Advertising system Pay Per Post,, offers you the opportunity to make money.

Linketica, That’s Earnings Not Only for the Owners of Magazines

Do you own a blog, a Facebook group, a YouTube channel, or you receive frequent visits on Instagram, and would you like to earn some extra money? Or do you own an e-shop and are looking for ways to increase its traffic and gain more profits? Whether you belong to any group of these, you can solve your problems with portal, connect advertisers, content creators, and influencers. Or don’t you belong to any of groups mentioned? Never mind! Linketica offers you the opportunity to earn money without owning anything.


What Is Linketica and How Does It Work?

Linketica is a modern advertising PPP system, acting as a marketplace between the owners of some blog, YouTube channel or Facebook groups and advertisers.  PPP is the abbreviation of the English term Pay Per Post, which means “payment for an ad article” (it can also be a review, a YouTube video, a paid tweet or paid status on Facebook). 

It’s a new idea, which saw the light of day in September 2017.


The principle of this system is that the advertiser, i.e. a company, looking for the possibility of increasing its profits, places a request for a PR article. You, as owner of an online magazine, or Twitter or Instagram account, can subscribe to this request. You will then agree with the company on the terms. Subsequently, you just publish the article on your site and earn money


Such form of advertising is effective for all three parties. You, as a content maker (or owner of blog, YouTube channel, or some Facebook group), can earn quite a lot, the advertiser will get new traffic, and thus potential customers to their e-shop, and will take off as a broker commission for the mediation of such a transaction. It is around 25%. Suchlike number offers no other similar system on the market.


The site can be switched to four world languages. In addition to English, it works smoothly in Czech, Slovak or Polish. Preparations include other versions that will be launched in the coming months.


What Benefits Linketica Offers to Content Makers?

Whether you are the owner of an internet magazine or you own a quite frequently visited YouTube channel, or you are a star of Instagram or another social network, Linketica offers you the following benefits:

  • a safe way to make money on the Internet regularly,
  • by publishing a high-quality article with valuable information on its site attracts new visitors,
  • live support,
  • fast pay-out. It may be as little as 1 cent and you get the money you earned in 24 hours. There is no minimum for withdrawal,
  • one administration instead of several advertising systems,
  • opportunity to earn more than elsewhere.


Actually, as a blogger or influencer you can earn hundreds of dollars a month, but you have to be active. You must have some reasonable traffic to be attractive to advertisers. Your earnings can be affected by several factors. One of them is, for example, the lucrative nature of the field (the difference is whether you have a blog / FB group about finances or about plants), the strength of backlinks or website quality, traffic, especially on Facebook and Instagram. There are really many factors. However, the most important thing, of course, is your business skills. is a portal where bloggers, influencers as well as e-shop owners will have a field day.


What Benefits Linketica Offers to Advertisers?

If you’re looking for new opportunities to get more traffic to your internet shop or other business, and optimize your profits, you’re in the right place. Linketica offers you the following benefits:

  • lightning-fast access to more than a thousand different magazines,
  • possible promotion on YouTube or sharing posts over social networks,
  • one invoice for credit for all campaigns,
  • the ability to manage multiple of your ad campaigns at once,
  • automatic check of the articles and links provided,
  • marketing support that is available each day between 09:00 and 17:00,
  • buying ads in the form of PR articles, YouTube videos, advertising posts on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network.


As an advertiser, you can pay for a credit either by bank transfer (FIO Bank) or through a payment gateway (GoPay), which is a very fast process, and you can start almost immediately. The minimum top up is 30 dollars excluding VAT.


I Do Not Have an E-shop or a Blog, Can I Earn Money Too?

Sure. Linketica gives the opportunity to make money even ordinary people who do not own a website. Do you ask how? Simply – through an affiliate program.

Any affiliate partner who signs up to and brings them to the system of paying advertisers, publishers or influencers, will receive a 10% commission.



If you recommend Linketica an advertiser who spends $ 700 each month on advertising, you will get a 10% commission from that amount every month, that is $ 70. And for 2 years!


Example no. 2:

If you recommend Linketica some skilful blogger or influencer, and that person earns $ 1,000 each month in advertising, you will get a 10% commission from that amount every month, that is $ 100. And for 2 years!


I have written several articles about affiliate marketing on my website, if you want to know how this form of online earnings works, click here.


My Opinion

Unfortunately, I do not have experience with this system. This is a young project that works just over a year. However, currently there are couple of similar pay-per-post systems such as Linketica operating, and there is no negative review on either of them on the Internet. Based on this, it can be concluded that this is a functioning business model for all involved.

What I like about Linketica comparing to other competing PPP sites is the fact that it offers the opportunity to make money not only for bloggers, but also for youtubers and Facebook or Instagram group owners. And that is what no other PPP advertising system offers.



Do you want to be more visible? Linketica will take care of your presentation not only on blogs, but also on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Everything very easy and without much effort Your social networks will grow, and you can earn quite a good money. Pay-out is possible from one cent, receiving it within 24 hours. No long waiting and no minimum payout amount, in addition, live support is available, so if a complication occurs, it will be actually sorted by return. Clear administration is just one of a number of benefits.

Registration is easy and, which is essential, free of charge. Just a few clicks and it is completed. Then you put your ad space, web, YouTube channel, or social network into the system. Then, you agree with an advertising company on the conditions and you will soon earn your first money. Simple, isn’t it?


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Do you have any experience with Linketica yourself? I will be happy if you join the discussion and write your own experiences.


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