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Talk Online Panel Review – My Experience, How Much Could You Earn?

Filling in public opinion questionnaires and a regular reward of several dozens of euros a year is an additionally pleasant surplus for many households. The minimum conditions that companies providing these surveys require are also very pleasant for all the interested people. For example, at Talk Online Panel, it is enough to fill in a few necessary personal details in the register form, and you start to fill out the surveys soon. To do so you get points, and if you use them for shopping vouchers or cash, it’s up to you.


Talk Online Panel Comes from Austria

Talk Online Panel GmbH was established in Austria, with its current headquarters in Vienna at Karlsgasse 7. This is a proven Western Europe company for many years, so there are no doubts about the transparency of the entire business. The registration process, much like a lot with other companies, takes a few minutes. People over the age of 15 may register.


How Do Online Surveys Work on

Market surveys are made easier by simply ticking each of offered options, and no one forces you to provide long written answers. These are “anonymized“ after filling in the survey, and participation is also voluntary – so it is not necessary to participate in all researches.

Bear in mind, however, that the more complete your personal profile is, the higher you have the chance to participate in individual paid surveys (and of course, even the more points you can collect later). Questions, whether you dispose of a car, whether you are from a particular region or age group, or if you smoke, are therefore quite important.


The Talk Online Panel discusses not only current social issues, but consumer opinions about a particular product are also important.


In Europe, almost half a million members are active nowadays. The Talk Online Panel works, for example, in countries like Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia or Turkey, and there are plans drafted to expand to Russia and Ukraine in the future. Paid questionnaires and surveys can be filled by Germans, Greeks or Austrians. The company operates in 25 countries in total.


Registration is free of charge, but it is necessary for the user to register in the country where he resides.


Only Minimum of Personal Data That Are by Law Kept Confident

So, what to fill in? It is not much, among other data you will be asked to fill in basic contact form:

  • First name and surname, no other personal details are required at this time.
  • The country you live in. Available more than 20 options.
  • Valid email address to communicate with the company and password.


Talk online panels focus mainly on the area of Central and Southeastern Europe, personal data are carefully stored and encrypted using SSL technologies that are the safest in today’s online world.


Points for Filling in Surveys. How to Use Them?

Each completed market survey at is rated by points. They are valid for the next two years and can be exchanged either for cash or a particular product. For example, you can subscribe to a magazine, e-shop purchase voucher, and so on. You can also support charity after your careful consideration. There is a chance to donate funds, for example, to various foundations.


You do not get points just for filling in surveys. For example, sharing a link to the Talk Online Panel through a social network means adding twenty extra points. Registering and confirming your email account means an additional hundred points.


You get the same bonus when you bring in a new active member into the program (it is necessary for this member to complete at least one online survey).


My Experience with Talk Online Panel

I have only good experience with For this company, I have been filling in the questionnaires for over 2 years, and so far it does work without any issues. During this time I managed to get the minimum payout amount twice, and in both cases, I got my money.


The website is relatively clear, which can be a significant advantage especially for those who do not orientate in the world of the Internet (at least for now). The FAQ section is also available on the web where you can find answers to all other questions (provided that this article is not sufficient with information).

Another advantage is definitely great online support that could be contacted via the form. As per information provided there, they should reply within 2 hours as of their working hours. During the weekend you will probably wait longer to get the answer.


One of the few cons of filling in the surveys for Talk Online Panel is too high minimum payout amount – up to 2000 points. Compared with similar companies that are involved in Internet market research, this is a relatively high number. Need to add that 100 points are 0,70 €, so after reaching 2000 points you have 14,00 EUR on your account. You can send your paycheck to the bank account when you reach the limit.

A further slight disadvantage is a relatively low number of questionnaires to be filled in. On average, there are 2-3 questionnaires per month. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes more. When compared to other similar companies, the Talk Online Panel is at the end of the list. Perhaps it will improve in the future. I remember the fresh start, about two years ago, when barely one paid questionnaire was sent to me in two months.


The big disadvantage of Talk Online Panel is the limited validity of the collected points; points are valid for 2 years only. The minimum redeemable number of points is 2000, which has to be acquired within a two year period; failing that, points are gradually lost.

This timeline would not be a problem if a large number of survey invitations were sent out by the company. However, very few invitations for survey participation are sent out during the year.


The average filling in survey time is about 15 minutes, and you get about € 1. If the questionnaires are longer, the reward is, of course, higher. I would like to point out that the data above can differ from an individual to the individual. It’s my personal experience. You can get other online surveys they may be shorter or less paid. But maybe also, longer and better paid.

The other thing I do not like at is that you do not get specified into your email invitation what reward you receive for completing the questionnaire (there is only the length of the poll, or approximate time how long does it take). You will only realize this information upon completing the questionnaire. Other survey companies send email invitations as well with details on how much money you get for it.



Currently, there are more than 480,000 active members in Central and Southern Europe. The number of launched surveys has now exceeded two million. On Facebook, Talk Online Panel has more than sixty thousand followers who have been awarded this company with an excellent rating of 4.6 / 5 in the hundreds of reviews. So it seems that this system works very well, which I am also able to confirm based on my own experience. One thing only to be improved – send more questionnaires.


However, the truth is that this online income will not replace your regular employment. It is an occasional income. The advantage is that this “job” you can do from the comfort of your own home or remotely from any other work friendly place.


There are many similar companies as currently on the market. In the article with a list of companies that also offer financial reward for your opinion there are more to discover.

Registration to multiple companies= More questionnaires for filling = Higher Earnings.


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