Is Ermail a legal PTR email site or just a scam?

What Is My Experience with Did I Get My Payout?

Today, I would like to share with you my experience with portal that should have provided me with making money by clicking only on the ad emails they sent. My current experience with PTR email sites is more than miserable. I am not sure why, but so far, out of the 15 PTC ad portals I was not able to get a single dollar from any of them.  However, I put a lot of faith into well-known and recommended portals of e-Rmail and (for an article about this company click here). What is the result? Is this a scam? 


Why Did I Sign Up?

When I found webpage in the past, I was impressed by the number of active users that were over nine million of them at that time. Currently, the number of users has increased even more and varies around twelve million (could be a fake number provided by eRmail).

I was also impressed by the fact that, according to their data, many other users from the US and other countries are also registered there. Why not join when this “magic e-mail portal” offers earnings to all the people around the world?


I first checked properly their website, where I was immediately attracted to a 10 dollar bonus (the same is valid also with other paid to read email systems) that I received for registration only. Also, I was promised to obtain up to 0,50$  for one ad received into my e-mail! And add a 200% bonus coming from the profits of the people brought to the system and up to 10 $ for filling in simple surveys.


Landing page of PTR email system, that attracts people to get 10$ as an initial bonus.


It only made my desire to try this form of earnings stronger. Who would give you 10 $ nowadays, even if only virtually? Registration is for free, so nothing was preventing me from trying E-rmail.


Make It Short and Simple – Curious How I Ended Up?

At first, everything was happening as promised. Emails were received to appeared in the mailbox quite often. So, the clicked amount was rising greatly until I reached the limit of 100$ – the minimum payout amount. Well and since then it was exactly as I had known it from previous paid to click ad sites. All of a sudden, I did not get any email for a month. When I approached the e-Rmail owner, why they did not send me new emails, he replied that the number of emails (how much they need to distribute) is given by the client (the advertiser). Yes, it is true. The ad company asks to distribute its ad to 10,000 people from the system. But when there are 12 million people in the system, your turn suddenly does not come at all, especially if you are very close to the payout amount of 100 $.


I dare to say that these PTR e-mail portals, like and the like are set up so that the 10,000 ad emails are automatically sent by the system to people who have collected lower amount of money in their accounts. And those with higher sums are unlucky. There will be, fewer and fewer emails popping in their mailbox until one day they stop appearing completely. Set this up process must be a piece of cake for the programmer. The company does not violate any rule because as it is written in general terms:


The provider is not obliged to send any minimum number of ad emails or surveys to the users.


Increasing The Level of Membership Does Not Help At All

Ermail mentions within its terms and conditions that once the user reaches the amount of 60$, he can swap to “level 2”. Hand in hand with higher level also come higher rewards. But if you do it, you will have to click another year, maybe two, because at level 2 there is a payout set up to a minimum of 200$.

As they stopped sending me ad emails when I reached the minimum payout amount, I decided to swap to level 2 just out of curiosity. Well, guess what has happened? Miracle has happened, new emails, even with higher rewards, started to pop up in my mailbox. So I can click with a passion up to 200$. Of course, at the level of 160$, I have to go up to level 3, where I will collect up to 400$. Otherwise, they stop sending ads at the limit of 200$, and I will never get my money. Well, I will not get it anyway, because is one big scam.



Yes, claims that offers up to 50 cents for the e-mail you read, but such emails you do not really get many. A few emails have been there since my registration, but the price for reading ad emails has dropped to 5 cents. Of course, “up to 50 cents” (they could also mention – up to 100$) for an advertising email can also mean 5 cents, so they have not lied at all. Just think about it now. How many emails should you have to get to make some money?

Also, the reward of 10$ for completing the questionnaires is incredibly exaggerated. In fact, serious market research companies are rewards starting with 20 cents to 3$ per one. This depends, of course, on the length of the questionnaire, respectively on the number of questions. The longer the survey is, the higher the reward is. I have not seen offered a higher amount than 3$ yet. And I have already completed also 30-minute surveys.

Find out more about online surveys in the article Fill in the questionnaires and get money. Unlike PTR email and PTC ad systems, this is a real way to earn cash. I am registered in more companies, and I have not faced an issue yet with not paying my reward.


As I mentioned, the reward of 10 $ for filling in a questionnaire is a lie. You will not receive either 50 cents per click on ad or opening ad email. Ermail deceives and deliberately increases the rewards to register as many people as possible.


You can also click for the whole year, but if you do not bring people into this system, you never reach the payout by clicking only. And if you happen to do so and ask for a payout, these cheaters will provide you with zilch. They will probably pay out the luckiest ones who have brought in the system hundreds or thousands of other people. “Ordinary clickers“ will not get anything.


About PTR / PTC sites, or companies that pay users for reading advertising emails, I wrote a favorite article in the past. Read it here. In this article, I have described in detail how this “business” works and whether anything can be earned.


I also recommend reading a discussion forum, maybe you will find there more exciting information on the topic.

If you already have some experience with website, share it and submit to the discussion. I appreciate every reader’s opinion.


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