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OnlinePanel Review – Scam or Legit? How Much Can You Earn?

Earning money just for spending some time on the Internet. Having your own work pace and earning money by completing surveys that will never bore you. Participation in is completely free of charge for you just like for people from many other countries worldwide. Canadians, American, Irish, Austrians, Italians – even you can join! So wherein lies the magic of this chance? Is it a scam or a legitimate company? How much can you earn? You can find the answers to all of your questions in this review.


What Is Onlinepanel? is a website that allows regular people to improve their financial situation by completing questionnaires or by working on various small tasks and offers.

The portal is operated by BuyBizCharts Ltd., which has been in active business for more than twenty years, it was established in Hong Kong and is also popular in other parts of the world. It focuses not only on design and email marketing, but also on translations, and last but not least, on public opinion research.


The “Surveys” category has two subsections - best opportunity surveys and most popular.


A Few Ways to Earn Money from OnlinePanel does not only provide the opportunity to make money by just filling out surveys, even though it is the primary job for registered users. Other exciting activities are also available, such as testing new applications. In any case, it is your opinion, which is essential here.

There are at least six other options for you to get pretty decent earnings. Let’s have a closer look at the possibilities.


1. Online Surveys

Different companies and researchers are keen to obtain feedback for their products so that they know how to improve, from everyday consumers, and are willing to pay for it. One day you can evaluate the beer brand, the other design of the chocolate wrapper. The possibilities are endless. 


All details, as well as invitations to participate in surveys, can be found in the top menu in category “Surveys” (click here to be redirected).  You will also find two subsections in this category, “Best Opportunity Surveys” and “Most Popular Surveys“. In both cases, these are options to fill in paid questionnaires.

And how much could you earn? OnlinePanel states on its website that it could be up to four US dollars per questionnaire. These are the earning opportunities available to you, just for sharing your opinion.


You could expect up to 30 questionnaires per month, averaging to one questionnaire per day. The upper limit can also be slightly increased, eventually – it all depends on your activity.


2. Tasks

Another category that could increase your earnings on is various tasks. At the time of writing this article, I have nine jobs waiting for completion. In most cases, this would require a registration within a particular system or an application download to your mobile. All these micro-tasks have a joint value of approximately 24,000 points, which is $ 24.


Example of a couple of tasks from the “Tasks” section.


3. Micro Jobs

In this section, you will be assigned various micro-tasks and simple micro-jobs which should only take a few minutes of your time. Compared with the previous two categories (Surveys and Tasks), the reward for performing these tasks is not particularly appealing. Currently, I have two mini-jobs available, which are only rated 3 points.


Based on the amount of the reward stated above, I would assume that this section will usually cover tasks like: click on this page, watch this ad, and so on. Nothing for me…


4. Applications – „Apps Lab“

This category is only suitable for those users, who use their mobile phone. It’s about testing different applications and online games. Your task is to download the app/game into your smartphone, install it, and try it out.

With regards to bonuses, you could occasionally earn them just for downloading the app alone. For online games, you will need to have the application installed for some time or until you reach the predetermined level.

In the offer description, you will always see what you will have to do to get your reward for.


Example of a couple of job offers from the “popular offers” section.


5. Smart Money – „Offers – Deals and Trials“

The penultimate section contains a variety of exclusive offers and products from smaller, but reputable brands, cash-back shopping, etc.

This category consists of 3 subcategories, with the most interesting being “Popular Offers” and “All Favorites“. Both present the most popular offers, including research, tasks, micro-jobs, mobile applications, etc. There are many offers to choose from!


Example of a couple of job offers from the “all favorites” section.


6. Wheel of Fortune

When you sign in to your account, do not miss the Wheel of Fortune. Once a week, the OnlinePanel offers you the chance to win extra points. The maximum is 1000 points, which gives you 1 USD. It may not be much, but it’s completely free.


7. Affiliate Program also has an affiliate program. For every person recommended, you’ll receive $  2.50. There are several forms of banners and other promotional methods available.


If you have your own website, facebook group, or other online space, you could earn a fair amount of money through the affiliate program.


