Completing the questionnaires with Surveycompare net. Review – Can You Really Earn £300 per Month?

In today‘s review, I would like to describe my experience with the website This website offers a chance to earn money, and by that, I mean a real, jaw-dropping sum of £300! Survey Compare states that you could earn this amount just by completing online surveys from the comfort of your home. I actually earn money by completing online questionnaires for approximately 30 different survey companies. On average, I earn a small amount of money; the amount varies depending on how many questionnaires I complete in any given month.


So, I asked myself a question: „Is this a scam, or is it a legitimate project? Is it genuinely possible to earn so much money in one month, by completing surveys?

I decided to register on the website just to try it out. If you are interested in finding out how much I have earned, or whether it is even possible to achieve the promised £300 mark, read on.


A Brief Outline of the Company and the SurveyCompare Project

Survey Compare is a project owned by the company, Marketing VF Ltd, registered in Great Britain. The domain name registered for is MVF Global; the website has been functioning since 2010. is also known under the name SurveyCompare UK and has various other domain name extensions for different countries.


Survey Compare offers enticing earnings, but it is not a survey company. Is Not a Survey Agency!

When reading the home page of, I found that Marketing VF Ltd. is not actually a survey agency. Instead, it acts as a provider and simply connects you with survey agencies.

In my opinion, there are other inaccurate statements on the home page; these we will examine later.


If you register on the website, you will be connected to other companies. Those companies will send you invitations to participate in paid surveys. In other words – project Survey Compare does not offer any earnings opportunity. The company acts as the middleman.


Since SurveyCompare does not conduct any surveys, it would be fair to say that it does not offer any actual earnings! It merely acts as the middleman providing survey opportunities to participants who are willing to offer their opinions for a small financial reward.


Registration Is Simple and Only Takes a Few Minutes

The first step of the registration process requires that you provide some basic personal information (e.g. your name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address etc,).

Next, you are asked to select survey companies from whom you would like to receive questionnaires and surveys. I must admit, I was a little surprised, that the choice was limited to eight survey companies, namely Swagbucks, Toluna, InboxPounds, Maximiles, Lifepoints, Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost, YouGov.

I believe the list changes regularly, so perhaps at the time of your registration, the choice may be more varied as more companies could be added.


Selection of suitable / legitimate research companies. At the time of my registration, 8 companies were 8 available / listed.


Survey Compare states that the companies recommended through their program are legitimate companies, who pay their participants fees owed. From my experience, I can confirm that there are companies with which I have had a positive experience. However, there are also companies with which I have had negative experiences; naturally, these I would not recommend. For example, there are many people who claim that a company called Lifepoints is not legitimate.

But back to the subject of selection – you can choose one or more companies.


Once you have confirmed your selection, an email is sent to you for confirmation and to complete your registration. It is worth noting that you must confirm your registration with each company individually. Depending on the number of companies you have selected, you will receive a corresponding amount of emails.


I Have Only Received Approximately 16 Questionnaires

So, what was the result for me? OK, I will not drag it out. I have only received approximately sixteen questionnaires from the above-named companies for the entire month. It is also worth noting that five of those were actually not suitable for me (an inappropriate group of respondents), so our cooperation ended before it actually got started. I completed the remaining eleven questionnaires and received a reward of £13,75. On average, this works out to £1.25 per questionnaire.


So, there you have it; in my case, this was definitely not an earning of £300 as advertised. I dare say the earning as advertised is unrealistic and certainly could not be achieved in one month. Perhaps, it could be achieved in one year, but even then, you would have to be registered with a lot more than eight survey companies.


The other false statement is the one mentioning £3 per survey. It is quite simply unrealistic. I admit it is entirely possible that from time to time a company sends you a 30-minute questionnaire where, upon completion, you could receive £3 (if you fit the required criteria). But realistically, this is probably 1 in 50 cases. On average, you can expect to receive a 10-minute survey, with an average earning of £1,20.


The picture below shows the owner of Survey Compare offering the earnings of up to £25 per survey when working with Swagbucks; with Toluna, survey participation could be up to £5 per completed survey.  Well, having worked with both companies for over two years, I can confirm that I have never received a questionnaire with that kind of price tag. Certainly not £5, and most definitely not £25 per completed survey. I would have remembered a reward like that for sure!


Allegedly, Toluna offers £5 for each completed survey, Swagbucks, claim they offer £25 for each completed survey, but that is quite simply not true.


The Earnings Are Small

In general, I have no objections to earning money on the Internet by providing my opinions through surveys. On the contrary, I consider paid surveys to be one of the easiest and (for me) enjoyable ways to earn a little extra money. I am registered with over thirty companies and I have been earning money this way for quite a few years. However, I cannot stress this enough: You will not get rich this way! And you will most certainly not earn £300 per month by completing surveys. It is quite simply an unrealistic expectation.


If you are interested in finding out more on this subject, I write about several survey companies operating in the UK, and the USA.  My article describes over forty companies giving a piece of detailed information about each company (e.g. age requirements, payment gateways, registration and types of bonuses offered, etc,). You can read the article on my website by clicking this link.



This review talks about my personal experience with I wish to point out that this is my opinion and I would not like to discourage anyone from registering with this company.

If you are intrigued by this type of earning opportunities and you would like to start earning a little extra money through completing online questionnaires, feel free to try it.


I would like to state that in spite of several inaccurate statements on their website (by which I mean the overinflated statements about the earning potential), I do not consider Project SurveyCompare to be fraudulent. However, I would recommend registering with individual survey companies instead of registering with, because as I have already stated, is merely a provider – a pathway to other survey companies. In my opinion, you could eliminate this extra step by registering directly with individual companies.


I recommend reading the discussion relating to this subject, as you are sure to find more information on the matter.

If you have experience with Survey Compare please join the discussion and share your comments.


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