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Stuffing Envelopes, Packing Products – How Do These Jobs Work?

We live in an era when one is grateful for every cent. Many people are looking for the opportunity to earn some extra money, whether employed or not. They may be moms on maternity leave, retired seniors, students etc. Probably you know it as well. We have set up the specific family budget, but we still need to pay some insurance, mortgage etc. I am no exception, and after long thinking, I have decided to give a try to some manual work at home. I thought: “So what, I give it a try. If I succeed to find something, I will be happy, if not, life goes on“.


How Does It (Not) Work?

One of the opportunities to earn something in addition, are manual labor jobs, such as stuffing and labelling of envelopes, assembling pens, jewelry or other things, sewing and production of various toys or for example packing and shipping of leaflets, boxes or letters. The task is easy, and you work in the comfort of your home, and although this is manual and not exciting work, there are still people who are willing to do it. To find such job offers is no problem.

There are hundreds of these offers on different advertising portals. Starting with clicking on ads, continue with stuffing of envelopes finishing with assembling and packaging of different products. The wording of the advertisement is almost always identical: “skilled people to do manual labor from home are needed” or “we offer manual work at home as extra to your maternity leave”.

Work from home is suitable for everyone who is interested – for moms on maternity leave, pensioners, students, and employed people or even for the unemployed ones. Of course, the advertisement contains a huge amount of benefits: “we offer manual work from the comfort of your home: excellent salary, flexible working hours.” Often the reward was promised to be about 4000$. Who would not like such a part-time job for a couple of hours a day only?


If you would like to get more information about your chosen offer, you have to write an e-mail. I wrote it, and an unpleasant surprise came right after. The person in charge sent me a long and “interesting” answer. The basic message was that earnings depend only on my skills and I will be rewarded based on the time I can work. What surprise did I mention? In this reply, there was written that if I am interested in this job and want to do it, as first, I have to purchase a booklet with procedures and materials for the pens assembling or the envelopes stuffing. That was a huge shock. The thought crossed my mind immediately. Why should I pay for something with no guarantee if I ever get it?” A moment after, the second alarming thought appeared. It was a job offer, so they should pay me and not vice versa. So what’s it all about? Is it a scam?


Lying to Those Who Interested

I am a curious person, so I found a couple of sites and interesting reviews where people explained their experiences with such job offers. The experience of one lady got me. She stated that, she had to purchase the information booklet and material for stuffing envelopes in the beginning. With the vision of easy earned money in her pocket, she bought these things. However, the problem occurred when she had products finished. There was no one who had interest in them, or to be clear, she had to find herself someone, who would buy these products from her. So this lovely lady had wasted not only the initial financial amount but also her time which she could use differently.


Picture of a lot of envelopes on the table.


Another similar case was described by the lady who requested to be sent such a brochure for which she also paid. A booklet came fine but followed by another one and another one. This took two months until she started to solve the issue. For all the brochures she still had to pay, of course.


There are also known cases where the conditions of work are unclear. The person interested in manual work, in good faith, pays for information materials, buys the goods, or pays at least an entry fee. Then he starts to work at home, folds and seals envelopes, assembles pens and packs boxes or packages. He is pleased how his job goes well, but only after he finds out that if he already has completed those envelopes, jewelry, pens, or similar things, he has to find the customer who would buy these products. And here comes the trouble. Similar stories, in which people were deceived, are to be found everywhere.


How Do I Identify the Scam Job Offer?

There are many bad people on this planet, and therefore you need to be cautious every time. A lot of companies or individuals that offer manual work from home would like to enrich themselves by the naivety and trustfulness of other people. In the beginning, it should be precisely determined what will be the content of your job and what conditions need to be fulfilled to be paid out.

If someone offers you the job from home, but it is not clear what exactly the position is about, something is wrong there. The warning sign for each candidate who would like to work from home should also be the fact when it is necessary to pay a startup fee or to purchase informational materials and goods at the first stage of cooperation.


As I already mentioned, the employer pays the employees and not vice versa. The real company that makes profit and earns through its employees does not require employees to pay any entry fees.

It is also good to check the offer of work on the Internet. Based on the company name we can find out a lot of information about it. At the same time, there are plenty of sites and forums where people exchange experiences. Or you can ask your friends; maybe they know that business. Be on guard also, if your potential new boss offers a suspiciously high reward for your work.


List of Job Offers You Should Avoid

  • sealing, folding, writing, labeling, packing envelopes and many other similar activities,
  • packing and shipping of boxes or packages,
  • folding of leaflets and other products,
  • packaging, folding of letters, brochures or postcards,
  • assembling jewelry, various handmade products.
  • various manual testing jobs.


If you find any of these job offers listed above, be sure that it is 90% scam. To explain my statement – you will be required to pay a starting fee, and at a later stage, you have to sell all your completed or assembled products by yourself. And to do this, you have to have a traders license as it is the commercial, entrepreneurial activity.



The opportunity to work from home is appealing, and indeed also real. It is important to know how to find the right way and not to let be fooled by scammers.


Very popular websites aimed at micro-tasks, such as Guru.com, Fiverr.com or Upwork.com. We could compare it to the market place. In these web pages, you can offer various services or handmade products. The good thing is, you have the opportunity to get extra money with the guarantee that your money will be paid. At the same time, there are shown demands for services on those sites. If you have a hobby – knitting sweaters, the embroidery, the creating of ornaments, jewelry and other, you can create the advertisement and sell. Are you great at accounting or administration; are you a skilled graphic artist or a programmer? You can try to sell your knowledge and skills. In this article, you can find a list of the best websites for micro-work and micro-services. There are 15 of them. 


Read also the article, how to earn extra money by filling in questionnaires. This way of online earning is not only suitable for mothers on maternity leave, but also students, seniors or regular employees. I add only companies that offer a financial reward. So if you would like to make money online, try it with the questionnaires. I have only good experience with it.


If you would like to find a legitimate manual side job from home in the form of stuffing and packing envelopes, assembling various products or similar jobs, it is necessary to look round properly and be smart with good ideas. Do not let others discourage you and look for the way that suits you. I believe this article will help you to identify scam offers.


I am not providing any jobs in this article, therefore, please do not contact me that you are interested in labeling envelopes, assembling pens and others. If you are interested, check the category of fully remote jobs, where I publish verified and legitimate work offers based on contracts and mainly free of charge. All job opportunities can be performed 100 % remotely.


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