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Tycoon69 Review – a Legitimate Project or Just Another Scam?

Recently, I have been alerted by my readers about an online program that offers the opportunity to earn money quickly and with no real work. It is the Swiss project Tycoon69. I must admit, the title of the website alone does not fill me with confidence. This company operates as an MLM structure, offering interested parties an opportunity to invest in various packages. My position, based on previous experience, is well known: MLM + investment = guaranteed scam. In other words – a Ponzi/pyramid scheme. But is that the case with Tycoon? You will find out in this review.


What Are Tycoon69 and MCV-CAP?

Established in 2018, Tycoon69 is a Swiss-based project formed by Tycoon AG. It aims to find retail investors and potential clients for funding the BCB4U bank which is to be set up by the company MCV-CAP. The founders and owners of Tycoon69 AG are Dorothea Juvet-Kossel, Christian Juvet, and Stefan Hostettler.

Tycoon69 is a distributor of products for the not yet established BCB4U bank. So the question arises, does it work on the principle of multi-level marketing (MLM), or does it have the characteristics of a pyramid scheme?


MCV-CAP is an Austrian company with a base in Villach. The company is working on establishing a revolutionary hybrid bank BCB4U, which would be a combination of traditional banking (Dollar, Euro, etc.) with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

It will be the first bank of its kind that enables the customer to buy cryptocurrencies, gold or exchange for Fiat currency through your Internet banking facility.  

This company promises many interesting products, including a free account for its customers, plus a free credit card to its partners/investors and potential clients. Compared to mainstream banks, this will be a big advantage.


At First Glance, It Looks Good, but Is It?

The upcoming bank of MCV-CAP company is being supported by many well-known individuals from the banking, cryptocurrency, blockchain and of course HI TECH sectors. The founders are publicly known, featured on the company’s website where they can be contacted. They organize worldwide conferences and events on behalf of Tycoon69. At first glance, these two projects certainly instill confidence. However, once you start examining these projects in greater detail, many discrepancies will be noted. Personally, I have noted the biggest inconsistency with the Tycoon69 project.


The founders of MCV-CAP and the BCB4U Bank.


The MCV-CAP team consists of:

Management board:

Mag. Christian Strasser (CEO), vedúci Ing. Ernst Gaulhofer (CTO), Ing. Thomas Liebert (CFO).

Supervisory Board:

Egon Putzi, Mag. Gerald Schreiner, Manfred Kepold, Gerald Deutschbauer.


Mag. Eduard Schreiner, Dr. med. Alexander Picker, Mag. Herwig Burgstaller, Mag. Lucas Sobotka, DI Martin Melkowitsch, Gerfried Weissegger, DI Alexander Meyer.


Source: MCV-CAP.com


Tycoon69 – MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

There is a thin line between the MLM and the Pyramid scheme. The most common feature that distinguishes these two systems is usually an actual product or service offered. Does Tycoon69 sell any actual products or services? Does the company make a profit? Which funds does it use to repay its partners?

Tycoon69 offers a “product”. To be specific, the product is the investment in a cryptocurrency that does not exist yet. This cryptocurrency will be underpinned by physical gold, but the gold does not yet exist, and even the bank where it will be deposited, has not yet received its banking license – therefore it does not yet exist.

That definitely doesn’t seem to be a good investment, would you agree?

Basically, nothing exists yet: There is no bank, banking products, banking license, and therefore no legal income for Tycoon69 and MCV-CAP, except for the investment from the entry packages sold. Therefore, the only source of income for the company is the investment of partners who buy the entry packages. This money is then used to pay the members who were amongst the first registered. Or am I wrong?


Whichever way I look at this, the company has not yet generated a single cent of profit outside the profit generated by the pyramid scheme. However, it is reported that some members in the upper layers of the pyramid are earning thousands of Dollars.


How is this possible? Well, the answer is fairly simple. Their earnings come from the entry investments of the new members/partners (the more members they introduce, the more they benefit) which brings us to the well-known definition of a pyramid game/pyramid scheme.


Regulatory Warnings

Recently, the German regulator Bafin and the Austrian regulator FMA have issued a warning that neither BCB4U nor Tycoon69 have a banking license and are not authorized to provide banking and financial services to German or Austrian customers.



I would venture to guess that we can expect similar news from other countries as well.


An investigation of Tycoon 69 by the Swiss financial market supervisory authority – FINMA.


Furthermore, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority, FINMA, appointed an investigating agent at the Tycoon69 offices on 28 May 2019, naming the law firm Holenstein Rechtsanwälte AG as the mandated investigator.



Currently, the deposits or withdrawals through the Tycoon69 website are not available.


