A person, who transcribes any audio or video recordings on the computer.

Transcription of Audio and Video Files – Earnings for Transcribers

Simple registration and several possibilities for earnings. This is exactly the portal scribie.com that offers work or the possibility to earn money by transcribing of various video and audio files. It is intended mainly for freelance transcribers. This kind of work from home has no minimum or maximum limit; it is not part-time with a mandatory portion of work. You register according to how your job or taking care of family allows you. And that’s the magic of Scribie. And how much can you earn? This information I will give you in this review.


If You Get On Well With The Keyboard, Just Do It!

What exactly will be your work? If you already won a prize in primary school in the competition of the quickest text transcribing on the typewriter, then you are guaranteed to be an ideal candidate for Scribie.com. Each of audio and video files will be longer than six minutes, including transcript of phone calls, interviews, public speeches, etc. The selection is extremely varied and everyone will surely find for themselves the right one. You will be paid according to the length of the audio/video file. It is clear that the 15-minute file will be rewarded better than the 10-minute file, etc. The transcript is very simple – transcribe, check again and then send. No unnecessary administrative complications.

Conditions are relatively low, but of course it is not a job for everyone. A computer with fast internet connection, high-quality headphones with microphone and, of course, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player or Google Chrome are essential for a truly smooth workflow. If you are really fluent in English, you have good prerequisites for this job. Fluency as well as the high number of keystrokes per minute while typing on keyboard (or typewriter, as it is also called in obsolete way) are both similarly important. If you can do these two things, you are made for Scribie.


Easy Work from Home, but You Must Pass the Entrance Test

Do not worry, you definitely do not have to have any great experience, but a short test is a prerequisite for joining the project. You can repeat this test up to ten times, and if you fail, you will get at least some valuable feedback. You can always get improved, take advices and try it again and better, to be more concentrated, and success is sure to come.


Once you pass the test, you can start working with Scribie, and even on the same day.


How Much Money Can You Earn?

First, the payout is made via a verified PayPal account, which is a very practical option in nowadays. There is no other option for the payout. Scribie will pay you from five to twenty-five dollars per hour (depending on the difficulty of audio and video recordings). Of course not per hour of your work, but an hour of audio file. The 6-minute file will be rewarded with $0.5 to $2.00.

At the beginning, it may take up to half an hour before completing a similar item, but with a little practice you will constantly get improved. The 6-minute file will take only ten minutes of time.

The positive thing is that you will receive your payout within twenty-four hours from the moment the request was approved. The minimum payout amount is one US dollar, so you definitely do not have to wait a long time or work hours and hours before you can get some money at all. There are no application fees or any other charges.


You Will Need Practice

Even if you are a world-champion in typing speed, do not expect that the results come immediately and the dollars just flow. But you can be your own boss and practice a skill that has a great future.

The Internet requires texts, texts, and again only texts – so being able to quickly transcribe a sound file into the Word file is a great advantage. Earning money online is just the cherry on the cake. You do not have to go to the job, there is no commuting. The only condition is your own place somewhere in peace and comfort with internet connection. What else could you wish for?

Earnings will not initially be in the hundreds of dollars per month, but you can reach an interesting amount over time. And then it is up to you how much time you have – even if you do not transcribe a line for two weeks, no one will cancel your account. You can come back anytime you have a free time and start again. It is an excellent chance for students, disabled people or even mums on maternity leave, as well as extra income besides a classical job. As the name of the portal says – you will transcribe and transcribe, then a sweet reward follows.


Transcriber, who processes the transcripts of various audio files.


Scribie Also Offers Interesting Bonuses

Bonuses include, for example, a soundtrack in a noisy environment (bar, restaurant, or just a loud background sound, music, etc.), but also a speech with a pure British, Indian or Hispanic accent. Changes in volume, different quality, worse phone call transfer may be the reason to get extra money up to two dollars per minute.

You can earn interesting money even if you do not just do the transcribing, but also proofreading and reviews, i.e. backward checking of the texts, so that everything would be perfect and accurate. However, this is just a possibility for more experienced users, so initially just focus on transcribing.


Registration Is Very Simple and Done in a Minute

You enter only the basic contact data and log in as “Transcriber”, thus a person who will actively transcribe the texts. Then everything is in your direction, as you pass the entrance test, you can become a very successful freelancer. Who would not actually want a few extra dollars per month, just by sitting at the computer and doing what you like? There will certainly not be any vague texts that would make you falling asleep.

Scribie has registered office in San Francisco, USA and has been available for people since 2008. Of course, you can also order a transcript of texts (audio or video file), if you are not able to do your work on time – and it had often happened in the past that many transcribers discovered this service for the first time in such way. In case of questions or technical issues, Scribie has available Live chat or email support, which is obviously available 24/7.


The Scribie.com has transcribed more than 3,300,000 minutes of audio/video since 2008 and has paid around $1,600,000 to its certified transcribers. Around 26700 home-based freelancers from all around the world have successfully cleared the company’s transcription test to date. That are quite interesting numbers, are not they? It is definitely legitimate company, not a scam.



Of course, you do not have to be an English native speaker, but your English level should be excellent. And how much can you earn? A simple calculator is available on the website through which you can calculate how much money you will earn for transcribing a particular audio file. You just need to have a good listening skill and you can start! As I have already mentioned, for more complex documents, you can also get an extra bonus from $0.50 to $2.00 per minute of audio/video file. For more information go on https://scribie.com/freelance-transcription.


Have not found what you were looking for in this review? Then try to check out also the discussion forum.

Do you already have some experience with Scribie? If so, I will be glad when you submit your experience into the discussion and share your knowledge with everyone. You can motivate or inspire other people.


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