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How to Earn Money on Social Networks?

Nowadays, many people spend their time on a computer, where many of us try to make some money at the same time. New opportunities to earn something extra come with every new service. Recently, social networks have become a significant phenomenon, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Huge international social media, which some people consider only as wasting of free time, to others serve as an opportunity to make some extra money. Facebook is a second largest website. An excellent market, what do you think?


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are therefore not just a place to meet your friends. There are plenty of opportunities for how to take advantage of these social networks in our favor, as well as a lot of opportunities for ordinary people like you or me on social networks to make cash. However, they all require some knowledge and experience. In this article, I will share my Facebook experience and add tips and advice on how to succeed and what to avoid in order  to succeed.


If you are “at home” in internet marketing, you are aware of the fact that where it is “full house” with a large number of people, there is also a great interest of advertisers and companies to promote their products or services (advertising).


1. Games and Apps Development, etc. – for Programmers Mostly

Many of you are aware of the fact that Facebook allows its users to create their apps. The games you play every day on Facebook are apps, in fact as well. Those who know how to program can try to create a game and then allow users to use additional paid services. It sounds very nice and tempting, but to sell something in the game, you need a massive interest of other users. It means your game should be exciting and have excellent graphics. Otherwise, you will encounter disinterest of people.

The best application of all times that was sold on Facebook was Where I’ve been, which earned $ 3 million to its developer. If you can create an app, but you do not succeed, you can still make some money by incorporating ads from Google Adsense. If you have the ambition to develop something or you are sure that an application will be successful, contact those who can program and design. Several companies are working with Facebook that will realize your ideas for some percentage of your future earnings.


Social media Twitter, Google, Youtube and others.


2. Create Your Group

If you do not know develop any app or program, there is another option. Facebook users love to visit interesting sites, watch videos and funny pictures. If you can create an interesting high-traffic group, you might get a lot of extra income. The first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Facebook group” is a large community of people. In this community of people around the world, you can share your ideas, tips, and even get some money out of it.

You ask how? If you’ve ever read anything about Internet marketing, you should have it clear that every place where a large group of people gathers, it creates an excellent opportunity for some business. Now, of course, I do not mean some ridiculous groups that have 100 to 1,000 fans, but groups that have at least 50,000 fans. Of course, the more people, the better.


You may ask how that is possible to attract that many people into the group. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Perhaps the only thing you will need is some general knowledge and especially patience, patience and patience because to create at least a 50-thousand-member group can take a few months or even years. It depends on many factors. But if you are smart and you have some general knowledge you can use to gain the attention of people by using the right techniques, it can take you only a few weeks or even days. But what is most important is to have the idea of what you want to write about, and especially to think of the name of the group that people will love.


  • How to create an interesting Facebook group?Create groups with the names of the last significant For example, Superstar, Talentmania, WCH in hockey or football, etc.
  • Think of something funny people will laugh about, and regularly add some funny statuses or pictures that your users could share.
  • Create a group name based on some successful movies or songs, such as: “But, granny, I do not want to rape you ….But you have to, young boy …” and so on.
  • Think of something original that is not on Facebook or anywhere on the Internet yet.


Create a group and name it with title/name that is close to you. If you like to cook, create a cooking group called “I love to munch” where you can add your recipes for the others. We expect that the group will be approached by users who want to express their opinion by their membership – that they like to eat too.

There are also other ways how to create a group name, such as quotations, mottos or statements, e.g., “Truth sometimes hurts, but honesty opens your eyes” or “Never lie to the person you care about” and so on. Another option may be to create a name that will literally attract the others to join a group such as: “I do not suffer from talking to myself, but sometimes I have to chat with somebody intelligent” or “Congratulations to my parents that they have a smart child like I am “or” I hate Mondays “.


Facebook groups such as “If 50,000 people join this group, I will run around the square naked” are incredibly successful. The intent of these groups is fun; users want to have fun and express their opinion, most often it is a recession.


And What’s Next?

If you’ve already created a group with some appropriate title that could be attractive for a wide range of people, congratulations, but you’ve completed the most natural step. You must now add at least 50,000 people to the group.

In the startup phase, it will require a bit of work. Invite your friends, launch an ad campaign to attract people to a group, or join similar groups to bring you some visitors. It will be crucial to add quality posts and statuses, preferably something original, which differs from other groups. If you are going to add “Meme face” posts that people are already allergic to see, you do not succeed.

Later you can add different controversial posts that fans will respond to, share, and people, who are not in your group, would feel that you are active. Why is it important? Because every time someone shares something from your Facebook group, it’s shown on his “timeline,” and that’s what all his friends see as well. And if they like it, they will also join. A good idea with Facebook always spreads like an infection.


Read also the article on how to earn cash with Facebook in practice, where you find practical experience and tips on how to monetize your Facebook group.


3. Stock Exchange Trading

One of the ways to earn on social networks is to buy Facebook shares (or other social media) on the stock market. However, I cover this topic in a separate article, the basics of trading on the stock exchange. It is not specifically about social networks, but instead about trading in general.



In this case, follow the golden rule: quality over quantity. Having 50,000 fans is nice, but it will be useless if the overwhelming majority of them is not active. Much better is having 5,000 fans who are active and interested in you, sharing your status, commenting, etc. Therefore forget about all the fraudulent practice, how to bring as many people as possible to your group. I mean those miserable posts, where some of the guys are “collecting likes” based on the misuse the misfortune of others – “for every like this starving boy gets 10 cents.” It’s unethical and immoral. You better try to think of something original, something representing you.


I also recommend reading a discussion forum; you may find more interesting information on the topic.

If you already have some experience with earning on social media, share it and submit to the discussion. Any opinion I appreciate, it can be inspiration or motivation for the other readers.


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