In which ways you can earn on Facebook?

Making Money with Facebook – How to Start?

If you followed instructions from previous article and created group with interesting name and content, which has at least 50 thousand fans, there is waiting one last, but for sure the most kind task, and it is to earn money in some way. Now all depends on your business abilities. There are various ways, how to make money with your Facebook group. In this article I am going to show you 3 most preferred ways. It is – sale of group to some company, sale of advertising space to some company and sale of advertisement through ad systems.


1. A Sale of Group to Some Company

First thing, which you can do, is to sell created group to some private sector. If the name of your group is e.g.: „ I love beer “ or „sometimes it is needed to get drunk.“, simply whatever, what is related to beer, you can offer it to some brewery, restaurant facilities and suchlike. If you have some general name of group, e.g. „ I hate Monday“, you do not need to be desperate. There are many ordinary people, who are trading with Facebook groups and it is possible they will buy yours.

Little disadvantage of this way is, that although you will earn a lot of money, it will be just one time. You are loosing your possibility to create regular passive income.


2. A Sale of Advertisement to Some Company

As I said before, if you sell your group, you will get your money just one time. Therefore it is maybe more favourable to keep your group and just repeatedly offer space for presentation of services or products to private sector to secure steady income.


It is really important, to not start with advertisement too soon, because it can backfire on you as boomerang. Also it is not suitable to rename your group after some time, because it can be seen as scam and many people could leave.


Another important thing is to publish ad in the way it seems to be common product of social network. Whatever commercial activities should take place in the background. In other words, it is not convenient, to label your group with ad status „I offer space for your advertisement“ or „ click on this ad please“ and things like that. It is necessary to think it through and camouflage the advertisement.


3. A Sale of Advertisement via Ad Systems

If you will not manage to sell your group neither gain some commercial company, which will pay for advertisement, there is another way, in which you will be happy with your´s own company. It is possibility to earn money with combination Facebook – Google Adsense –  Youtube, or you can add also affiliate links from e-shops.


How to manage this? You have to create Facebook group in the way, which I wrote in previous article. At the same time you will create also your website or blog, where you can place an ad from Google, or you can choose other advertising system. Naturally, it is important, to have content of website identical with content and mainly the name of Facebook group. This means, that if you create a Facebook group named „the most amazing photos of the world“, on your website you should not write about sport, but about various destinations and add photos or videos from different countries.

Just one simple step follows previous steps. You have to connect your website to your Facebook group. In this way number of visitors of your blog will rise immediately.


How to use Facebook group and make money on advertisement.


Similarly it works with combination Facebook – YouTube. You will create some group, where you will add humorous videos, and if you are a partner of YouTube (how to become a YouTube partner you can find in category make videos on YouTube and earn money) you can add to group your own video. In this way you can rise number of viewers on your YouTube channel and earn some extra cash.


Another possibility how to make money on Facebook is to promote e-shops. You can promote by occasional adding of affiliate links among common contributions. You will get commission for every one click, registration of user or even purchase in this e-shop. How this business works, you can read in the article partner (affiliate) systems.


Practical Example How It Works

Excellent example of how it works and how you can earn on Facebook is story of one student from New Jersey. At the end of year 2009 this student founded Facebook group for football fans and started to search among his friends. He sent invitations to all his friends and classmates. The biggest turn came after world championship in the year 2010, when suddenly people started to join by themselves and his group was expanding. Nowadays his group has more than 150-thousand fans.

E-shops, betting offices or websites with football reporting pay attention exactly to this kind of numbers. Owner of one service like this needed to increase number of viewers of his websites. „I was thinking about efficient advertising, so I decided that if I pay for one link on Facebook website, it will bring the best result. “ His feeling became true. Till those days not known website became really popular. „The number of viewers increased to hundreds of visits. “ And where there are viewers, there is also profit. But this thing you already knew!



According to computer expert Thomas Lešňovský, this type of business is no piece of news. „In the past, advertising e-mails worked similarly. You got 10 cents for each of this e-mails. You could get few dollars per month in this way. “Lešňovský said.


Advertising is simply part of our life. We can see it on TV, in press, in magazines, on billboards, but mainly on the Internet, websites, in videos and social networks. Basically everywhere you can find big amount of people.


You can sell sites/groups like this on various types of forums.


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If you did not find in this article, what you were looking for, try to read discussion forum, where you can possibly find some interesting information for this theme.

Do you know other ways how to make cash on Facebook? Or which kind do you use? I will be glad, if you join discussion and write your experiences.


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