How to earn on Instagram - a few of the possible ways.

How to Earn Money on Instagram? There Are Many Options

Social networks nowadays are the motion power of the world. No wonder, some of them come with an astronomical number of registrations. On some servers, celebrities earn hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars for a single photo. However, it is true that such income is not only for the chosen ones but with a little bit of skill it can be ensured by and for everyone. Making money on Instagram is mainly about photos, but of course not only about them.. So how exactly does Instagram work and how you can earn something extra of it? 


Company Account Attracts New Clients, Perfect Body New Fans

The social network, like Instagram, relies primarily on image perceptions, and this fact is undoubtedly clear to everyone, even a beginner. To get earnings (attract attention or bring new customers for your business), you need creativity; the audience certainly does not come just that easy as you would think. Initially, this network was designed to share photos only among friends, but over the years it has grown and today can significantly support your business plan. There are a few methods …

For example, you can focus on sponsored posts for brands that target your audience. Making money is also possible by selling different products when you become the official partner of their manufacturer. You can also offer your products (such as own handmade items), services, sell photos or find some other, exciting way. Fantasy is desirable in the world of Instagram; many new possibilities are waiting to be explored.


1. Become an Influencer – The Best Ones Get Thousands of Dollars

Influencer, or somebody who can influence the others (if you want, also use the term of ambassador), works for a particular brand or product. With his or her charm of personality or art to make pictures, he can convince his audience that this is the latest trend.


Sharing things online is not for the shy ones, but remember – the most influential people who make their living out of something similar like this can earn a few thousand dollars on Instagram within a single post, and you do not always have to be just an actor or a singer to reach this amount.


What brands to cooperate with? This is the choice of anyone who decides to join a similar business. It should be something you can identify and fully live with. Use hashtags to mark each post to make it clear that this one is sponsored. The audience (your fans) has the right to know it, and you do not want to lose their trust, do you? Do not forget to build the story well!


2. Earning through Short Adverts Embedded within IGTV Videos

The option of earning money through IGTV ads is a relative novelty that Instagram only launched in May 2020. The IGTV (Instagram TV) platform, where users (influencers), as well as companies, can create various videos, is not new, of course. This platform has been running for some months, but so far video creators have not had the option to monetize their content (unlike with YouTube or Facebook). However, since May, this has changed. All you have to do is meet a few rules and fulfill certain conditions, and you too could become a member of the Instagram Partner Program. And once you are a member, Instagram will place short, approximately 15-second, video ads in your videos.

So, how much can you actually earn with IGTV ads? This scheme is still its trial phase, but according to official sources, your videos could earn you up to 55% of Instagram’s profits, which is essentially the same share that YouTube offers to their content creators.

More information on how to make money on IGTV can be found in this article.


3. Good Solution for Instagram Is Also Affiliate Marketing

Many brands sell their products primarily through various affiliate programs, and it is also the same in the Instagram world. This is, of course, in exchange for a specific commission that is not quite high for a single item. But if you start selling in a significant amount and succeed, it will bring a lot of profit. Affiliates make money on Instagram most often through a special, unique link or promo code that makes it clear – as the famous proverb says – where the wind blows from.

Create exciting posts to promote your products or services and avoid boredom and any repetition. Then, sooner or later, you will attract the first few people, later maybe more, depending on how much time you spend with the whole activity and, of course, what strategy of hunting you choose. You can practice yoga or sell home-made products; it does not matter much. The options leading to the final success can be thousands.


Focus on the photo description, because even if it does not seem at first glance, it also decides your success and failure. It should not be shallow and thoughtless; it is necessary to think it over a little. And suddenly people are interested in seeing and knowing more …


A separate category has been devoted to affiliate marketing. So if you are interested to learn how this business works, read this article.


4. Sell Your Pictures, Photos or Videos

If you are a respected artist or a gifted amateur photographer, there is indeed another exciting way to gain success on Instagram. Pictures, photos, videos, or animations and handmade drawings – all of them have a chance to succeed. You can edit your photos as much as you want, it is not forbidden and the well-used editing can be for a good reason. Originality is desirable, not only in this respect, so do not worry about it and let your creativity fly. Put a link in your photo or video description, and you are half-way there, half-winner.


Photos on Instagram.


Poster photos, or even virtual products, can both be sold well to some companies interested in unique self-presentation. And sometimes they can offer an impressive sum, especially if you master something well and you work with the company a little longer. Some time ago, this kind of business could have been reachable but a bit more limited, you could sell some of your more famous photos to the photo-bank and get decent earnings. This is nothing else but the apparent continuation of market development. With special applications, you can still enhance your artwork and shots. The goal is clear; it must look good even in a larger format.


If you like to take pictures, you may also like the article How to Earn by Online Photography. In the article, I dive deeper even into the topic of photobanks.


5. Sell Something out of Your Workshop

In that case, Instagram may be a gold mine for you. But only if you can also take a good shot. You just need to have one extra room at home that you make your temporary warehouse, so nothing complicated. The important is that usually, you do not need any startup capital if you already are an entrepreneur, it will only be an inevitable extension of your earlier successful deals. This social network lets merely you sell any product you create yourself or buy from a vendor. Buy raw materials at the other end of the world or from a local supplier and sell them successfully on Instagram!


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6. Try Also The Classic Dropshipping

It can be without a lot of effort to put in. For example, dropshipping is a business model where you actually sell the goods directly without having to pack them, own a warehouse, or regularly visit the post office. Once the sale is made, the supplier sends the products directly to the customer, and you no longer have to worry about anything else.

A good symbiosis is desirable; it must be someone with whom you have an excellent long-term experience. No need to have a workshop, not need to create something by hands. You have to have a big mouth to start your business, and then you will share your profits with your co-workers. It sounds effortless, but beginnings will still want a specific time investment.



Statistics are clear; Instagram is a potential gold mine. A social network like Instagram can be a source of high revenues; you just have to be master of know-how. We have already outlined a few possibilities of making money, and now it is time to show some impressive numbers. At least once a month, 800 million users log in to Instagram, of which two-thirds are active virtually every day. This is still a lot more than the UK and US populations combined, so the market is very varied. 71% of US companies use Instagram, totaling thirty million different entities. Four of the five Instagram users then track at least one business account. Yes, quite regularly!

The average time spent on Instagram grows geometrically, an average of more than eighty percent each year. Younger generations mostly use this social network, but it is not always the golden rule. 


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