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Transcriptionists with Great Grammar Needed!

Transcriptionist for Everyone is currently looking for Transcriptionists. If you would like to practice transcription at home, this is the opportunity exactly for you! The company is looking for someone who has great grammar and research skills as well as good technical skills. They need a person with enthusiasm who is also experienced and able to work independently. You will only need basic equipment such as a PC and good Internet connection. Work from home and earn money. If you think this is a job suitable for you, do not hesitate to apply and send your CV. 


Job responsibilities:

  • listening to voice recordings and converting them into written reports,
  • working on various projects,
  • working with general or legal texts.


Job Qualifications:

  • no special degree needed,
  • previous experience with transcription is welcome.


Skills required:

  • critical typing,
  • attentive listener,
  • great grammar skills,
  • very good research and technical skills,
  • great spelling,
  • highly motivated.



  • work with specialized teams on the best projects for you,
  • opportunity to work remotely,
  • flexible working hours.


For more information and company contact visit:


Do you find this remote job attractive, but you can´t currently accept it due to your time issues? Can you think of someone, who might be interested? Someone, who is perhaps unemployed or has been looking for this type of opportunity. Please share this offer with them.


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