  • Be ready to continually shift money from the betting office to another one.
  • The rates are always changing, you have to keep track of it when you place your bet, so you do not miss the opportunity. You do not win the battle even after placing bets. As I mentioned earlier, it may happen that an office will cancel your bet and you will have to respond immediately. Otherwise, you may lose your money.


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Sports arbitrage is a proven method of getting extra income on the Internet. It has its advantages and disadvantages. I indeed would not have marked it as safe bets. There is a lot of risks there, and for a few $, you often risk your entire capital. There are, however, players who use this guessing strategy at a large scale. However, these are players with rich experience and also using other identities due to the limit of player accounts. I know one guy who earns several hundred dollars a month. He has had blocked his accounts several times, but he always found out a smart way how to continue.


I personally tried the arbitration betting for some time, but it did not bring me the desired result. In the meantime, I am done with it, among other things, also because of blockages by betting offices. And regularly creating new accounts with new identities – I was not in a mood to do so.


As of Webet4you (Backoffice4you), I don’t think that there is a future for this project. Based on the article and facts included I would like to state that it is another illegal hybrid game (Ponzi scheme with effects of pyramid game) and its product – sport arbitration – thanks to which they should generate the profit, is in reality only camouflage to cover the scam and your “earned” money comes from investments of newly registered members that bought the shares.


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In this article, I wanted to focus mainly on the technical side of the project, whether Webet4you has a prospective future and whether it can work at all as it promotes. Other things, especially about the owners of the project (if maybe in the past they run a scam – the pyramid game or the Ponzi scheme), the company and whether they operate by the law, I will let to check by yourselves. 


You still haven’t found the information you have been looking for? Read please, discussion forum, there are to be found there.

If you have any questions, remarks or something to add, don’t hesitate and join the discussion. Also, share please your experience.


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