The way of online business that is currently experiencing a big boom.

Info Business – What Are the Pros and Cons of This Business?

Have you ever heard about the “new” way of online business known as info-business? If not, no worries. Info-business is an excellent opportunity for you to realise yourself, to do something you enjoy, and even earn money by it. This article brings more light into the topic, clarifies the definition, what is required and what are the pros and cons of this online business. I also provide some tips, and finally, I would like to point out the most common mistakes to avoid if you would want to become successful info-entrepreneur.


Definition of Info-business

Definition of business is clear for most of us. What to look for under (the expression) info-business? Just checking the term itself, shows that it is monetization of information. With clasic business it is mostly selling products or services, info-business means the sale of information or info-products.

Info business is active on the market for quite a time but in a different form. As an example – some famous writers write books and fill the shelves in the bookstores, business people organizing seminars, courses, etc. Yes, this is also info-business, but in offline form, out of the Internet. With online info-business it is a slightly different concept of publishing information.


Which Information Can I Sell?

Information is considered to be as particular meaning, message or content that gives the value to the recipient. Quality and valuable information can save lives, solves health, family, and other issues, get better work, etc. You can sell, for example, guidelines how to properly crochet, how to plant a tree in the garden, how to grow vegetables, how to do business in the US, how to train a dog, how to set up a company, how to increase the sales of products or how to create a website. With options, the sky is the limit. The important is that the content you offer solves the issues of the target group.

To start selling your info-products, at first, you need a great web page to present them. These web pages are called „squeeze pages“, and they intend to provide your readers a part of your know-how in exchange for email contact. Database of contacts is the essential element in this online business. Only thanks to it you can sell your products in different forms.


The core of this online business is not to sell your information immediately. At first, offer some part for free, try to help the reader and only then, in the end, push the selling in the form of paid content.


The easiest way to send emails with your products is marketing software for sending bulk emails. It makes your life and job easier and mainly, saves the time.


All this information – various contents – you could sell as info-products.



Info-products is an expression which defines the number of products and services that sell your information. The essence is that you deliver them online – via the internet. It could be various e-books (electronic books), recordings, educational tutorials, online webinars, video or audio courses.


An e-book is an excellent option for people who like to write. A significant advantage, compared to printed books, is lower cost because you do not need to print this e-book. If you are a professional in a specific area and you like to write, this could be the way to make money. Or you can collect information. Today’s society and people in it are hungry for information of a various type, so it is worth a try. Later you can format this e-book into a PDF file and share it with the customers.


Tip 1: What would you say to a short webinar or video with a professional? This product will look trustworthy, and surely catches the attention of more people.


Tip 2: If you would like to know how to attract people to buy your info-products, there is a strategy I partially mentioned already. In the beginning, you can share your content for free, and if somebody is interested, he should order the rest and pay for it. It is the ideal way to start your online business because only then the potential customer is aware of what he buys. Think about it – would you suffer the risk and buy something completely unknown?


The crucial role of info-products is to provide quality or unique content with the purpose to solve the issue of the customer.


Who Could Be Info-entrepreneur?

At the first sight, everyone can start running this online business. In the world of nowadays, it is easy to get a variety of information that can be further sold. But the main idea of info-business is the fact that the information should only be sold by the person who understands some areas and fields and is, therefore, the expert. The goal is not to sell some general information that can be found on the Internet easily and even for free. At the beginning of this business, unfortunately, there were many such cases as well.


Info-entrepreneur is somebody who shares their knowledge, their very special know-how, skills and abilities. He continually educates himself and is inspired by the other successful businessmen in this area and follows current trends. He does the business via the Internet and smart online tools to make his business more effective, simple and cheap.


Advantages of Info-business

There are undoubtedly many advantages of info-business. Basic ones are minimum input investments. To start your business, you do not need any space for shop or warehouse, no need to deal with suppliers, terms and conditions, etc.. Just the comfort of your home and personal PC, a proper system to manage your online business, quality content and sophisticated promotion. So initial costs are minimal. Another advantage is related to the fact that you generate a high profit because of the minimum cost. Of course, supposing people are interested in your info-products.

Another advantage is the automation of products. You can share your info products in PDF format, for example. Once an order has been completed, when the customer pays for your info-product, send him a file, and the job is done. No need to do anything else. The time you might otherwise spend at work can be used much better – spend it with your family, acquaintances, or practicing your hobbies. Doing so a decent passive income can be reached.


Disadvantages of Info-business

Perhaps it will be no surprise for you to hear that info-business also has its cons. To sell products, specific prerequisites are required.

It is not a job for everyone. Both the materials and the content of the products must be at top level, and it should not be anything that can be found easily and free of charge on the Internet.

There were many of these “businessmen” that always had failed. Such people can never be considered real professionals and authorities in what they do. Most of them know that their info-product is of a poor quality that does not bring anything valuable and beneficial, but still – they sell it further. The goal of such info-entrepreneurs is nothing more but to get money from the people. I still find the projects as “I share how to become a millionaire” or “how to make money on the Internet without any effort” and so on.

In a separate category, I would include fraudulent online roulette info-websites, online bets and online trading that tempt you to get rich quickly. Although this case is not considered info-entrepreneur but rather an affiliate partner. Everything can be misused; it is all about human morality.


What Do You Need?

If you would like to start the business, you have to dispose of great courage and strong nerves. You never know the future prosperity of the business and how and when it boost. In the meantime, you should not forget that you also need a lot of self-discipline and self-control. Why? It is easy, you have no superior to control you and show you the way. You are always alone and the results of your work will reflect your effort.

In the beginning you will need a lot of time and effort to make your business boom and also to create a new source of income – passive income. During this period of time also forget about the holidays, rest and vacation. Even before you start with this online business, you have to learn many things connected with publishing, writing, proper product presentation, etc.


Mistakes You Should Avoid

In info-business, there are also some mistakes that are made by entrepreneurs. Nobody is perfect, so I would like to point out the most common mistakes to avoid them later. Probably the most common and most fundamental mistake is the too high expectation. Every entrepreneur in the first phase thinks he starts making profits immediately, and that his sale will be extremely high since the very beginning. Unfortunately, the reality is different. Beginnings are tough. First, you have to get into people’s awareness and create your name or brand.

Because the info-business on the Internet is still in its early stages, it often happens that all entrepreneurs copy the already-used procedures. Try to differentiate yourself and be different to stand out of the crowd. And once again I stress out – in the area where you want to succeed, you have to be a real expert. No one is interested in basic information.



Info-business is an excellent opportunity for you to realise yourself, to do something you enjoy, and even earn money by it. It is a space for you, the chance to share your knowledge and experience with others. Thanks to that, you can help many people and yourself as well. But I do not deny that at first, you have to think seriously whether this form of online businees is the right for you.


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