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Become a Member of Ipsos Company and Earn Interesting Money

Buy the product, try it, and provide a review from the comfort of your home. It does not sound too complicated, right? You can get an interesting financial reward for a similar job. What you need is a little bit of flexibility and free time. Minimum requirements (such as sticking to deadlines and similar things that are more or less standard criteria for every job), registration for free, long-term cooperation with a company operating worldwide in more than 80 countries. All of this is provided by Mystery Shopping of Ipsos company. 


Visit the Shop, Act as a Regular Customer – and That’s It

You have to pretend and play around a little bit, but certainly, you will manage to accomplish this task successfully. Do not let the others reveal your secret, no one need to know that you are working with Ipsos agency. In regard to the job description, it is very diverse but one thing is immediately guaranteed – you will never be bored, that’s for sure! You may find yourself in a bank branch or a gas station, but there is even an option of pharmacy or a small shop visit. Let yourself be served in the restaurant and find out what is the real level of service. Do not introduce yourself, just order from the menu whatever you would like to have – you will review not only the food quality but also the overall comfort of the guests. 

It is not a scam, everything is entirely for free, there is even no registration fee. This is not a questionable stuffing envelopes activity with a fee paid in advance, which you will probably never get back. On the contrary, this job comes with benefits only. For each successful event, there is a reward waiting for you, whether you would sit for some time in a cafe or dealing with travel insurance. Either in the form refreshments or meals for free, because the bill will be fully reimbursed or agreed amount of money for a specific task. Things are completely clear even before the event takes place.


Requirements? Nothing Difficult Is Expected

To become Ipsos Mystery Shopper, you have to meet a few essential requirements, of course, up to the smallest detail. No worries, it is just a short list, but you have to know all the details before sending an application. So …

  • Meeting deadlines – this is the most crucial requirement. When a fixed date is agreed, you have to hand in your task, as with seminar works at the school. Honesty is a virtue here, do not use superlatives only, do not be afraid to show your opinion.
  • Age criterion is crucial for becoming Mystery Shopper for Ipsos. You must be over 18 years old.
  • Your own smartphone and also the Internet, if not non-stop, at least daily access to it. It is essential for filling out the questionnaires and, of course, job or task placement. The number of places is limited. If you do not react within a specific timeframe, it may happen that you will not even be considered to work on this task.
  • Proper knowledge of the native language, writing without mistakes, briefly but concisely. But this is certainly expected to have because people with perfect language knowledge are the ones who usually apply for these tasks.


It is simple – just download an app through App Store or Google Play and start cooperation with the iShopFor Ipsos portal. Some days you may be getting more offers, sometimes you will not be able even to choose, and you have to wait until a suitable opportunity arises. The range of possible tasks is so varied that it will soon be an attractive opportunity to get a few bucks, to have fun and share your experience with others.


Mobile application.


No Limits, Dozens of Tasks Are Provided Every Month

Choose a job, complete it, choose the next one. It depends on how much time you have and what you would like to do. There is no mandatory minimum quota or the maximum limit, work at your own pace, according to your current possibilities. Enjoy your holiday and then dive deep again into the exciting experiences in banks, hotels or restaurants. The sky is the limit here. Personal visit, phone call, write an email or interactive chat tasks can be done in different ways, but the scenario is always described in detail. In case of queries, of course, the Mystery Team will advise, so do not hesitate to ask questions. When early raising your issues, there is even an option to change the deadline for the task to be completed.


Mystery Shopper Could Be Anybody

No need to have a university education, own a car or come from a bigger town. Thanks to Mystery Shopping, the possibilities are literally unlimited. But in the beginning, you have to be willing to invest your time and energy. It is a legitimate side job, not a full-time position, to put things right. For students or parents on maternity leave, retirees or even part-time employees – an ideal option. But if you lack of free time and you feel tired at work, this is probably not the right option to earn extra money for you.


In the Beginning, Rely on the Professional Training Program

Just as you can not become a professional soldier without proper training overnight, there is also training to become a mystery customer. Nobody was born perfect. Some situations need to be exercised and trained a bit in advance to be prepared for them. Different circumstances may arise. Therefore the flexibility is also essential.

E-mail or phone contact when entering new tasks is a matter of course; it will never happen that you miss your chance to shine brightly. Just have a mobile phone by your side and answer promptly because you are not the only person to be approached, and of course, there is a limit on the number of participants.


Everything necessary is to be found in your profile on the website. Just register yourself, fill in the basic information and start cooperation with the Ipsos team. 


The company was founded in the 1970s in Paris and it is already operating on all continents and continually growing. Within the US, the Ipsos company is one of the largest research agency. Why not be part of such a successful team, right?


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Ipsos Mystery Shopping is active in 88 different countries, including Austria, the US, Canada, Italy and Cyprus, as well as Australia, UK, Russia, and Spain. Ipsos portal works virtually everywhere, it is a worldwide-famous brand. It would be a pity to miss such an excellent opportunity for cooperation. Maximum confidentiality of users is guaranteed. Indeed it never happens that someone from the business would contact you and offer unique benefits for collaboration or even threaten you. 

With Ipsos, you can be in touch not only through a personal profile but also through social networks. There is something for everybody, just find a little courage to register yourself at, and since that moment things will be pretty easy.


It is a legitimate part-time job. You can be sure that the money you earn will be paid to you by the Ipsos website. 


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Do you have any experience with Mystery Shopping or directly with iShopForIpsos company? If so, what is your opinion on this form of earnings on the Internet? I would be glad to see your contribution to the discussion. I appreciate every opinion, it may be inspiration or motivation for other readers.


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