Mobrog Review – My Experience, How Much Could You Earn?

To be paid for your opinion? Very common nowadays, at least for those who are familiar with Internet public opinion surveys. One such company that provides many interested paid questionnaires to the concerned people is, for example, It operates in several dozen countries worldwide including the US and Great Britain. In this article, we share something more about this company, what are the conditions of cooperation and how to fill in online surveys. Well, and finally you can also read my personal experience.


More about Mobrog Company and Conditions of Cooperation

The Mobrog service is managed by the German company Splendid Research GmbH based in Hamburg, Barmbeker Straße 7a.

Of course, membership in this panel has its conditions as well, such as:

  • No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to register, by law.
  • Own PayPal It is a necessity to convert the cash saved.
  • A permanent residence in the territory of the country where you want to sign up. For example, in the American version of Mobrog can sign up just users who live permanently in the territory of the US. In the English version of Mobrog only interviewers, who live in the UK are allowed to sign up.


Having only one personal account on the Mobrog page is a sure thing. Otherwise, it would be considered as a misuse of a system that would be penalized by the ban of your account.

Important is also your email, where notification about individual surveys will be sent. With the email notification, you can find out every detail you need to know and also to take part in some polls.


Registration is very easy, you enter your necessary personal information, including your place of residence, employment, education, and e-mail address, choose a nickname, and you can start filling out the first online questionnaire soon.

The surveys that Mobrog will send you are, according to the official statement, „coming from the field of science and market research“. You usually evaluate new products or services provided by different companies.


Mobrog Available Also as a Mobile Application

Like some other paid market surveys, with Mobrog you can also fill in surveys directly from your mobile phone, which is particularly useful if you are on the go and do not spend a lazy weekend in the comfort of your home. However, this mobile app is not well rated on Google Play, with a mark of 2.9 (out of the five possible, where the five is the best rating), some problems may be expected, possibly occasional system malfunctions, blackout while filling in the survey, and so on.


Ways How to Fill in Online Questionnaires

There are two options – online or mobile surveys.

Online surveys are filled in on the PC; you receive the invitation by email. In advance, you, of course, get all the information about paid survey, as well as the approximate time estimation of the whole process, the same applies to the financial reward for filling. It is possible to interrupt the questionnaire and return to it later. It is a standard option in the world of similar surveys.

Mobile surveys are tailored to mobile phone owners. For participating in individual surveys, you will receive 0,50 – 3 USD, as stated on the official site. This amount is the usual average for similar questionnaire companies, so I cannot say that Mobrog is somehow different compared to the others.


Your Data Is Safe, Filling in the Surveys Is Entirely Anonymous

Within the Mobrog user profile, as well as anywhere else, it is necessary to fill in some other personal information. Users will then be able to participate in surveys that are tailored to their needs, which will be of interest to them and will be easier for them to fill in. Survey companies also often want a specific target group that must be met accurately.


After completing the relevant survey, all evaluated data will be anonymized. Personal data may not be passed further by law, so you do not have to worry about it anymore.


My Experience with Mobrog

I have only positive experiences with this company so far. I have been working with them for over two years and have faced no issues yet. Meanwhile, it has not happened at all that they would not reward me or even pay me out. Everything works as it should.


The official website is relatively easy to follow, which can be considered a significant advantage for those who do not get along well with the world of the Internet (at least so far). However, the problem is the lack of information that is mentioned there. You do not get anything extra, at least in comparison to other websites of similar companies. What is missing there is mainly the FAQ section (frequent user queries on different topics).


Regarding the number of paid questionnaires, I fill them in average four times a month. Of course, sometimes it’s less, sometimes more. The average filling time of the survey is around 15 minutes, rewarding you with about 1,28 USD. If the surveys are longer, the reward is of course higher. I want to point out that the information above can vary by everyone else and the same for experience – this is my personal experience. You can get different questionnaires, shorter or less rewarded. But it could also be vice versa.


If I compare the numbers above with other companies that are active in online market research, I rank among the better ones.


The minimum payout amount for Mobrog is 5 USD. It means you will have to complete 2 to 5 questionnaires to request a payout successfully.


One of the few disadvantages of filling in the questionnaires for this company is that the money you earn cannot be converted to a standard bank account, as in many other cases. You can only get your money paid through your PayPal or Skrill electronic wallet.



Mobrog as such has more than sixty language mutations, including English, German, Russian, or Spanish. When we look around on the Internet, it is clear that this is a fair company that will pay you out with no issues – no scam.


However, the truth is that this online income will not replace your regular employment. It is an occasional income. The advantage is that this “job” you can do from the comfort of your own home or remotely from any other work friendly place.


On the market there are similar companies like of course, in the article List of companies paying for your opinion you find a few more.


If you sign up to multiple similar companies, you’ll be able to participate in more surveys to make more money.


Haven’t you found the information you were looking for? In that case, read the discussion forum, maybe you can find it there.

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations, do not hesitate to contribute to a discussion. Also, do not be afraid to share your experience, you can inspire or motivate other readers.


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