Tips on How to Get More Questionnaires and Maximize Your Earnings


1. Fill in your registration details accurately – this is the first and crucial step. I encourage you to fill in the registration information accurately. Otherwise, you could have significant issues in withdrawing the money in the future. And nobody wants that, right? If possible, do not use the classic mailboxes when registering. I would recommend using, where nothing goes into the spam folder, so you won’t miss even the smallest bit of information from


2. Fill in your profile – as soon as you log in, go to “Profile & Paypal Account” and then to “Settings” see picture below. Fill in the necessary details –  your gender, date of birth, your address. Next, add your PayPal email address where you will receive your payments. You can also upload a photo to your profile.

A completed profile could increase your chances of participating in online surveys.


An example to fill out your profile and PayPal account.


3. Fill in the additional questionnaires – I would recommend completing the supplemental questionnaires. You will probably not get paid for those, but these can increase your chances of getting to the more exciting and, above all, better-paid surveys. In the “Surveys – most popular” category, you will find a category “Your Survey Router“. This, of course, is another opportunity to increase your income. 


4. Check regularly – ideally every day. After all, today’s offer may not be current tomorrow.


5. Use the mobile app from OnlinePanel – you’ll be able to deal with everything from your smartphone conveniently. The advantage is hopefully clear to everyone. Your phone is always close by, giving you the option to respond to an offer almost immediately.


What Is the Minimum Payout Amount, and What Are the Payment Options?

You earn points for filling in questionnaires, performing tasks or micro-jobs and also for testing mobile applications. Ten thousand points (= $ 10 or the equivalent in the national currency) are a limit to asking for a payout.

The upper limit is unlimited, so it is up to you how long you save your money before you ask for your reward. You must enter the exact email address you use on PayPal otherwise your payment will not come to your account.


The payout will last at least 30 days, as the company usually has to wait for the final confirmation of your points by the providers.

You can only withdraw your earned money from the system through the Paypal online wallet. In the case of the affiliate program, payouts are automatically sent to Paypal after $ 50 is collected at the beginning of each month.


Who Can Be Registered?

Since there is no upper age limit, anyone who has the time and knows the basics of English can earn money in this way. is suitable for everyone; you can be classically employed, currently out of work, on parental leave or retired.

The minimum age for participation is sixteen years old so you can earn extra money within your school studies – you get a part-time job on the Internet that can be run during boring lectures in classes.


The Pros of the System:

  • everything is free; you never pay any entrance fees or monthly fees,
  • many opportunities to make money,
  • wheel of Fortune,
  • six language versions of the webpage,
  • A generous referral system,
  • suitable for anyone 16 and older,
  • PayPal payout.


The Cons of the System:

  • a relatively high minimum payout of US $ 10 compared to other similar sites,
  • only one money withdrawal option – Paypal. However, this company is only starting now and will improve in the future,
  • waiting for a payout can take up to 30 days.


Six Online Language Mutations

There are English, German, French, Italian, but also Spanish and Portuguese. The other fact supports the reality that it is a truly international company that you can apply from all countries in the world, and current members come from a total of 45 of them!



As you can read in the review, the OnlinePanel offers a lot of ways how to earn some extra cash. Participation in the program is completely free of charge, logging in or out with a single click and deletion of the account take just a moment. You will not be held if you don’t wish to be a member of the program in the future.

Many ask the question if it’s a drawback that this model is only beginning (it was launched in 2018). The answer is clear – no! Everything works; logging in takes just a moment. And because there aren’t many users registered yet, you will get a lot of offers. There are a lot of surveys. All you have to do is to choose, which ones you like. So why not to give it a try at least?


There are many more companies similar to OnlinePanel; you can find a couple of them in The Best Survey Companies article, which deals with online surveys and polls. If you register in several of these companies, you will be able to participate in more surveys, thus earn more.


If you haven’t found what you were looking for in the article, try reading the discussion forum, you might find interesting information on the topic there.

Do you have any experience with If so, what is your opinion on this form of earnings on the Internet? I would be glad to see your contribution to the discussion. I appreciate every opinion, it may be inspiration or motivation for other readers.


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