Unfair Behavior by the Tycoon69 Owners

That it is an untrustworthy company is evidenced by the fact that the owners actively promoted a bank without a valid banking license (a non-existent bank if you like), and on June 2019 they also sold shares in Düsseldorf and Karlsruhe, which occurred after the ban imposed by the Swiss financial market supervision FINMA – see report above.


The Unclear Past of the Owner of Tycoon69

The website BehindMLM reviews the various MLM systems and Ponzi/pyramid schemes. It contains a discussion (see the picture below) where Melanie from Germany writes that Stefan Hostettler is a fairly well-known person in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Sadly, “well-known” isn’t always something positive. He is referred to as an MLM fraudster who, in the past, organized several MLM systems (or to be more specific – several pyramid scams). All projects were based mainly on promises and misrepresentations.


A commentary on the BehindMLM website, where Melanie from Germany expresses her views about Stefan Hostettler being an MLM fraudster.


One of these projects was X1start.com. Stefan Hostettler had big plans for the project; he wanted to build a cashback system and expand it to all EU countries. For some reason, it did not work out. This company was called X1 Business AG and was based in Switzerland. However, on May 23, 2014, the company was struck off the Business Register.

Check out the following link:  https://www.share-your-photo.com/f1dcffe2c8


The Uncertainties about the Cryptocurrency That Is Meant to Be Backed by Gold

Even the prepared bank is showing signs of cracks, which is probably the reason why they failed to obtain the banking license. At the beginning of this article mentioned, that the bank is going to offer several products for Tycoon69, one of which should be a cryptocurrency (this is what you purchase as part of your entry package). The product is called the BCB4U cryptocurrency. The currency is meant to be linked to a cash-back model, where the clients / registered partners of Tycoon69 get up to 85% cash-back from each transaction. This is how the BCB4U bank, as well as Tycoon69’s clients, should make money.


There are reports that the bank is also working on another coin; a TIG coin with gold reserves covering the minimum value.  The coin should, therefore, be backed by gold that the end customer receives when purchasing the TIG coin.

However, this information is not on the official MCV-CAP website, nor will you find it in the published Whitepaper.

If the reports with TIG coin are true, there are a few questions, such as: What would be the technical solution of the coin transfers with the corresponding amount of gold? Will one have to physically send the relevant amount of gold at the close of the transaction? How would the security, credibility and the distribution of gold be addressed and where would the gold be stored?


If the BCB4U Bank Gets the Banking License, Tycoon69 Will Most Likely Cease Trading

Tycoon is a company whose aim is to attract new clients and investors for MCV-CAP and for the upcoming BCB4U bank. If they, BCB4U, are granted the banking license they’re waiting for, it’s likely they won’t need Tycoon anymore. Nevertheless, they will be the first bank of this kind in the world. Clients will register themselves, they will not need any MLM system.

However, these are just my assumptions.


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It is rather difficult to evaluate something that is not yet working and as all the indications listed above suggest, it probably will not work. BCB4U bank has not yet obtained its banking license and, in my humble opinion, it probably will not obtain it. The only thing that works very well so far is the Tycoon69 project and the redistribution of the money brought in from purchases of packages by new members.

Currently, as both companies are now being investigated by the Swiss regulators, purchases of packages and withdrawing money are no longer available.

However, BCB4U bank from MCV-CAP company may not be a completely disastrous idea. After all, there is something similar reportedly being prepared by the billionaires Elon Musk or even Jeff Bezos. Facebook, too should soon launch its own coin, to be covered by investment funds. The problem is that the BCB4U project is amateurish and has many drawbacks, which could be the reason why they have not been licensed by the bank regulators. The other problem is in the Tycoon69 project itself. It seems to be recruiting people to promote its product and become future customers of the bank. This practice has a strong resemblance to a pyramid scheme/Ponzi scheme rather than MLM.


Tycoon69 is, in my opinion, just another project selling promises. It is a great project to get money from people, small investors in return for worthless coins and a promise that one day, maybe tomorrow, perhaps next month, or perhaps in 10 years, they will reap huge benefits thanks to those coins. There have already been many such projects and not surprisingly, none of them has been successful or sustainable.

When it all comes crashing down, the company usually blames hackers, the Illuminati, a bad system, etc. The one almost certain factor is that they will not refund your money.


This article evaluates the current state, not what can happen in a year or two. The current state of this project is that the BCB4U bank has not yet received its banking license and therefore is unable to offer any of its banking and financial products. Tycoon69 is paying out generous rewards to its leaders and other members in the upper layers of the pyramid out of the investments made by the newest members who are at the bottom of the pyramid. Because of this I believe, that Tycoon69 is not an MLM, but simply a pyramid scheme.


More interesting facts and current updates and information on the Tycoon69 project can be found on this website:



Haven’t found in this review what have you been looking for? Try to check also discussion forum. There is definitely a couple of interesting information on this topic.

If you are already experienced with Tycoon69, share them and submit into the discussion.


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