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Prizerebel Review – Watch Out for This Site, They Delete Accounts!

Filling out questionnaires, collecting points in your account, and later changing them into cash or Amazon, iTunes, Steam or Walmart gift cards. This is the portal, in a nutshell, it boasts with eight million members registered in twelve years of operation, as well as millions of dollars paid out. These are impressive numbers, aren’t they? It is a pity that the Prizerebel doesn´t boast as well how many accounts have been deleted and earnings not paid out. And that’s what this review will be about. 


I am one of the people this company deleted their accounts for no reason. Of course, my earned $60 was not paid out. In this review, I do not intend to moan and gossip about this company, I will only share my experience and a few reasons why I would not recommend you to join in.


What Is Prizerebel?

I have partially indicated this already in the introduction, so briefly – this is the so-called Get To Paid (GTP) site that offers the opportunity to make money through online paid surveys, watching videos, playing online games, and so on to the broad public. There are many ways of earning money on this website.


The landing page of the Prizerebel company that promises easy online earning.


Why Did I Register?

There were several reasons. Everything was intuitive. Registration was simple, you just entered your name, password, email address and you could start making money immediately.

Another reason why I registered was the fact that it is a website that has been online since 2007 and that has already paid more than $ 17 million to its registered users.

The third reason was that there were up to 900 surveys available at the time of my registration. I think the number was fake.

The last reason was quite good reviews on sites like and the like.


These were all the clues that indicated that it could be a legitimate business and not a scam.


At First, Everything Was as Expected

I registered for in November 2018, and everything was fine until April of this year. I collected about $60 in my account for that period. It is a low amount because I only filled in online surveys. I consider filling in questionnaires one of the most legitimate ways to make some money online.

On the contrary, what I do not trust and what I identify as scams are different systems that promise to get paid for playing online games, watching videos, showing ads or surfing the Internet and so on. Do you ask why? Simple – by comparing this with online surveys, advertisers have little interest in this form of advertising. You can read more in How Paid to Click Systems Work article.

In some cases, you may even find offers on the Prizerebel portal that require your credit/debit card information followed by the payment of a small fee. If you don’t want to provide this data, you can say goodbye to this offer.


You may be wondering now why I didn’t withdraw the money once I had reached the minimum limit of $5. The reason was simple, I didn’t do so intentionally because I wanted to reach the “PLATINIUM” level. No success …


The Account Was Deleted, and Nobody Has Responded to My Emails

I wanted to log into my account one day and filled out some questionnaire, but I couldn’t. I even tried to request a new password for a few times, but I have received none. As if my email address wasn’t in their database. It was clear that they had deleted my account.

Since nothing worked, I decided to contact them for an explanation. Guess what the reply was? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! They could at least reply: “We’re sorry but you violated our rules, so we had to delete your account.” They didn’t respond at all. And they didn’t even respond to the second or third email. Of course, the official site states that their support is available for you 24/7.

Do you really think a serious company acts like this? In my opinion, this is exactly what the scammers do…


Maybe I Broke the Rules, but Which Ones?

You may be thinking now that I indeed broke some rules. Therefore they deleted my account. I doubt it. I’m one of the few people who read the business terms before signing up. This is to precisely avoid such situations. I’m not a little boy with behavior to create more accounts, I didn´t register anyone from my family, and I didn´t enter false data when registered myself.

If I broke any rule, it would be fair of Prizerebel to share with me which one.


I Am Not the Only One, Whose Account Was Deleted

When going through reviews, I see that I’m not the only one who got his account deleted. Many users are clearly saying that “something happened” just before they have reached the minimum payout amount, such as Henry or Danielle from the US at the web of

User Fernandez888 at even claims his account was canceled at the very same moment he wanted to withdraw his earnings. And of course, he didn’t get an answer when demanding a response or an explanation from official instances. Even the phone was suddenly not working when he tried to call the hotline.


Review by user Fernandez888 at


Next, more than a fifth of users have decided to give the PrizeRebel the worst possible rating. You can also read about no points being added after completion of a questionnaire. Or about a user who registered a few weeks ago, worked really hard but received only a few dozen points.

Brad from Australia states at “I have been able to get to more than a hundred questionnaires over the past month, but I was only able to complete 35 of them, and some of them have remained unpaid and unrecorded in the official list.” “You can spend up to 15 minutes or even longer to fill in the questionnaire, which will not be recorded and paid for,” says Frank S.


Another review by Brad from Australia, who recommends to avoid Prizerebel company by far.


So I’m definitely not the only one with reason to complain.



My aim is not to change your mind about signing up for Pizerebel. However, I felt it necessary to share with you my experience. Deleting accounts without any explanation is not exactly a sign of a trustworthy company. Not responding to emails is yet another reason why I do not recommend registering for this company. But of course, the decision is up to you.


It is a pity, I find filling out questionnaires one of the best ways to make money online. I am registered with more than 20 companies that reward me for my opinion. You will find a few of the best of them that actually pay out in this article. And of course, they do not delete accounts, as the Prizerebel does.


Have you not found the information you were looking for? Read then the discussion forum, it may be found there.

Have you ever come into contact with Prizerebel? I will be glad if you join the discussion and share your experiences. Personal reviews are more than welcome. 


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